Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For those of you who did not read my previous Tommy story, he is Prince's friend who is the same age as Prince who had a stroke a year and half ago. Tommy threw a chair at one of the inmates in the care facility near his home and the police took him to Central State. There were twenty three calls made before the care facility in Spencer finally agreed to take him as a resident. Spencer is two and half hours from our home and his home is further west. This is a hardship on his family and friends who have been going to visit him.
Gil and Prince took this past Saturday for a trip to visit Tommy.
Spencer is the county seat in Van Buren County. In 2000 only 5,508 people live in the whole county. Fall Creek Falls State Park is located in the county and Fall Creek Falls drops 256 feet which is ninety feet more than Niagara making it the highest falls in the USA east of the Rocky Mountains. The western thirty percent of the county is 960 feet above sea level and the other seventy percent rises 800-1,000 feet higher than the western section.
There are limestone outcropping resulting in lots of caves and the most famous is Big Bone Cave. In 1811 a giant sloth bone was found therein lies the name of the cave. If any wish to read about Van Buren County go to www.tennesseeecyclopedia.net This is where I found most of the history.
In the parking lot, a little dog was guarding a car. Gil who is 6 ft 5 in. tried to make friends with the little dog but bowser would only growl .Thus showing he was doing his job and did not wish to be disturbed. I thought the captions were appropriate. Kitty's humor at large.
As Prince and Gil were headed to the only place to eat, McDonald, they went by a Sale not Sales building. It was a Mountn' Benz parked out front. LOL By the way, Prince left his hat in the truck before they entered McDonalds, and he and Gil were the only ones in the place who were capless. If you are gonna blend in with the locals, you must wear a cap. Whenever they go back to visit Tommy, I plan to tag along wearing a cap of course, and explore Spencer. It has been over thirty years since Kitty got her paws wet at the bottom of the falls. So I need to go back.
The Kitty Justice is Goliath (Gil) did not become a notch on the little heel biters collar.


Corn Dog said...

what a cute funny little pup. It doesn't look like a stray. Must be a guard dog

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I love the watch dog. Those little dogs are sometimes more vicious than larger ones. I have been bitten by both a small and large dog. The large dog bit me by accident when I was three. He did a lot of damage but it was my fault for stepping on his paw when he was sleeping.

I do hope that Prince's friend recuperates quickly.


Small City Scenes said...

Good Dog for a good job. I, too, hope tommy make a good recovery. You go for a visit and Please wear your cap. MB

Marcel said...

I had to laugh at the little dog. I will of course take yoru advice and click on the link as soon as I leave thie post. I do wnat to learn more about the falls, so if you go please take your camera.


Marcel said...

FYI: There is a typo in your link so it did not work. Here is the link: http://tennesseeencyclopedia.net/

I think you are just missing the N


Lady Di Tn said...

The dog belonged to the blue Taurus and it was not gonna let anyone get near the car as Gil found out. Peace

Sorry about the dog bites but little heel biter are much worse than big dogs. Tommy only hope is for him to get some meds to mellow him out. His stroke has made him uncontrollable. Peace

Tommy will not recover and again the only peace the family can get is if the meds kick in. He has been just awful to his wife and daughter and others. Prince is one of the few he will control his tongue and actions around. Peace

Sorry about the typo. I thought I checked it but apparantly NOT. You know if I head out with Prince I will be sure to take my camera. To me it is more important than a cell phone. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Ken would not let me edit and make the corrections. Maybe others will see your comment and put in an N for me. Thanks.