Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is it not time we take back our health care. Case in point, see the two pills. I have been taking the little oval one for a few years because of my heart rate was too fast. With our insurance if you take a maintenance medication, you have to order it through a mail order company. Why can I not go to the nearest drug store? I can see how it would be kind if you did not live near one to get your meds through the mail. But if your area is like Nashville, then every corner there is a drug store and also all the grocery stores have a pharmacy.
I got the big round pill in the mail with a tiny note at the top of the instructions saying "You might notice a change in your medicine." Heck this was nothing similar except the color. Not even the number on the back was the same. Since I have to take two a day, I was afraid they had sent the wrong meds. I called and after going through one of those long long menu, I get a person on the line. OOPs, they could not answer, so they connected me to the pharmacy. A tech came on the line and she could not answer the question so I was placed on HOLD, she came back on the line and said this was the correct meds just a different manufacturer who had decided to change the shape and size. I asked what was in it that made the size over twice the size of the previous meds. She just repeated the answer to the previous question. By this time, I was out done with the whole process.
If I need something other than a maintenance med, I can go to my local pharmacy where a real live Pharmacist is on duty. They could have answered all my questions and I have found most are very nice and friendly. Not Robo Meds like I had to deal with and still not all my questions answered.
The Kitty Justice would be to light a fire under our Representatives to listen to US THE PEOPLE and not the Insurance Companies. The Pharmacist, Doctors spent LOTS OF HOURS IN SCHOOL so they should rule not some clerk in an Insurance office.


Merle said...

Daer Lady Di ~~ That seems a very strange deal. What about ppl who don't know how to use a computer etc?
The size of the tablets is so altered, it might be wise to google the names of the tablets and see what they say. Or maybe ask your doctor.
Thank you for your comments and glad you liked the jokes. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle. Peace to you also.

Marcel said...

Lady Di,

Send me a box of matches and I’ll join you on Capital Hill. It’s high time that our whole medical system is revamped. Every citizen of the USA should have equal access to medical care. I have heard if suggest that the big wigs on Capital Hill should be reduced to the health care that is given to most middle class folks or the poor.

Hey, while we are on Capital Hill, do you mind if I light a couple of other fires too?

Lately I have adopted what I call the Family Test. Every decision made by the government should have to pass the Family Test. Each time a Legislator votes on a bill he or she should ask it would suit their family. Every time a company is allowed to dump toxic stuff in the air or the water they need to ask would this be good for my kids. Would I want my kids to drink from that stream, or breath that air? The same goes for medical care. Each Legislator should ask is the health care what I’d want for my wife, mother, or kids. If not then it is not good enough!

Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di, I would go check out the tablets at local pharmacy to make sure it is the right one.. we have get all our Meds at Pharmacy no mail orders.
We go to Doc get script then pharmacy to get it despenced.

Lady Di Tn said...

You hit it in the center. It is a strange system. Some Insurance idiot came up with it. So far I have had three days of the giant pills and as of yet I am still standing. Peace

LOL, your matches will be in the mail. Growing up poor in rual Tn. you paid as you went to the doctor and you went when sick. Knowing how hard my parents worked, I do not believe in free because in the end, Dad used his retirement paid him to take care of Mother, one third of his income for suppemental insurance so I am very much againist this free ride others are given. I say we get rid of all 365 people and get new people and have a vote that they can no longer dictate their raise, health care or retirement. It should be the same as what they are providing the Medicare patient. I think we could go up their and clean house and we would do a much better job than the ones who are there now. Oh we would need to take Jane with us and she would have the budjet balanced before they knew what hit them. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Peace

When I was small that is how it was here then came along Idiot Insurance plans. It is not to save the Insured money but the Insurance Companies and the Company where the Insured works .

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Here in Ontario we have OHIP, which is pronounced Oh-hip. It stands for Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan. OHIP provides medical care to everyone and everyone is treated equally. As far as meds, most people have to pay for them out of their own pocket. The only ones who don't are those who are disabled or those who have insurance through work. You can also get Green Shield or Blue Shield, which allows you to get some meds for $2.00. Some meds aren't covered. I'm not sure what the defining line is as we don't have either. These group insurance plans also give you a semi private room if you are hospitalized.

I'm not sure what the answer is. I would like to see the US have something similar to our OHIP, but that doesn't cover meds, just doctor and hospital visits. We are truly blessed here because everyone has medical care available, it's just the meds that cost.

Aunt May is currently paying $600 everytime she gets her iron outpatient. If the doctor would admit her to have it, she wouldn't have to pay. She is not well off and is 75 years old, so she really needs a bit of help.

Take care. I do hope your meds are the right ones. I would also check with a local pharmacy. Pharmacists are more knowledgeable than doctors.


Gwyn said...

Amen! You tell em.
I could share my own nightmare, but I'll save you the misery.

The picture you painted from Marcel's photo is beautiful. Great job!:)

Merle said...

Dear Lady Di again ~~ Thanks for your comments and I hope your nephew had a good birthday yesterday and that your son has a wonderful 21st today - 28th
That is a great milestone and I wish him a very happy future. Take care with those tablets - check them out before you take too many. Love and Peace to you too. Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the info. Sounds like a rather fair system. here only a certain ones get a free medical and it is not a fair system. We sold Dad and Mom's house after Dad died to pay off his care. Nuf said Peace be with you.

Thanks. I think alot of us have horror stories on those concerns.

Puppy had a good birthday and thanks for your concern. Our Aunt from West Tn had to have a pace maker put in. She is 91. Her Grandson stayed with us for a couple of nights so I got behind on bloggin. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Medical Insurabce and the drug comanies seem to run this country. We need a plan. MB