Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Standard in an old 1800's home turned into a very elegant restaurant.
Mz Hen was one of the hostess and the other was Knoxie who had a bug so I had to stop by her home to pick up the door prize. The Standard put two round tables at the end of a triangle table for our group. I sat on the other side of Shirley in the turquoise in front of the old heater.

From my chair I could look to my left and see the doorway and columns and the tapestry was behind me. You can see the reflections of the tapestry in the mirror above the fireplace which was directly in front of me.

The fireplace and mantle under the mirror. Wonder how many people have kept warm by this fireplace.?

This is the old radiator which was directly behind me on the right side. I could reach back and touch it from my seat.

This is the ballroom upstairs where many a party have been held. I wish I had gone up in the balcony and taken a picture looking down.
When you come down from the ballroom, you enter this little long courtyard. When you go out the door at the end you can see the batman building and the bullet building.

I was heading home and I stuck my camera out the window like a tourist and took a picture of the Frist Art Center and the Union Station.
The Kitty Justice is we all had a grand time and we just had our June luncheon and it was at the Aquarium Restaurant at Opry Mills. The lighting was not conducive for pictures as it is suppose to appear like you are dining under water. I made sure to sit where I could see the fish in the large tank.


Nancy said...

Beautiful. beautiful place!!!

Small City Scenes said...

What an elegant restaurant. I have never been in a place like that. Thank you for taking me. I loved the radiators.

Thanks for visiting my blog. The gate is for keeping my dogs in when they need to be. MB

Marcel said...

It looks like a fun and fine place to dine. Of course I was drawn to the inside d├ęcor and the steam radiator. The radiator looks to be a single line steam radiator with the original wood knob valve handle. These radiators used the same pipe for both the incoming steam and the returning condensate. They worked well when they worked but always made lots of noise when the colder condensate water passed the income steam. Loud pops and bangs were the norm. So, I had to wonder it is still used or is now just there for decoration.

Lady Di Tn said...


Thanks for stopping by and yes it was a lovely place to dine. Peace

Come on over and I will take you downtown and we will go out to eat at The Standard. Thanks for answering my pondering. Peace

I think it is only for decoration and for authenticity. I think if it worked,it would scare the diners when it began to pop and bang. Most diners wish the ambience of yesteryear but todays conviences. My MIL knew the lady who lived there before it was a resturant. Peace

Nancy said...

It's me again....I just wanted to say "Thank you" for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. These starwberries I got here this year were the best I've ever had! There was not one bit of white in them around the stem. Just so sweet and tasty! I ate quite a few of them right out of the pails! But I wanted to freeze some for next winter...wish the whole ones would freeze and thaw and remain like the "just picked" ones! I can taste them now! I never saw a dog eat strawberries dog you have there!

Have a great week!


Lady Di Tn said...

We have had some good strawberries here also. Maggie will eat any fruit you give her. She did spit out the raspberries a couple of times before she deceided that they were good. I think it was the seeds. Peace

Jeanette said...

Gday Lady Di
Wow a lovely place with beautiful surrounds to enjoy a meal.....just love the filagree radiators... Take great care ,