Monday, June 16, 2008

Today if Dad had lived he would have been 83. This is how I remember him always in a cap and his fearless fly glasses. Oh, how he did not like for me to kid him about those glasses but I would tease him how they were too big and rode down on his nose. The picture above was taken in 1998 the year Mother died. As I have stated before he was a much better person, once Mother met him at the door with a frying pan. He would take Mom to Church, he stopped drinking, running around and smoking. He even cleaned up his language until he would get frustrated. But in the last few years his language was cleaned up as he would say "I just got to get to Heaven to be with your Mother." We kids forgave him long ago and when he became a Christian, God forgave him however, I do not know if he ever forgave himself.
The Kitty Justice is he was a very good Grandpa to his grandchildren. If he had lived, I would have called him EARLY this morning to wish him a Happy Birthday because like him, I am and early morning person.


LZ Blogger said...

Nice tribute! I loved the last paragraph! ~ jb///

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Jerry, he was the only Dad I will ever have. Sis, little brother and I share his genes and hopefully we got the best of the bunch. Peace

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I am so glad that your Dad gave his heart to the Lord so he could be with your mother in heaven. A frying pan, or rolling pin for that matter, does wonders. LOL But seriously I'm happy that forgiveness was in all of your hearts and he probably never did forgive himself, but God forgave him and so did his children. I'm sure he knows that you would have been calling him early to wish him a Happy Birthday if he were still here. Loved this tribute as well.


Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Lovwly tribute to your Father and he did so well to give up all his vices so he could be with your Mother. He was hard on himself, but must have loved his wife so much and God forgives. I hope you are having a good week. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

The funny part is Dad told us the story of the frying pan Mother never mentioned it. Whenever anyone gets out of line, we all kid about getting out the frying pan like Mom. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. Peace

I think Mother is sitting beside Dad in Heaven and has a gold fryiny pan in her hands with the insription, "New Beginnings." Even Dad's whining I miss. When I took care of him after his heart surgeries, I would give him the task of the swifters and he would run around with the duster sticking out of his back pocket while he was using the mop on the floors. The house has not been as clean since he is gone. It was a very easy task and made him feel useful. Peace

Nancy said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! That was a great tribute to your dad! I'm sure he is with your mother now.

I know how you loved your dad...I lost mine in 1995 to brain cancer and lost my mom just 4 years ago. I miss them terribly!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy your flowers, too, as I certainly did! They are soooo beautiful!