Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You can come join me as we stroll on the porch and check out my happy plants.
Can you smell the wonderful fragrances of the geranium?

Close up of my sea of purple. I have transplanted these and gave plants away and so far they have been happy wherever I put them.

If you look off the edge of the upper porch between the holly trees you can see my sea of purple. This was what greeted me when I returned from the lake.

You can see the holly tree's branched on either side of this picture. Unfortunately the flowers did not show up as well but the picture above shows how this one should look.

If you look to the left of the holly tree, you can see my purple clematis has reached the upper porch with its blooms. The fence and straw are where my pepper plants reside. A few blooms and one little bitty bell pepper. Prince gave me those wind chimes one year for my birthday and the sound is glorious.

I have most of the plants so we can observe them from the kitchen. I have rearranged some since this was taken. The planters by the rail going down the stairs to the bottom porch have been put in other places.

The May picture I took this pot did not have very much purple at the time but now is it not the prettiest pot a cat could hold up for all to see. The contrast in colors are magnificent.
I would really like for you to join me on the porch for a cup of tea or coffee because the humidity has dropped like a rock in a pond. We are suppose to have at least three days with that oppressive beggar. It is even suppose to be in the fifty this evening. Glorious weather.
The kitty justice is that we are basing in beautiful weather but we could use a little rain.
Prince picked a quart of raspberry yesterday evening and did not even glisten the tinest little bit. I make go pick some squash. water a few plants and I think I will wait for Prince to get home to go to the berry patch.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

I love all of your purple. Your clematis is lovely. Mine climbed all the way up the trellis and then made it's way down over the edge of the garden. It is very pretty. That dark shade of purple is my favorite in clematis. I tried once to grow a red one, but no luck. It died out over the winter.

The boys and I went to buy a few flowers tonight when I was watching them and they also picked purple. We picked ivy and purple flowers for the one planter. Jordan picked blue for one of my resin shoes with the bluebirds and Brandon picked orange flowers for the larger resin shoe. When we get them all planted, I will post photos.

I always enjoy photos of your lovely home. Thanks so much for sharing.


Marcel said...

I liked the stroll around your porch. I just wish I could smell the flowers. I tried but it just smelt like the plastic on my computer.

I’d be embarrassed to show you the flowers on our porch. Both Connie and I have brown thumbs and it has been unseasonable clod this spring. In fact just last week we had frost. SO the flowers here have not done very well so far this year.

Maybe later this summer I'll be able to show you some photos of berries. I do think we will do ok in that department this year.

Lady Di Tn said...

Sounds like you and the boys are off on a good start. Waiting to see the results. Peace

Did you say BERRIES? All I can think about is the trying to eat as many blueberries as I could back in the seventies when I was in the moose camp. Blueberries have never ever tasted as good as those. Glad you enjoyed the stroll. Peace

Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di Sorry Its been a while since my last visit> I lost a lot when puter crashed now ive added you to my side bar .. hope you dont mind...
Love all your plants Purple is one of my favorite colours I just love the last photo.. Take care I shall return often...Jen

Corn Dog said...

You always did have a green thumb, Di. Your plants are beautiful.

Lady Di Tn said...

Sorry to hear about the puter. I remember how flustrating it was to blog using Puppy's laptop. I had him helping me put some things on CD and he pronounced that I really needed a new one. As long as this ole girl works I will peck along her keys. Peace

too bad mine is not as green as Mother's was but I do rather fair with what I got. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I am honored when anyone places me on their sidebar. I am sorry I did not mention this in my first comments but My brain is too close to my sclap and the doc shot it full of cortisone again today. Also removed two spots on my back so I feel like a pin cushion. Again Thanks you .

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wonderful photos! Marvelous colors! Invigorating flowers!

Thank you!

Merle said...

Dear Di ~~ Lovely photos and I love purple flowers too. And geraniums and pelegonians are among my favorites.
Sorry you don't get to have meatloaf.
The one I make is minced steak, cheese, bread crumbs tomato and worchestire sauce, and 2 eggs. etc
It is nice, hot with gravy, or cold or in a sandwich. Glad you enjoyed the story and the jokes. Take care, my friend.Love, Merle. Peace to you.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i love your porch, you have a very green thumb, if that was here they all would be dead . Love it

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you enjoyed the stroll on my porch. Peace.

Thanks Merle. I may try and make some meatloaf in muffin pans and freeze them and then Mimi and I could eat it when the boys are alway. peace

Glad you enjoy the plants. Are you trying to tell me your thumb is not green. Peace

Dan said...

These are spectacular. My wife is an avid gardener. She will love your blog.

Marcel said...

Lady Di,

I have bene told some people are not getting my e-mails. I hope you got the one I sent you to thank you for the lovely painting! Thanks.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for visiting and I hope your wife enjoys the pictures. Peace

Got the kj email but nothing on di. Glad you got my little token of appreciation. Thank you. Peace