Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Knock Out roses are doing quite well this year and I think it is because Maggie is not trying to dig them up. Anyone who has had a puppy especially a rumbustious lab pup knows how they love to DIG. Maggie is not quite two but her manners are much better. If we have a mole at work in the backyard, we will encourage her to dig him out and she will look up with so much excitement as if to say "I cannot believe you are letting me do this, but boy am I having FUN."

My pal, Pammie Pooh and I celebrated her double nickel day with going to a Red Robin for lunch and as Jen would say "retail therapy". Both Pammie and I love bargains but we adhere to the reality that it is NOT A BARGAIN IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT. It is just fun to hang out with her and laugh and act like teenagers again. That girl just loves Elvis. She had an Elvis purse, make up bag and on Halloween she dresses up like Elvis.

At the Red Robin, a place to get hamburgers fixed in SO many different ways, I told the girl as we entered that Pammie was celebrating double nickels and did they have a dessert special. They serve a free birthday sundae. We got a booth so we could pretend it was one of the fifties restaurants of the past.

We started with a tower of onion rings. Sorry no pictures. She had peach tea and I opted for a diet coke. Caffeine without sugar. Then we both chose a Santa Fe Burger. I ordered mine well done and she wanted her medium. I have no desire to have any part of the cow still running while I eat. The only downfall of the day was when I bit into the burger it was pink UGH. The little waitress ask how was everything and in true kitty fashion I showed her my pink burger. She said she could send it back and I in my warped humor fashion said "Please don't spit on it when you bring it back?" The little waitress was pull from our table and two not one managers started waiting on us. When that happen I knew I must dust off my humor and put on my company manners.

The Kitty Justice is when girls just wantta have fun and jest, the world is too damn serious.


Lady Di Tn said...

Y'all my big Sis has warned me often "Kitty, some people just do not understand your humor."

So here goes, to all bloggers who I have left comments, please remember my humor sometimes are like cat hairs flying everywhere but remember I AM KITTY JUSTICE.

Everything work out fine and the managers realized I had a different sense of humor and by the time we left the lady at the door said "We just love you two, and we all LOL together.

Marcel said...

I like your humor! Keep it up and if they can’t take a joke, then that’s their problem. I'm glad every had a laugh in the end!

I have only eaten at a Red Robin once since we have no chains here in Sitka. I have to say it was a good burger and the service was good even though it was very busy and right at lunch time.

As for cold, well I wish I could send you some of our. I think this has been the coolest summer I have ever seen in Southeast Alaska. So far we have only been over 60 once and most days it’s been in the 40’s and 50’s. All the old timers are saying it is about as cold as they aver remember. And, no ones gardens are doing very well.

Nancy said...

Interesting about the burger fiasco. I bet you surprised that waitress! Something similar happened to a neighbor and me one time. We were at Denny's and had ordered the Grand Slam breakfast on a cold wintry night. My eggs were fried so hard and rubbery! I said that was not the way I had expected them to be cooked. She took them back, and we could hear her talking to the cook. When she came back to our table with new eggs, I asked if she had a problem with my eggs. I told her, very adamantly, that I would gladly pay for the new eggs! When we went to pay at the register, we were told our ticket had been "comped." We noticed a man doing paperwork at another he was a regional manager!!! He followed us out and apologized to me for the bad eggs, and said he had cooked my eggs many times before and knew exactly how I liked them. (We were frequent patrons at Denny's.) We thanked him and went on our way. I sure hope the cook didn't spit on them or rub his dirty fingers on them! You know, most of those male cooks don't wash their hands after using the restroom!!!! I saw that myself in a hotel where I worked one time. I was taking a break from my desk and had gone to the kitchen for a coke when the cook was just coming out of the restroom....his hands were dry! And I actually checked the restroom, and there were no towels even in there! So he couldn't have washed his hands!!! I think about that every time I eat out now!


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the support. My imagination runs wild at times and I just cannot help myself. I guess I can blame the news media on that one as one of their big stories one evening was how food was done when returned to the kitchen. After seeing that, you do wonder what happens. Peace

I think everyone at some point might have a story about food not cooked to order. But rubber eggs, should have been bounced off the floor and caught in your fist and then handed back to her. LOL Peace

Mary said...

Lady Di,

LOL I can imagine that poor waitress when you said that. You certainly do have a "Kitty" sense of humor. I would take this in my stride but many would not. I waitressed for years and have had much worse said to me. LOL

I enjoyed my visit. I'm glad you had a great time with your friend.