Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Instead of flowers sometimes Prince gives me feathers. These are some that he found on the farm this weekend. I make arrangements with them but have to not make Sam Cat mad or he will go about finding my feathers and then he takes them back to Mimi's room to play with them.
At the farm house, one of the Bradford Pear trees that Frank planted before he retired lost about half of itself. Prince cut it up and I sat in the truck and enjoyed the cool breeze. If I had not been the window washing queen, I could have got out and helped just a little but alas, my back give me a warning when I need to stop and reflect on future activities. So I listened to the hum of the chain saw and watched my favorite person.
Later he brought me back to the house with my feathers and then we had a nice lunch. He wanted to jump on the Massey and bush hog the field between our house and the white barn and he did finish but it was after dark when he got back to the house.
The kitty justice is I never know what Prince will present me with after all these years.


Marcel L said...

I'd give Connie feathers, but it would land me in jail, since most of the feathers I find are form eagles.

Small City Scenes said...

Is it strange or deja' vu but I have a picture of feathers I took here and have them arranged and yesterday I took a picture of the foggy rain so what will tomorrow bring?? It is just that brillian minds work the same. LOL
I really like all the photos you show us. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Can anyone pick them up? Sounds like a waste of good feathers to me. Peace

Thanks. I guess that is why I like your blog so much, great minds think alike. Peace.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I have a dream catcher on the wall behind my bed that has several feathers hanging down from it. Most of the time Alex pays no attention to it. However, on at least two occasions I have watched him leaping up from the bed in attempts to snag the feathers. Both times the furball missed end fell down to the floor between the bed and the wall. Being a cat, of course he wasn’t injured.

I just saw your LOL cat creations! Wonderful!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Feathers do make a nice arrangement. I'm glad you were able to get out in the nice weather while Prince cut the wood. It's been beautiful here the last couple of days but chilly in the evening and through the night. Great weather for sleeping without the AC.

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Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. That is the nortorious Sam Cat. I had just put his flea stuff on him so I was not one of his favorite people at the time of the photo. Too bad you do not have a video of Alex doing the leap and fall. Peace

We have lots of turkeys on the farm so they drop the feathers to thank us for the wide open spaces. Prince said when he was bush hogging near the farm house early this year these was a hen who had a nest in the yard. Peace