Monday, August 25, 2008

Yes those are rain drops on my plants. As you can see from the fields, we do need it.
When I first took MD out in the early morning shroud of darkness, Hoot was serenading from a tree behind the log cabin. I could smell something in the air but I did not wish to get my hopes up. I came inside and began getting everything ready for breakfast plus packing Prince's lunch. As the darkness began to float away with there was something foreign on the porch. Was that really rain? As I ran out with camera in hand forgetting to close the door , I started snapping photos. Glories tears from Heaven. I turned my face skyward and just let the rain trail down my face. It was not a heavy rain at all just a sprinkle but how wonderful it felt. I sat the camera aside and began dragging all the plants which sat secure against the wall out from under the eves and told them they were gonna get a treat today.
I gave up the basting in the rain and returned to the kitchen and flipped the television on. It was announced that Fay was why we were gonna get rain through out the week except for Thursday. Now as I type I look outside to find the slight dampness has gone from the porch however the fog and clouds are still present. I must drudge up my Cherokee heritage and go do a rain dance. Don't laugh, fat lady still can dance.
The kitty justice is this Cat loves water especially if it comes from above.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

I do hope that you get a substantial rainfall. Last year our grass and fields looked much like yours do. This year we've had lots of rain and I wouldn't trade it for a drought any day.

Your photos are lovely and I enjoyed visiting with you, as always.


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. Yesterday was more clouds than rain but last night it rained most of the night. Today they say it will rain most of the day but at this moment it is not raining. I am just happy to have any rain. In July our rain total was ahead one and half inches but with this dry August we have fallen behind. Maybe Gustave will send some rain our way also. Peace

Anonymous said...

We hoped and some prayed for rain and I asked the lady and coworker at the grain elevator if either one of them did the naked rain dance in the corn field and they both said they didn't and we didn't get any rain. I don't know who else to ask to dance naked in the corn field because we do need some rain. Bad.

Day4plus said...

YAY!!!!!! We are having rain here too. Of course we usually get rain and I do appreciate it so I sent some your way. I hope it rains gentle enough to really soak the ground and not just run off. The drops look so nice on the plants. YAY!!! MB

Marcel said...

We have been getting buckets of the wet stuff from above the last few days. It will be good for the salmon spawning.

Changes in the wind said...

Beautiful pictures:)

Lady Di Tn said...

It has rained off and on all day today and it is lovely to see the dampness. Last year we had a drought and the weather people are saying this August is the dryest on record for the last 60 years. Surely they must be wrong on one of those facts. Peace

Thanks we sure did need it. Peace

Now if you were not getting rain, I would worry. Yummy my favorite, Salmon. Peace

Thanks. It was fun to have rain and fog to photo. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ I hope you got plenty
of that rain. It sure is precious these days. We need some badly over here. Thanks for your comments on my
Biker post. My elder son rides a m'bike and I worry about him when he is on a long trip. Glad you liked the article and the Parent one also.
Take care my friend, Love, Merle.