Thursday, August 28, 2008

These three photos were taken this morning of the beautiful sunrise on the fog. I guess if the old wives tale is true, we will have three snows this winter. The tale states that the number of fogs in August will be the number of snows in the winter. The third picture is of my Asparagus fern. It is now just getting pretty again and it has one more month and back into the basement it will go for the winter.

Yesterday Fay provided us a day most of clouds and a nice breeze so even though I did not feel quite up to the task, I washed the back porches windows and doors. I also did the insides of Mimi's room and bathroom windows. Guess what is on my plate today. Nothing physical in the least. I have been at the window washing task now for three weeks and looks like two more weeks before all are done. Next will be the inside of the bedrooms and baths windows and then it is downstairs to the den to wash those on the inside and out. Then and only then can I close the book on this task.
The Kitty Justice is it is hard to believe I could do all the windows in one day.


Marcel said...

Good luck finishing up the windows.

I liked the name syou gave the trees that have grown together. Sitlock is a good choice.

Small City Scenes said...

If that foggy tale is true we will have many snows this winter.
Useless Bay was so named because it was too shallow for the tall ships of the 1880's. But it is paradise for all marine life and makes a great sandy beach. It is on the SW side of Whidbey Island in Admiralty Inlet on Puget Sound. MB

Small City Scenes said...

BTW Your morning pictures are beautiful. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks I will need it but the biggest jobs are done. Glad you like the names. Peace

Thanks. Better get the snow gear out if it is true for you. Thanks for answering my question. Peace

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I had never heard the old wives tale about fog in August. However, I have heard "Fog in the Fall means no snow at all." The last time we had a foggy fall, we didn't have much snow.

Summer is bidding us ado and soon it will be autumn. The forests will be alive with a blaze of color against a green backdrop of evergreens. The Smokeys are so lovely in autumn. I wish I could visit, but not this year.

Take care, my friend. I wish I lived closer and I would come and help you wash those window.s


Mary said...
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Lilli & Nevada said...

Beautiful photos, and when you get done with them can you come do mine?

Lady Di Tn said...

What a truly kind person to offer to help with the winders. The leaves are beginning to fall like a drizzling rain here. The walnut trees loose their leaves first. Peace and have a wonderful weekend.

I will be right there and either of those rooms at the Tom Tom will do but I warn y'all I might have to wash them at night as I would be exploring you world during the daylight. Peace

Yolanda said...

These are gorgeous and remind me of Williamson County. Do you live down near Franklin.