Tuesday, September 30, 2008

View from the roof. Hills look good.

Our Channel 4 television tower as seen from the roof.

The hospital were Prince works with a stain glass frame put on by yours truly.
The kitty justice is the drive is as long but not as far.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Morning. I have been up and about for over four hours, how about you?

Today's simple cleaning tip is stop buying those rollers to get up hairs, buy one pair of gloves with waffle finger tips. What do you do with a depleted roller? Most people put them in the trash. Me too but to keep more plastic out of the landfills, you can use rubber gloves to rub over a surface and the hairs roll up and then you can pick them up and toss them out.

Lets think about labels. They are necessary to show size and how to clean and they even list what the items are made from. But I just hate the beggars and cut them out of each and every thing. Why not put all this info on a stamp like the Hanes company or on the package. Nuf said.

New Apple Crisp

1 box yellow cake mix
2 - 3 Tbsp of brown sugar
2 Tsp of cinnamon
1 stick of butter
1 cup chopped pecans
5-6 apples

Thoroughly mix the first three ingredients and then with a pastry tool cut the soften butter into mixture. It will be very lumpy. Put the chopped pecans and thinly sliced apples into the lumpy mixture and stir until all the apples and pecans are well coated. Put this into a grease sheet pan and cook at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. As soon as you take it from the oven, pour Carmel sauce over the hot crisp. Serve with ice cream .

The kitty justice is that both things shared today are SIMPLE but good.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New cook top up close.
I think it dressed up the old 1964 kitchen.

This replaced the Frig that died. It arrived Tuesday.

I put up some of the pictures I had on the old one but not all. I know I need to fix the lake picture as I have the flags turned wrong. Better than no flags.
Maggie is not certain how to react when the ice cubes come out of the door and since it is so shiny she does not get to close to this new food saver.
Would you believe, this is the first frig that I have ever had with ice cubes and filtered water from the door. Until I married Prince, I did not even have an ice maker. I just filled the ice trays and popped them cubes loose. OOps they were plastic now certain plastic are not to be used. For a long time when I was young, we had metal ice trays with a handled down the middle which you would pull back to pop the ice cubes out. Think they will be going back to those?
I am slowly putting things back in the frig and freezer. Last night Prince retrieved the items I had put at the Log Cabin. Some will stay in the garage frig and other will be upgraded to come and sit in the new ice throne. The freezer is wonderful and it has FOUR bins to put items into. Wow, I want be running downstairs as often now.
I am still learning how to cook on the new cook top. First night I boiled the potatoes over. Yikes, "CLEAN UP"..... stove aisle nine. It gets hot faster than the 1964 model. It should because it cost ten times as much. Good thing Prince and I could put it in. We had to measure twice and cut once as this model was a wee bit bigger than the old ones. It was rather sad to see the old one hauled outside Monday night awaiting the delivery people to take it away. Lets see, how many meals do you think was cooked on that old one ? How about two a day for 365 days in a year times forty eight. Lots of food cooked and consummed from that old piece of metal and wires.
The kitchen is the one place that everyone gathers and visits, so it is nice to see the old girl getting fixed up a little even if it was not really planned.
I have been extremely busy this week.Tuesday night we did not get to bed until midnight and we forgot to set the alarm clock and even with Maggie trying to get me up, I just laid there until Mimi called down the call, and then we were in a panic to get Prince off to work.
I have had to go to the grocery store twice this week and y'all know how I feel about grocery shopping. Also, I had to go back to Home Depot and pick up the spray polish and cleaner for the stainless and ceramic. Soap and water did not get the finger prints off that the deliver people left on it.
Yesterday I tackled the bath room shower doors and the actual doors were not so bad to clean but those darn tracks that they slide in would have put Grandma in the grave if she was not already there. Maybe if they were replaced? OOPs must not mention that.
I have had very little time for kitty to enjoy the delightful weather we have been having. Today it was double nickels when I got up and it is 79 now with a very strong breeze. This is the kind of weather that you just wanta find some EXCUSE TO BE OUTSIDE. I guess I could have finished the tree or just sat looking and thinking about it on top of the Massey.
One really good thing happen this week but it also kept us up way pass the sand man time, and that was when Oregon State beat USC in football. I just love it when the under dog gets a win.
I just tried a new Apple Crisp recipe and if it turns out good, I will post it later on Sunday Sharing. That will be dessert tonight after I cook Talipa, mashed potatoes and summer squash.
The Kitty Justice is my fur is still standing up from all the work that has kept me so busy this week. A frazzled kitty to say the least.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We not began our toll on Sunday afternoon, so I took a picture of the fields that can be viewed from the left of the fallen tree.

Prince had already made a few cuts before it dawned on me to take a picture of the tree that had fallen. Actually it was only half the tree as the other half is still standing.
Here is a closer look at the tree. The child in me made me climb up on the top branch to sit and watch for Prince to bring the Massey down to drag the limbs. As I was climbing down, I notice that it looked like a wooden octopus.

Here is Kitty tying the rope with a metal hook, reminded me of Captain Hook's claw, around limbs that had been cut so Prince could drag them away.

Prince dragging the branches to their resting place.
It was hot, hot and hot with no where to sit or stand in the shade. We started around 11 AM and did not come back to the house until after 6PM. I think we would still be there if the chain saw had not messed up.
When we got back to the house, I did not go pass GO nor did I collect $200.00 like the Monopoly game states but went straight to the shower thank goodness it was not jail and I did not have to spin until I could get out.
Because the frig had DIED, I had not been to the store. There was NO milk or bread in the house.
As I was taking my shower, Prince was working on his chain saw. He came in off the back porch smiling as he had gotten it fixed and started and all he needed was a bolt.
He went with me to carry the groceries as I all my kitty fur ached. We got back home and had a big bowl of cereal for dinner.
The kitty justice is we did not get finished but made a big DENT in the removal. The hay men will have to work in the fields on the other side until we can clear the road.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good Morning from the Hill

We are having more foggy mornings now that it has begun to be cool in the dawn.

This made of cold mornings that I would awake as a child and when I arrived at the kitchen Mother would have a big plate of home made biscuits and Chocolate Gravy. So I will be sharing the recipe for the gravy today.

Chocolate Gravy

1 cup sugar
3 Tbsp all purpose flour
3 Tbsp cocoa
2 cups milk
2 eggs yolks
2 Tsp of vanilla
Butter to taste

Mother would use a fork and mix the flour and cocoa together and then add the sugar and stir so the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Beat the eggs yolks into the milk. In a saucepan or skillet, put the milk mixture and stir in the dry ingredients (slowly) If you dump it in it will LUMP LUMP LUMP.After the dry ingredients have been added , stir in the vanilla. You cook the gravy over low heat and constantly stirring for about 25 minutes. After it thicken, add butter to taste. Serve over homemade biscuits.
Stand back and listen to the mumms and ahhs. Puts a smile on a hungry kids face.

The kitty justice if I was still a kid, I would have someone to cook my breakfast.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Prince took this sunset from the parking lot of our local Sam's Wholesale Store. I thought the clouds were glorious and we on the hill do not get this much sky from a sunset. That in itself made it special plus Prince took it. Oh come on I can be sappy because after all these years I LOVE HIM MORE.

The week in a nutshell.
First I took Mimi to our primary care doctor for a regular check up. Every thing was fine but I asked him about a walking routine for her and he thought that was an excellent idea but Mimi gave me that "LOOK" to keep quite.
Next he said he was down sizing him patient number from 2400 to 600. He would be with a new group but physically stay in the same office. Therefore this new MDVIP would cost $125.00 a month or $1,500.00 a year.For anything other than his service you would still need some kind of insurance.
He has been our Doctor for YEARS AND YEARS. He took care of both my parents and did a very fine job.
I hate it for Mimi because she is eighty nine. With everything going up we cannot afford that extra amount so I am on a Primary Care search.
Next I get an email that the kitchen would not be available for my reception due to extensive renovations. So I gotta go look to see the reception room and try to figure out if I can still have a reception with food. At the time I booked the show I was not aware of the renovations and then when I was made aware it was to the parking lot only. What to do? What to do?
Got to Art late and there was not an inch of space to "set up" to paint. Finally, after standing in the middle of the room looking very forlorn, Knoxie moved over and gave me a little dab of space. I was nose to nose with the blackboard so I wrote a big "HELLO" in pastel orange chalk. I like a full house in art as you can learn quite a bit from others perspective BUT I hate to feel cramped when this is my battery recharge day. I manage to paint a small 6x6 Gallery canvas of a Moon flower.
Another day I had do some serious banking the kind you wait for a customer relationship person. Afterwards off to get some 40 percent off canvases and I got some big ones. I will just have to get to art early and set up before anyone else gets there.
Da Ford had called and the Art Ventures luncheon was to be Friday so Thursday I did two days of domestic duties to be ready to play on Friday.
All I have to say about Friday is that I took a peripheral journey as our main frig DIED. I was Thankful to have extra places to put things but with my limitation it took me longer. I kept having to play Clint Eastwood and knowing "My limitations". Nuf said
Months ago Cat knew she could not go to the Pops Concert at The Symphony so she had given me her tickets to use Friday night. Oh what a pleasure just to sit in those comfortable seats and be entertained by the Nashville orchestra and who appeared in the second set was none other than Mary Wilson. You might know her best from the sixties group "The Supremes."
Yes she sang some of those wonderful songs and some ballads of her own. She announced she was sixty four and half and my first thought IF ONLY I could look that good and move and sing like her NOW. Wow she was absolutely TERRIFIC.
The kitty justice is I WILL SURVIVE.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Puppy and his Uncle Stanley admiring the new Deere. Uncle Stanley's yard is flat as a pancake with only one big tree. However, neither he nor Puppy will do the mowing. Stanley started smoking when he was six years old and now he is suffering from those years of puffing on a stick. He has to have breathing treatments. If I listed all the things wrong with him, y'all get on yours knees and Thank the Lord for your good health.
The Kitty Justice is Uncle Stanley can admire the mower but it will be Puppy's Aunt Jean who will twirl it around the yard.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The above two Awards were given to everyone. Thank you Mary.

The above Award was given to Mary for her Friendship and Loving Generosity. I was honored to be one of the eight blogger that Mary at Mary's Writing Nook felt should be given this Award.
The rules goes as follows, give to 8 blogging friends by paying it forward to those who have brought me laughter, joy and friendship through blogging. It was hard to pick 8 because any blog that I read usually provides these three things. However, rules are rules so here goes
Please come on by and play it forward. Thanks for all the wonderful entertainment and letting little ole me get to know y'all.
Now for a bit of sad news to those who read her blog, Corn Dog at Rubber Corn Dog will soon be deleting her blog and it has been a fun and sometime very curious read. We wish her well and maybe someday she will visit blogland again with her unusual way to describe ever day occurrences and her out of this world sense of humor. Even when things were not funny she had a knack of describing them to make all of us LOL. Thanks CD for all the laughter and the insights to your world.
HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU UNTIL WE MET AGAIN. Please leave the Mustard for future writer.
The Kitty Justice is you would not be reading this as CD was my inspiration to start a blog.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Sharing again. Whew, these come by lots faster than they use to do.

Hominy Casserole

2 sixteen now fifteen ounce(have you noticed how cans are getting smaller) cans of hominy

1 four ounce can of mild green chiles

1 1/2 cup of sour cream

1 1/2 cup of sharp Cheddar cheese

Mix all together and put into a greased baking dish. Cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Some folks use 2 cans of chiles. If you like a little more zest, use hot chiles.

When I told Prince we were having hominy with the pork chops, he was quick to say "I don't like hominy." I put it on his plate and after the first bite, he said it was good the way I had it spiced up.

Kitty's Apple Cake

1 box yellow cake mix

1 small box french vanilla instant pudding

4 eggs

1/4 cup canola oil

1 fifteen ounce can of crushed pineapples (do not drain)

Using a sheet cake pan, spray it with Baker Joy then line the bottom with pecan halves, top this with a layer of brown sugar, dot with paper thin butter patties (I only used about dozen) slice up five apples into paper thin slices and layer the thin thin slices on top of the other layers. Mix up the first five ingredients and spread on top of the layers. Cook for thirty minutes in a 350 degree oven. Reduce heat to 300 degrees and cook ten more minutes. It is done if it does not shake in the middle.

I had bought a new sheet cake pan with a cover and was just dying to try it out and I searched for an apple cake recipe (we still have a yard full of apples and pears) but none hit the furry spot so I thought I can do better than these.

The Kitty Justice is that it was so good Mimi said write it down before you forget how you made it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Have y'all ever worn any art? I guess all those clothes my Mama made me were wearable art.
First I must apologize to the other ladies that I did not post their names. I do believe there were three others but most of the work shown is by Paula.
I pulled out my 1964 Webster's New World Dictionary that Mother paid $10.00 for me to have. In case you think $10.00 is not so much, just think of a lady working for 40 cents an hour in a shirt factory and you can see it was a MAGNIFICENT gift to me.
Anyway, Art is described first as "creativeness, skill" then down to #5 "painting, drawing or sculpture" is used. Then number 6 list products of creative work;paintings, statues and number 7 list academic learning, as literature, music , and mathematics. Finally number eight list "any craft, etc., or its principles:as, the cobbler's art.
So that said, it is Art but I would refer to it as a Craft. I think they are beautiful but I would not wear Art.
I feel that the word Art just like other words today have taken on TOO BROAD a definition. Instantly, I can think of two words or phrase use too broadly and I bet you can too. Those that come to mind are HERO AND SUPER STAR. How about legend?
The kitty justice is it is true "Art is in the Eye of the Beholder" but some things to me when described as Art make my KAT FUZZY BRAIN HARD PRESS TO SEE IT AS SUCH.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

How many times do we look up to see a plane and never fear the sight. Today and December 7Th planes forever changed our lives.

On a happier note here is my Chocolate Solider which I put outside too early and the cool weather almost made it history. I think it has recovered very well.

A closer look. It is a member of the violet family so it cannot take cool weather. It will be the first plant I move back inside. The first one I ever saw of these was at The Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson.

Purple Jew was looking rather ragged so I cut it off and threw all but tips over board (I now have a carpet of the stuff below the porch) It will grow very rapidly and drape over the sides. I usually put this out in the hall so I can see it from the kitchen as I work.

Close up of the Jew. Mother always had a pot of this around.
The kitty justice is for all of us to pray at least nine or eleven minutes for those that were lost on this date. Let us not forget.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wheels are turning!!!!!
We are still having hot and humid days to let us know that summer not quite through with us yet. BUT, you can feel it nipping at your soul and see the effects of it in leaves falling to the ground. Fall is coming. It was 65 degrees and very cool the other morning when MD and I went out for her morning walk.
Yesterday I washed the windows downstair both inside and out and had to crawl over the log splitter to do three of them on the outside. As I stepped over it, I was informed by the massive blade at the end that it would be in use soon to make us some wood to fit into the fireplace to keep us warm.
As I was glistening from my the job at hand, I told the mighty machine that he must be mistaken.
As we were having lunch around the outside table at the Art Center, one lady asked "How was your summer?"
The kitty justice is that I was struck out of my fantasy and the machine had been correct after all.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

True Sunday Sharing will be back next week. This day Kitty had to VENT. Please see following post.
I feel better now.

How are you gonna vote, America? I truly hope y'all will search your heart and vote not because you are a Democrat or a Republican. Not because one is black and the other white. Not because you like how one rhetoric is better than the other.
How would you complete this sentence? I am gonna vote for ______ because________.
Am I the only one who does not like the US and THEM mentality. I would like answer to real questions. I want those answer to be short and not beat around the bush answer. You know the ones that go around the earth in twelve words or more but never tell you anything then smile like you are an idiot and should accept their reply.
I am tried of hearing the word "CHANGE" used by both parties as the word that should make you vote for them. Give me specify not open ended words. Give me facts not promises. Give me someone who will be frugal with our money. Yeah all those tax dollars we hand over.
Stop spending so much money trying to get a job. The working Americans do not collect money to get a job. Am I the only Kitty that thinks something is wrong with our system.
The kitty justice solution is as follows. Print up answer to real question from each candidate along with real facts and figures. Place these printed booklets at local places for each American to pick up and READ.Have a Internet site where the same information in the booklets are put online for those who wish to READ the answer online. Now we have all the info we need to make a decision without all the hype.
I went to one of the candidates web page to read about them and got NOTHING but a glorified bio. I do not mind a bio but I was after some facts. Then that same site started sending me emails and I can tell you I DID NOT SIGN UP.
The kitty justice of this soap box post is to state if either really wants CHANGE let us start with a new way to campaign and inform the people about the issue that we wish to know about.
I hope y'all will go and vote but please make the choice not on emotions but facts. NUF SAID.
Kitty Justice for President.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I took this from the far end of the porch.
By the time I finished my coffee and walked down towards the kitchen this is how much it had changed. Any body out there want to come help clean the fence row? I didn't think so.

This is my Brain Head Katuz ( ole spell check didn't like this , LOL) and since it is not to get any water, I put it under the glass table. There is a place at the bottom of the table to put a plant. I thought it was a nice touch.

I cut them back and they are getting prettier by the day.

We call this Maggie's dining room crate. She is out of the way of traffic but still and see everything going on.

I love the website "I CAN HAS CHEEZ BURGER". Google it and lol. I had just put Sam Cat's flea meds on him and he was not very happy with me. So I thought I would take his picture and make him a LOL cat.
This has been one of those days when you start a task and then it escalates into something else ,ETC, ETC, ETC and I feel as dizzy as tail chasing Kat. Just a little taste of how it has been, I was gonna clean the scum busters teeth so it would grab the cleaning disk better, and I ran into a bathroom drawer that need some assistance. I was reading the blogs when I heard Mimi on the prowl. Sam Cat had caught a mouse and it had gotten stuck and died in a glue trap. I took out the recycles to find that some of the pears were not keeping. I was putting things in order in the laundry room when I noticed bugs in the lamb biscuit treats. I had to throw all the tightly closed container away . If I still had the box, I might sent the bugs back to them. I went to the basement and got some jars to put the dried rosemary in and some wide mouth jars for pesto.(Yet to be made) Prince called and I told him I had cleaned out his bathroom drawer, and there was silence and then he said we would have to take inventory. The oldest thing I found had expired in 2001.
The kitty justice is I feel like one of those balls in a pin ball machine. DING, PING, PANG, ERUPPPPPT

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I took this photo of the sunrise the first day of September. This was the actual color, no photoshop involved. The colors of our sunrises are so beautiful all I have to do is shrink the photo so I can post them.

Labor Day was one where I pulled two wheel barrels of weeds and I only went outside to cut the snake out of my bird netting which protects my hosta from the roving deer herd. I have had the bad luck of catching three snakes this year so next year I plan to omit the netting and just spray the hosta with deer repellent.

Now this tomboy woman is not afraid of snakes nor will I run from them. Heck I am much bigger than them. Most will run from y'all. My aversion to getting them out of the netting is the odor. I keep saying to myself as I whack away the netting "Breath through your mouth, breath through your mouth. "

The kitty justice is by the time you find them in the netting they are VERY DEAD.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Look the mystery plant blooms. The blooms fold up at night also. I guess I was lucky to get this one as the next few moments it was all closed up.
Remember my bent over apple trees? I asked Prince to pick me some apples as I wanted to make an Apple Crisp for dinner when Edward and family came over. I not only got some apples picked but some pears too.

The Kitty Justice is I used only about ten to make the Apple Crisp not one for the Record Book.