Thursday, September 04, 2008

I took this from the far end of the porch.
By the time I finished my coffee and walked down towards the kitchen this is how much it had changed. Any body out there want to come help clean the fence row? I didn't think so.

This is my Brain Head Katuz ( ole spell check didn't like this , LOL) and since it is not to get any water, I put it under the glass table. There is a place at the bottom of the table to put a plant. I thought it was a nice touch.

I cut them back and they are getting prettier by the day.

We call this Maggie's dining room crate. She is out of the way of traffic but still and see everything going on.

I love the website "I CAN HAS CHEEZ BURGER". Google it and lol. I had just put Sam Cat's flea meds on him and he was not very happy with me. So I thought I would take his picture and make him a LOL cat.
This has been one of those days when you start a task and then it escalates into something else ,ETC, ETC, ETC and I feel as dizzy as tail chasing Kat. Just a little taste of how it has been, I was gonna clean the scum busters teeth so it would grab the cleaning disk better, and I ran into a bathroom drawer that need some assistance. I was reading the blogs when I heard Mimi on the prowl. Sam Cat had caught a mouse and it had gotten stuck and died in a glue trap. I took out the recycles to find that some of the pears were not keeping. I was putting things in order in the laundry room when I noticed bugs in the lamb biscuit treats. I had to throw all the tightly closed container away . If I still had the box, I might sent the bugs back to them. I went to the basement and got some jars to put the dried rosemary in and some wide mouth jars for pesto.(Yet to be made) Prince called and I told him I had cleaned out his bathroom drawer, and there was silence and then he said we would have to take inventory. The oldest thing I found had expired in 2001.
The kitty justice is I feel like one of those balls in a pin ball machine. DING, PING, PANG, ERUPPPPPT


Chris said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog yesterday. I do try to let people know there is more to our fair city than country music! ;-)

I love yoru sunrise shot from the other day. Just phenomenal!

Hope all is well with you!


Small City Scenes said...

Well now you have me all worn out and frazzled from being busy with you. I think I woulda stayed on the porch watching the sky change. My fence line needs whacking too. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Your welcome. Your Nashville Daily Photo is a fine place to visit and others can learn alot about our fair city. Keep up the great work. Thanks and Peace

Frazzled was the word I was loooking for yesterday. I awoke to rain this morning and a thick heavy fog engulfed the hill. I am just now seeing the white barn. Bellevue is still hidden. Prince and I plan to tackle the fence in the fall after it cools down a bit. Thanks and today I would have liked to be on the porch but I appreciate the much needed rain. Peace

Marcel said...

I too like the photos. I'd hel[p with the fence if I could.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and also thanks for the offer and I know you would if you were close. That is kind thought. Peace

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Boy, you have been busy. That is the kind of day this has been for me. It makes you tuckered out just thinking about it.

Please drop by my Writing Nook. I have a little something for you that should bring a smile.


Merle said...

Dear Dianne -- Your photos are lovely and I especially like those purple flowers. Do you know what they are?
Thank you for your visit and I am so glad you got rain and it sure sounds great when we are safely indoors. Glad you liked the story and jokes. I loved Maggie's safe spot to watch what's going on. Take care, my friend
Love and Peace. Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

I had much rather start and finish something than to be sailed into something else before the task is done and yes it does Tucker one out. I will be by some. Peace

It was nice to have the rain and today the sun is shining again. I sent my big sis the story of God's letter so she can have it for her little ladies. Peace