Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I took this photo of the sunrise the first day of September. This was the actual color, no photoshop involved. The colors of our sunrises are so beautiful all I have to do is shrink the photo so I can post them.

Labor Day was one where I pulled two wheel barrels of weeds and I only went outside to cut the snake out of my bird netting which protects my hosta from the roving deer herd. I have had the bad luck of catching three snakes this year so next year I plan to omit the netting and just spray the hosta with deer repellent.

Now this tomboy woman is not afraid of snakes nor will I run from them. Heck I am much bigger than them. Most will run from y'all. My aversion to getting them out of the netting is the odor. I keep saying to myself as I whack away the netting "Breath through your mouth, breath through your mouth. "

The kitty justice is by the time you find them in the netting they are VERY DEAD.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

I don't think I would want to cut a snake out of netting. LOL I'm not really afraid of them, just want to keep lots of space between them and me. I dislike them intensely, but do know they have a place in the earth's balance.

Love the photo of your sunrise. So pretty. Thanks so much for sharing.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Sunrise = amazingly beautiful!

Dead snakes = yucky job.

Enjoy September!

LZ Blogger said...

Lady Di... what a beautful sunrise you have captured here. As for the snakes... smell or NOT... I don't like those things! ~ jb///

Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di...Ohh my I run a mile if I saw a snake.. even a dead one. I have a Phobia of spiders and snakes..

Beatiful sunrise..

Maria said...

Lady Di,

Beautiful sunrise over a great landscape. Is this Tennessee?
I enlarged the picture and saw all the details in the rosy morning mist!
I dont like snakes, either. This summer our dog was bitten by a viper and was very ill for a week or so.
But if they are not venomous, I dont care about them. We don't have many snakes here, fortunately.

Lady Di Tn said...

If you remember previous post, I had named the snakes last year and as long as they are not poisonous, I will tolerate they will eat varmits. However, when they go after my birds, I consider them fair game. I agree everything has a place but sometimes, I cannot figure out the purpose. Peace

Thanks and you describe it perfectly, dead snake-yucky job. Peace

Thanks. Lots of folks have the same feeling about snakes. However, sometimes you are much safer with a snake than some people. Peace

LOL I can see you running fast away. Thanks for the compliment.

I live in West Nashville, Tennessee atop one of the highest hills, 925 ft above see level. I do not have an aversion to snakes however the smell of one dead is very offensive. The last snake I caught was a truly good snake and it might have been the one I named Henry last year. Black snakes keep posionous snakes at bay. The first two snakes were not posionous either but they are true bird killer so I was not sad to see them caught. We do have posionous snakes, Copperheads and Rattle snakes. Copperheads are the most aggressive of the two. The Tennnessee Wildlife Management said our rattler were become extinct, so they release lots of those in Managed areas (land protected by the government)I often agree with their deceisions but had a problem with that one.
Sorry to here D'Ora was bitten and I keep my finger cross that Maggie will be spared. Peace

Stacey Huston said...

Lady Di.. lol.. I bet they really do stink. beautiful sky photo...Isn't the Creator amazing?
The nest you asked about is made my a medium sized bird that we have here in the west called a Magpie.. most people don't like them, because they are scavengers, but I call them opportunists, they are highly intellegent birds. Alot like crows and ravens, just smaller and prettiers too.. thanks for sharing, and stopping by.

Lady Di Tn said...

I guess I have a healthier respect for those birds now. Thanks. Peace

Marcel said...

There are no snakes in Alaska, so this is something I'll never have to do and I'm glad of that.

Nice sunrise!

Changes in the wind said...

What a to gross but such is life:)

Small City Scenes said...

Such colors--I love it. I have captured some wonderful sky colors here too. they just amaze me.
As for snakes--I seldom see any and since we have no poisonous one here--they don't bother me at all. Fascinate me really. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Wow another plus for your state. Peace & Thanks

You said it in a nutshell. Peace & Thanks

I have been fascinated by the sky all my life. I can still remember laying in the grass describing what I saw in the clouds. If you are so fasinated by them I could box you up a few. LOL Peace and Thanks