Saturday, September 20, 2008

Prince took this sunset from the parking lot of our local Sam's Wholesale Store. I thought the clouds were glorious and we on the hill do not get this much sky from a sunset. That in itself made it special plus Prince took it. Oh come on I can be sappy because after all these years I LOVE HIM MORE.

The week in a nutshell.
First I took Mimi to our primary care doctor for a regular check up. Every thing was fine but I asked him about a walking routine for her and he thought that was an excellent idea but Mimi gave me that "LOOK" to keep quite.
Next he said he was down sizing him patient number from 2400 to 600. He would be with a new group but physically stay in the same office. Therefore this new MDVIP would cost $125.00 a month or $1,500.00 a year.For anything other than his service you would still need some kind of insurance.
He has been our Doctor for YEARS AND YEARS. He took care of both my parents and did a very fine job.
I hate it for Mimi because she is eighty nine. With everything going up we cannot afford that extra amount so I am on a Primary Care search.
Next I get an email that the kitchen would not be available for my reception due to extensive renovations. So I gotta go look to see the reception room and try to figure out if I can still have a reception with food. At the time I booked the show I was not aware of the renovations and then when I was made aware it was to the parking lot only. What to do? What to do?
Got to Art late and there was not an inch of space to "set up" to paint. Finally, after standing in the middle of the room looking very forlorn, Knoxie moved over and gave me a little dab of space. I was nose to nose with the blackboard so I wrote a big "HELLO" in pastel orange chalk. I like a full house in art as you can learn quite a bit from others perspective BUT I hate to feel cramped when this is my battery recharge day. I manage to paint a small 6x6 Gallery canvas of a Moon flower.
Another day I had do some serious banking the kind you wait for a customer relationship person. Afterwards off to get some 40 percent off canvases and I got some big ones. I will just have to get to art early and set up before anyone else gets there.
Da Ford had called and the Art Ventures luncheon was to be Friday so Thursday I did two days of domestic duties to be ready to play on Friday.
All I have to say about Friday is that I took a peripheral journey as our main frig DIED. I was Thankful to have extra places to put things but with my limitation it took me longer. I kept having to play Clint Eastwood and knowing "My limitations". Nuf said
Months ago Cat knew she could not go to the Pops Concert at The Symphony so she had given me her tickets to use Friday night. Oh what a pleasure just to sit in those comfortable seats and be entertained by the Nashville orchestra and who appeared in the second set was none other than Mary Wilson. You might know her best from the sixties group "The Supremes."
Yes she sang some of those wonderful songs and some ballads of her own. She announced she was sixty four and half and my first thought IF ONLY I could look that good and move and sing like her NOW. Wow she was absolutely TERRIFIC.
The kitty justice is I WILL SURVIVE.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

It looks like you've had a bit of a rough week, but keep the faith, my friend. This one is going to be better for you, I just feel it in my bones.

I'm so sorry that Mimi's doctor is downsizing and she will not be able to continue being cared for by him. I know that many doctors here did the same and many people are without a family physician. They have to go to a walk-in clinic and see someone different every time. That is hard for younger people and especially difficult for seniors.

Keeping both you and Mimi in my prayers.

Thanks so much for your comments on my "It's your Right!" post. I'm glad to know you have made up your mind and will be visiting the polls on election day. I will also vote, but haven't made up my mind yet and Election Day is growing close for us.

Take care and enjoy the weekend. I'm glad you got to go the the show and seeing Mary Wilson (which was my maiden name before I married, except with two "Ls". I used to get teases about singing with the Supremes.

I certainly enjoyed visiting with you today.

Small City Scenes said...

The bad with the good and the good with the bad. At least you saw Mary Wilson and got to sit in comfy seats. I hope the doctor thing works out ok. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes it was a frazzle dazzle week But as Scarlet would say "Tomorrow will be another day". We are having wonderful cool mornings here and I revel in them. I have put out a network to friends and family and have a couple of names to check into already for a Primary Care Doctor. I just hate it for Mimi. Well I am gonna claim kin to both y'all Mary Wilson (Willson) because if we go back far enough there will be a connection. Peace

I am Blessed in more way than one but my generous friends are my most treasured blessing. Peace