Thursday, September 18, 2008

Puppy and his Uncle Stanley admiring the new Deere. Uncle Stanley's yard is flat as a pancake with only one big tree. However, neither he nor Puppy will do the mowing. Stanley started smoking when he was six years old and now he is suffering from those years of puffing on a stick. He has to have breathing treatments. If I listed all the things wrong with him, y'all get on yours knees and Thank the Lord for your good health.
The Kitty Justice is Uncle Stanley can admire the mower but it will be Puppy's Aunt Jean who will twirl it around the yard.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

The lawn mower looks like it could be a lot of fun. I love mowing the grass, but am not able to do that since my accident. We have terraces and so I cannot push the mower up and down the steep hills. Since hubby has a heart condition, he is not supposed to do it either, so we hire it done. I'm hoping next year Brandon will be able to do it.

Auntie is going to have a lot of fun with her new baby. I know I would.


Small City Scenes said...

A new mower. I think those front mowing turn on a dime machines are the way to go. Sorry about Uncle (dern him) but Auntie will have a greening time. MB

Marcel said...

As the saying goes “There is nothing like a Deere!”

Before Sheldon Jackson College closed I was in charge of building maintenance and grounds upkeep. I seldom had the time to mow, but when I needed to unwind or distress I’d do my best to get on the mower for an hour or two. I found it to be very therapeutic. We had two John Deere mowers, and a small John Deere tractor which I did spend a lot of time on pushing snow or digging with the backhoe. So the Deere photo brings back memories for me.

Sorry about Uncle Stanley’s health.

I hope you have a good weekend!

Corn Dog said...

That is one fancy John Deere. I'd love to make that one twirl around.

Jeanette said...

Gday Lady Di..
My Alan used to use a push mower to do our lawns, but now im on my own and unable to do the lawns I have the lawnmower man in and he uses a john deere ride on simlar to yours....

Changes in the wind said...

I thought I was bad for starting smoking when I was 13 yrs. but 6 yrs. old!!!! Fortunely I quit before I did too much damage but am sorry that he is suffereing so and can't use that pretty new mower but am sure glad the misses will have a nice new one to take care of things..........

Greatfullivin said...

Wow!! A brand new Deere! I wonder how those zero turn mowers work on the hills. My mothers ill health is from the same thing. Hope Auntie has a wonderful time with her fabulous new machine! Have a terrific day!

Lady Di Tn said...

Our 430 JD was bought with the thought I would be doing the yard and then as you say the back surgeries put an end to that. I did ride the little cub cadet out front once this year when Prince was running behind. I think Sis will enjoy it as they had a zero turn before and she was upset with him when he got rid of it. I think she is one happy little lady now as this one cuts faster and wider. Of course their lot is a flat with no trees. Ours is full of obstacles and a hillside to boot. Peace

A new mower is always a cause to get excited about here in the South. Those zero turns are really good. My friend Pammie has one she does her yard with and she will not let anyone on her mower. I think this new mower will help with the mowing time. Stanley's Mother left when he was little so I guess his Dad did the best he could and maybe giving the boys cigerettes helped him someway. Peace

Ah Mowing Therapy and I never thought of it that way. Prince gets lots of Mowing Therapy. If you get to missing it too bad we have an extra tractor that you could use to help mow the fields. heehee. Yeah, it is sad to see someone who always worked not be able to do much of anything any more. Peace

You can have my turn on it as I only enjoy mowing if I am watching. LOl. Peace

The lawn service that does the five acres next door have one zero turn and another riding mower while another guy weed eats and then uses the blower to blow the debris off the walks. Sometime Puppy helps Prince when he has time but most of the time Prince is the only yard person on this side of the hill. He says it is part of his exercise routine. LOL

He started so early because his Mother left his Dad with several little kids to take care and he was not a rich man so he put in long hours at work to make ends meet. Thus the kids were left to their on devices. Stanley smoke after the stroke on up to the open heart surgery but quit cold turkey with that stroke of luck. While in the hospital for the heart surgery, he fell and broke his hip and then he had to have a pin put in his hip and that had to heal before he could get the heart surgery. Needless to say he had the heart surgery at another Hospital. He is a diabetic with heart problems and a bumb leg which prevents him from walking and even if he could walk, he could not breath.

In that generation everyone smoked as it was cool and look at all the old movies as they puffed away on the screen and the soldiers were given cigerettes so now they all are reaping the medical effects that the big tobacco knew about and tried to hide. This is from a country girl who worked in the tobacco farms and barns. I might even can blame some of my health problems on being in contact with the stuff even though I never smoked. I tried one cigerette and thought "What is the appeal and it tasted so nasty and I brushed my teeth several times to get rid of the taste. Peace