Friday, September 12, 2008

Have y'all ever worn any art? I guess all those clothes my Mama made me were wearable art.
First I must apologize to the other ladies that I did not post their names. I do believe there were three others but most of the work shown is by Paula.
I pulled out my 1964 Webster's New World Dictionary that Mother paid $10.00 for me to have. In case you think $10.00 is not so much, just think of a lady working for 40 cents an hour in a shirt factory and you can see it was a MAGNIFICENT gift to me.
Anyway, Art is described first as "creativeness, skill" then down to #5 "painting, drawing or sculpture" is used. Then number 6 list products of creative work;paintings, statues and number 7 list academic learning, as literature, music , and mathematics. Finally number eight list "any craft, etc., or its principles:as, the cobbler's art.
So that said, it is Art but I would refer to it as a Craft. I think they are beautiful but I would not wear Art.
I feel that the word Art just like other words today have taken on TOO BROAD a definition. Instantly, I can think of two words or phrase use too broadly and I bet you can too. Those that come to mind are HERO AND SUPER STAR. How about legend?
The kitty justice is it is true "Art is in the Eye of the Beholder" but some things to me when described as Art make my KAT FUZZY BRAIN HARD PRESS TO SEE IT AS SUCH.


Marcel said...

For the past couple of decades the small town of Ketchikan Alaska has put on a yearly wearable art show. The creativeness that comes from the people who make the art that they fashion in this show is real art, mostly with a comical twist. Each year the artist have a theme for instance it might be fishing. So the people make the clothing out of fishing gear. I never went to the show but I have seen lots of the clothing that was worn and I have to say the creative skills of people always blows me away.

I have been to shows when it looks to me as if the art could have been done by a 3 year old. Or to shows that I would call crafts and not art. You are right it is in the eyes of the beholder.

Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I attended a fashion show of wearable art and some of it was lovely. Other pieces were too wild for this old woman. LOL

Please drop by my blog and pick up an award. ;-)


Corn Dog said...

It's all very pretty...too pretty. I can see a big splotch of mustard going down the front of me and ruining it all. I'm a resale kind of gal. Sadly. Just picked up an REI jacket for $4.99 at Goodwill. Cha-ching. Bargain. I do like that one poncho looking thing though. It is gorgeous.

Lady Di Tn said...

What time of year do they have this event? I can see talented people such as the ones I show on the blog but as you say some of it is questionable, like dog art, elephant art and items one cannot even begin to figure out why.

Thanks in advance for the award. Most of this show was rather beautiful except for the red felt antlers that were suppose to be worn. I on purpose left them out. Peace

REI for less than five bucks, that rocks. Now I love that kind of shopping. I had a lady in art last quarter ask me where I got such cute tops. I told her the This N That for 2.00 each. Most of the ones in the show were $300 or more. I like you would be worried something would be spilled on it. Peace

Corn Dog said...

You have to admit THis 'N That is the best resale in the world. I think it's because all the rich folks drop off there. You know I got that suit I wore to Dad's funeral there. I don't have it any more because I had put on some weight back then and I lost it now. It was one gorgeous black suit though. Kind of knotted with a matching jacket. Very tasteful.

SweetAnnee said...

What lovely clothing!!

I love all kinds of art, but some is more ME than
smiles, Deena