Sunday, September 07, 2008

How are you gonna vote, America? I truly hope y'all will search your heart and vote not because you are a Democrat or a Republican. Not because one is black and the other white. Not because you like how one rhetoric is better than the other.
How would you complete this sentence? I am gonna vote for ______ because________.
Am I the only one who does not like the US and THEM mentality. I would like answer to real questions. I want those answer to be short and not beat around the bush answer. You know the ones that go around the earth in twelve words or more but never tell you anything then smile like you are an idiot and should accept their reply.
I am tried of hearing the word "CHANGE" used by both parties as the word that should make you vote for them. Give me specify not open ended words. Give me facts not promises. Give me someone who will be frugal with our money. Yeah all those tax dollars we hand over.
Stop spending so much money trying to get a job. The working Americans do not collect money to get a job. Am I the only Kitty that thinks something is wrong with our system.
The kitty justice solution is as follows. Print up answer to real question from each candidate along with real facts and figures. Place these printed booklets at local places for each American to pick up and READ.Have a Internet site where the same information in the booklets are put online for those who wish to READ the answer online. Now we have all the info we need to make a decision without all the hype.
I went to one of the candidates web page to read about them and got NOTHING but a glorified bio. I do not mind a bio but I was after some facts. Then that same site started sending me emails and I can tell you I DID NOT SIGN UP.
The kitty justice of this soap box post is to state if either really wants CHANGE let us start with a new way to campaign and inform the people about the issue that we wish to know about.
I hope y'all will go and vote but please make the choice not on emotions but facts. NUF SAID.
Kitty Justice for President.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

I agree with you completely. The same thing happens here in Canada when we have an election. Last week Prime Minister Harper officially announced a federal election for October 14th. So for the next month or so, we will be hearing the same thing. The Liberals want CHANGE. They continue to tell us what a bad job is being done. Harper hasn't hit the campaign trail yet, but does have a couple of commercials on TV.

The Liberals were all for a green tax, which means that everything would be taxed, including food. At present, food is not taxable here. Gasoline would go up and so would everything else. The people aren't stupid and I think the Liberals know that because now they are backtracking on the Green Tax. All we need is another tax. We are being taxed to death without the benefits of any service.

I will vote, but am not sure how yet. I really have to look at this election more carefully than any other one I've ever voted in.


Lady Di Tn said...

Sounds like we are in the same dilemma. Maybe you should put up a sign Mary for Prime Minister. Then we could fix both nations problems. Peace

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

For years now I have voted more for the platform than for the candidate. The problem is, each presidential election it has become more difficult to understand the platform than the last.

Lady Di Tn said...

How true your words. To bad they do not clarify and sometimes I wonder if that is not on purpose. Peace

Corn Dog said...

Amen to that sister. I think they are both full of crap.

Lady Di Tn said...

I hear ya.Peace

Small City Scenes said...