Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miss Kitty is so aloof. She owns the Hoomins next door.

Miss Kitty's Hoomin said she likes to sleep on the front porch near this Scarecrow. I tried many times to find her sleeping but alas she always heard me coming and got up to ask when I was gonna give her some food. When I took this photo and the next I thought of Mary at Marys Writing Nook.
This good looking guy smiles at you when you drive up to Miss Kitty's house. Her hoomin really decorates for each Holiday. I use to when Puppy was small but now that he is a young adult, I just let Halloween go by unnoticed on this side of the hill.

Miss Kitty's hoomins had two of these cute jack o lantern on their front porch.
Whenever, I take care of Miss Kitty for them, I get to wander their yard and take pictures. Of course, they would not mind me coming over any time. But when I am taking care of Miss Kitty I spend my extra time during the mornings taking pictures.
It is as if Miss Kitty knows when they are away that I am her surrogate Mom for the time. She lets me pet her and she watches for me to come to feed her meals to her. One day, I had just rounded the corner of our house, when I heard her tags jiggling as she came running up the hill behind me. She does not mind roaming the hill during the day, but ready for her food and bed when I show up in the evening.
When you go into their home, it is as if you have stepped into a magazine. Well their house was featured in Southern Living Magazine not once but twice. When they return, Miss Kitty once again becomes her aloof self.
The Kitty Justice is I wish all a Happy Halloweenie with all treats and no tricks.
Did anyone read what the boys in Ohio use to do? If not go to Abe Lincolns blog BrookvilleDailyPhoto.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prince took these photos while coming up the old road to the house.
He was so excited when he got home, he had to show me immediately.
The Kitty Justice is the best things in life are free.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This was taken the week of October 13th. See how green the trees still happen to be and only a very few leaves have hit the ground.

Have you seen the books called "Find Waldo"? Well, Waldo has moved into the cabin with his hoomin. Prince along with three other fellows helped Waldo's Hoomin move in yesterday. One of the hoomins stopped and picked up Pammie Pooh's cover trailer to help with the move. These five Hoomins worked really hard and then went to have a late lunch together to celebrate the completion of the job.
Later that afternoon, Maggie was buffin at this big fur ball in her yard. We then introduced them to each other and they would run around sniff and play with each other. All the other doggies who had come to visit Maggie have been tiny fur balls which made her think they were toys to play with. Not Waldo. He is much bigger than Maggie and his fur makes him even look larger. I think it will be grand fun for Maggie to have a playmate to live on the hill.
Waldo is a city dog so I told Maggie she could teach him how to eat persimmons . Waldo has never been without a lead or a fenced area so his hoomin was afraid he might chase a varmint and keep going. Gil, his hoomin should know that doggies do not wish to get to far from their food bowl UNLESS they are a beagle.
Now to share a recipe.
Use them to make potato cakes.
Potato Cakes
2 cups of Mash potatoes
1/3 cup of sour cream (Some of y'all might use milk so only use 1/4 cup of milk)
1 egg well beaten
2 TBsp of flour
1 tsp black pepper (Some of y'all might like more so go ahead and add more)
Place a tsp of oil into a skillet or a grill pan. Put the stove on Medium and when the oil is hot, put 2 tbsp of mixture on the grill to make a 3 inch cake. My grill will hold 4 cakes at a time. When the cake starts to have little bubbles to appear flip and brown on the other side. This will make about twelve cakes. You might have to add a little more oil with each batch. Go ahead and experiment and add cheese and onions and for those who really like it hot, add some hot peppers. Enjoy.
The Kitty Justice is my Mother taught me how to NOT waste anything.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Maggie and Mimi sharing Mimi's breakfast. Each morning Maggie glues herself to Mimi's side to help her eat her fruit and cereal. Maggie gets a couple of bites of fruit, either blueberries, strawberries and even melon. No oranges please as it makes her break out under her chin. Then she awaits her allotted amount of cereal, her favorite are honey nut Cheerios and shredded wheat.
Mimi started this tradition when MD was a pup so now it is a daily occurrence unless I cook breakfast and MD is really disappointed when that happens.
The kitty justice is not all of us are as giving and loving as Maggie and Mimi. The M&M of the hill.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I think I have posted a similiar photo but I had to put it up again. You can see the arm and hand of God waving to us.
Can you believe it is Thursday and there is only one more in October? Whoowee, times a flying faster than a duck on a june bug.
Most of the blogs I read are having the authors get sick with the flu. So, I am headed out today to secure a flu shot for myself and my little MIL. Don't need that nasty stuff invading my space or head.
It is suppose to rain later today or rather tonight and then all day tomorrow. Puppy's High School that he attended plays Marshall County on Friday at Marshall County. I think when he played that was one of the wettest games we went to and it appears it will be the same on Friday night for the parents of the football team and fans. I remember there were puddles bigger than cars on and off the field. I also, remember I had on my wet hunting rain gear and I was dry but not pretty. Some of the pretties got WET. Better to be practical than fashionable. LOL
The community center where early voting was taking place has a very close parking area, therefore when I went to vote yesterday, I parked at our Red Caboose Park, named because of a real red caboose, anyway, it took me longer to walk to and from the silver bullet than to vote. Now I can just sit back and watch as I have done my part. Have you done yours?
Well I am off to accomplish some much needed tasks.
The kitty justice is the more fur I put forth the less fur I achieve.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well it is a new day and I plan to put my foot into it with this post.
Webster states as the first definition as A choosing; selection for the word Choice.
We all make choices daily. Good or bad they are the choice you make. I have made some of both and if you are honest you have too. But to blame a choice you made on something other than oneself, then I have a HUGE PROBLEM WITH THAT.
Some folks make excuses for their choices. Some blame others for their choices. Now those of you, look in the mirror and see the problem.
Let just blame the government for the problem. Once again, who elected them, look in the mirror. To make the statement that
"It is the Republicans who have created the mess of the last eight years", is an incorrect statement. I do believe the Democrats were helping to make the laws. Did the Clinton Administration not encourage Fannie Mae and others to give loans to those who could not afford them?
We , yes you in the Mirror, who made the choices of who you put in government are the blame.
Everyone likes to blame the President. Good grief people he is ONLY ONE MAN and could not have done all he did without all the other elected officials.
The kitty justice is after you pull the lever and they become President don't say "Yes, I voted for him but wish I hadn't."
Be informed not a follower.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good morning blogging world. I have visited a few of you this morning and had to read several post since I spent time in books last week.

We here in Tennessee are beginning to have those wonderful cool mornings and nights. Some might say cold but I say WONDERFUL. I think 40-60 weather is just perfect. Do any of you know where this happen year round?

I will share a soup recipe today as this is the beginnings of soup weather. Mimi and I try to make soup either Wednesday or Thursday night. Most usually it happens on the later.

Creamy Chicken-Vegetable Chowder

Cook three chicken breast with onion, celery, marjoram, basil, thyme with enough water to cover the chicken about an inch or two. It depends on how much broth you wish to use. Remove the chicken and cool so it will be easy to chop into small pieces. Strain broth to use in the soup.
1- 10 oz can cream of potato soup undiluted
1-10 oz can cream of chicken soup undiluted
1-11 oz can of Mexican style corn, undiluted
1- 4 oz jar sliced mushrooms undiluted
1 1/2 cups of milk
1 cup of chicken broth or more if you like
1 4oz can chopped green chilies, do not drain
1/3 cup sliced green onions
1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
Garnish with sliced green onions

Combine the chopped chicken and the other ingredients in a large dutch oven. Stirring well using medium heat until it is thoroughly heated. Remove from heat and stir in the cheese stirring until it melts. Serve immediately. Yields nine cups.

I will to apologize to those who tried the Hominy Casserole as I was not precise and state to drain the hominy. Please add this to your recipe.

The kitty justice is I will try to be more precise in future sharing.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Check out the horse jumps the new neighbor has put on what we use to call the backside of the property.
We sold this acreage to Gary Chapman. He now owns his house and the five acres around it and sold the rest to a Mr. Johnson.

Prince and I had gone to check out the old road along the woods near the property line and he took these pictures.

When we came down the hill we saw the hay men hard at work.

I asked Prince if he would take some of the racked fields. Looks like a brown ocean wave.

Watch out the hay tide is coming in.
The hay men have finished and Prince will cut as much of the remaining fields as the weather permits. He loves his tractor therapy.
When we took these photos the weather was hot but two weeks have gone by and it now feels more like fall. This morning it was 48 degrees and on Thursday we had another good rain.
When MD made her first visit outside in the dark, the moon was out and Hoot was making his nightly noise. Hoo Hoo Hoo HOOOOOO. I love to hear the owls call back and forth to each other.
The raining of hickory nuts and walnuts have begun in earnest. I veer out of the walnut paths as they are like missiles coming down from up high. Also, you have to be very careful not to step on one of those round missiles or you will fall down the hill. LOL I have made a few trips before so I am double careful now.
The hickory nuts along the driveway are larger than the ones on the tree right outside the front door. I guess that is a lucky thing. I guess the nut crop is very plentiful as we have not had the usual squirrel crumbs along the driveway as in days gone by. Maggie has put the fear of the dog in the fuzzy tail critters. Now since I have made that statement, just watch a whole herd of those fuzzy rats will arrive to turn their noses up at me.
When it rained on Thursday I would stand outside and listen to the rain dripping off the leaves and revel in the sound. When I was a child we had a tin roof and it was always so nice to go to sleep listening to the sounds of the rain fallen on the roof. We did not have downspouts so I would stand on the front porch and hold my hands out and catch a handful of rainwater to drink.
We had a big water tank out back to catch the rainwater and I remember how much softer the water seemed to make your hair after it was washed than when it was washed in spring water. Maybe that is only a figment of my imagination but that is how I felt.
The week has gone by faster than I anticipated and for some unknown reason it seems as if I did not accomplish much this week. I finished all the task that I had on my list but for some reason it feels as if the work was a foggy memory. I did take some time out and read. At one point in my life reading was all the entertainment I had and after I adjusted to school(I did not wish to go)I loved to read and read and read. As a young working woman fresh from the country, I would stay up all night long reading and have coffee and cereal and off to work I would go. I have even been known to read all night for two nights and then the third I would get home from work look at the book with longing and then head to bed. At that point in my life, I would have loved to been a professional student. But alas, a poor girl had to eat. So I went to college at night and worked in an insurance company by day.
The first couple of jobs I had with the insurance company were pure boorish hell. I thought my mind had died and been sentenced to a repetitive madness. I had worked so hard in high school to be on the honor roll and I was doing filing and typing numbers after numbers. Finally, it worked into at least a thinking job and I enjoyed the finding the problems in the puzzle even if it was just numbers. Yes, I was in the Account Job from the nether lands. What boredom. No wonder I would sit up all night to read.
Reading lets your imagination travel at ones own pace. Not like television or movies which had people looking not anything like the book nor was the scenery correct. I like to put my imagination to full spin when reading. Also, I enjoy the quiet of a book as music is always playing in the background of the others. I think if young people today had more quiet reading and less bombarment of noise, they would be much better off.
The kitty justice is that books today are not like the ones I would stay up all night turning those pages with a loving hand. I would tell myself just one more page and hundreds later it would be dawn.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is my youngest nephew on Prince's side of the family with his Dad, Prince's brother. Both Prince and I have older sisters and younger brothers. Our little brothers are the same age and only two months apart. Getting back to the story. My BIL is a true Vanderbilt fan. Whether they are winning or losing he will be cheering them on.
I went to the University of TN at Nashville Campus so I bleed orange, taking a pun from Albert's shirt.
All three of the Wilson brothers went to Vanderbilt and Uncle Owen taught there. I picked up one of his diaries and have been reading about Vandy in Sept. 2, 1884.So I have been feeding my historical interest instead of surfing the blogs. Lot of things have changed since he went to the University. I am still trying to decipher all the words but with a Doctor handwriting to read, I am sure I will run across a few that cannot be correctly identified. That is when I will ask Mimi to help. Oh, she also graduated from Vanderbilt and is quick to say it cost a little over three hundred dollars a semester or quarter whatever they had in the forties. Now you cannot even buy your books for that price.
With all the Vanderbilt people in the family I am a orange and white duck out of the water. So far all the Mimi's grandchildren have gone to a different school and only two have gone to the same school, University of Alabama.
The Kitty Justice is Puppy changed his mind about the University of Alabama at the last minute. Whew, that would have been hard for any mother who is a UT fan for their only child to head to ALABAMA.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maggie is ready to go fetch a Frisbee but would stop in her tracks if you mentioned her favorite treats.
This is the front of the box that I cut out and scanned. They have an Original flavor but she prefers Peanut Butter.

Our friends, Mz Bubbles and David give little weenie dog, Spencer these treats. When we got Maggie, David wanted to know if she got "Frosty Paws".

Maggie vocabulary is quite large but those two words are the ones she loves to hear.

On the back of the box it states "The idea for Frosty Paws(Frozen Treats for dogs) came about when Dr. William Tyznik saw two women sharing their ice cream with their dogs. He cautioned them that ice cream is often difficult to digest and can upset their dogs' stomach. He then challenged himself to come up with and ice cream they could safely give their dogs. He tested it on his own pet dogs, he created a nutritious replacement for ice cream that's fortified with protein, vitamins, and minerals. They're cold, delicious and refreshing and dogs LOVE them!"

I do know that Maggie truly LOVES them. They come in a little ice cream paper cup like the ones children use to get in school for lunch. I just take the top off and sit the cup into her bowl and she will lick it clean. She has never ever bothered the cup but a caution is made on the box to take them out of the cup. I guess some dogs would eat paper. Not Maggie.

Prince thought it funny to aggravate her and touch her hind quarters and say "let me have some of that." She would issue a low growl but never missed a lick. Prince would laugh and do it again.

Prince thought it funny and showed Puppy who showed his Uncle. I cautioned Prince that Maggie had an aggressive streak and would rather he not do that. Then one night he persisted toooo long and Maggie followed his hand up into the air. From that moment he has not tease her again. I will give you a little background.

Prince's teasing of dogs has gotten him bit more than once. The last time it happen, we were dating and my big male chow chow, Chu Tu took a plug out of his hand. Chu Tu would growl when he had enough and Prince was use to his good natured lab. Well the second time he teased Chu Tu, he got bit. We spent hours in the emergency room and Chu Tu got a bad reputation. Chu Tu was gonna have to go and spend three nights in dogie jail for the offense but Prince went and signed papers that it was his fault so Chu go a reprieve.

My warning to y'all if you give your doggies a Frosty Paw, do not try to take it back. Also, since Maggie was so fond of them I tasted it.

The Kitty Justice is stay away from Frosty Paws with your hands and tongue as it tasted AWFUL. YUCKY POO.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Delle and Jane in the kitchen.
Delle, Mz Mary, Mimi and Jane posing after lunch.

Jane has almost finished the day bed spread.

A close up of the bedspread.
Jane is the spry one of the ladies so she came outside to greet us as we were getting out of the silver bullet. Mimi got out and held onto the side of the car until she could make it to the portable walker that I had gotten out of the trunk. Jane held the door for us to get inside the house.
I was amazed at all the beautiful furnishing that Delle had and how it looked like everything was in it's place and not overdone or too crowded. Her table was set with blue china and the crystal had blue stems. I would have loved to taken more photos but alas this would have been unmannerly of me. So I just drunk in all the wonderful furnishings.
Delle has a black lab who greeted us with barks but was so well behaved like her breed is inclined to be.
As we were waiting to be called to lunch, Jane spread her handy work on the floor so we could see it. She announced it had only taken her 75 years to finish it. I thought she was kidding so I let out a horse laugh. Mimi said "No it is true." Found out she had been working on knitting the spread since she was in high school. I admired how tiny the stitches were and how it was so uniformed. I am sure I would have ended with one wide end and one narrow end as I would have tighten my stitches over 75 years. Her oldest daughter is turning 60 and she is gonna give it to her as a Burpday present. At the moment she is working on an edge to be added on the side that will show. This is an Ann Orr pattern of Calvin Coolidge's Great Grandmother's spread. Ann Orr lived here in Nashville and Mimi has been generous and gave me the books with her patterns.
Jane was the one who invited Mimi to join the Sewing Club sixty years ago. Both were working on baby clothes for their coming bundles of joys. Both ladies had girls. So the Sewing Club came into Mimi's life while she was with her first child.
Jane was one of the original founders and invited Mimi to join the club. There were only twelve ladies and two left because it was not their cup of tea, and one moved away and the others have made their passage into Heaven.
Delle announced at the table that she was having the Sixty Anniversary luncheon for the Club. Mz Patty, Sandra and I were honored guests. Delle has not been quite well and she had a sinking spell and Jane came to the rescue. I wanted to help but Jane informed me all was under control. We had a chicken and rice casserole , fresh asparagus with a congealed fruit salad served on a bed of lettuce with a dollop of mayonnaise on top. Home made rolls were passed and each of us had green ice tea to wash the wonderful meal down with. For dessert, Sandra had made some chocolate brownies which was served with ice cream and coffee. A true southern luncheon was enjoyed by all.
The ladies spoke of politics, health issue and estate sales along with folks I had never heard of but were acquaintances of theirs.
After the grand meal we visited in the Living room and that is where I took most of the photos. One of the first comments, Mimi made is she could see Opie(who is no longer with us) in the chair across the way as she had always sat in that chair. I wanted to know where Harriet sat and I had her place of honor. Harriet just left us a few months ago. Each lady was delightful in their own right.
When I came into the family, several of the ladies still had their husbands and a Christmas party was held for the Sewing Club and their spouses. This was the first time I really got into the tradition of the club. When they first started and for a long time in my memory, each lady would take turn and as the clock would tick, every three weeks the ladies got together at someones house for a luncheon. I remember we would clean, polish and dither about the food to be prepared and Prince would grumble about having to eat Sewing Food leftovers. Mimi always tried different things but some of the ladies had a set menu that they would prepare.
As the club has now dwindled down to four ladies from twelve it is now a hit or miss kind of affair as Father time has been catching up to the majority except Jane. Remember she was the one dancing in Alan Jackson's video just this summer.
The kitty justice is that we should all strive for such a club with such longevity.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I finally had my camera in reach when the daily bathing show began in the late evening on Monday. The first two photo were taken through the glass of the back door. Then with all my Indian ancestry stealth, I slowly moved out of the kitchen into the garage and took photo through the open door that goes out onto the porch.
I always try to be in the kitchen during the late evening so I can watch their antics. If Mimi is in the back I let her know the Blue bird show has begun. Of course as you can tell the gold finch and chickadee try to get into the show.
The kitty justice is that I get to share a little of our daily afternoon joy with you.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This morning from the hill the sky was so very colorful. I just had to go outside and snap a few photos.
We got the news last evening that Ever's Mama was not feeling good so they had to cancel their trip. We wish her a speedy recovery. Maybe we can all get together soon and see the little boo. Until then we are thankful for any photos we get through the Internet. Not like pony express or snail mail which our forefathers relied on.
Today is the big day for the presidential debate at Belmont College in Nashville. I hope they show you some really nice spots and vista of our city on all the channels which will be here to cover the event.
Now I cannot remember the last time it rained, but we have just had a shower and the porch is wet. The weathermen had stated we might get a shower but every time here lately, the hill has gotten not a drop when they make that statement. Therefore, I had already watered the plants and put out fresh water for the birds.
Even with the state of the economy, we Americans are so very lucky and everyone should vote but first we need to educate ourselves about the issues. This should not be a popularity contest nor a PARTY CONTEST.
The Kitty Justice if you vote on a whim, then may all your fur fall on the floor, your paws become declawed and you are fixed to not know what sex you use to be.

Monday, October 06, 2008

We have very important visitors coming to town on Tuesday. I know you think I am talking about Obama and McCain. NOT!!!!!!
It is Mimi's number one grandson and his wife and they are bringing Great Granddaughter to the Hill.
She is only a little over two months old but we have been getting photos via email. It will be a whirl wind visit from California as they will only be here a couple of days and then they will go south to Mississippi to visit Grandma (Prince's sister).
We have gotten the guest bedroom ready and Puppy brought the Harris cradle up for Ever to take naps and photos. I told Mimi we need a list of all the babies that had used that cradle. When Puppy came home from the hospital he spend his days and nights in that cradle. Mimi said she remember her children staying in the cradle longer than Puppy but he was in the ninety percent growth charts at that time.
I cannot wait to post some photos of the little girl and her proud parents and Great Grandmother.
When they arrive at the airport, I hope all the commotion from the debates has subsided. The Great Uncle will pick them up.
Now this weekend I spend most of my waking hours getting the cabin clear of Nephew's stuff that he had left. Prince stopped by the depot and bought boxes and I sorted and checked all areas for items that should have been packed up by my Nephew. As I spent hours I would have rather be doing something else, I kept saying that he was NOT MY FAVORITE NEPHEW TODAY.
Our good friend will be staying at the cabin on a temporary bases starting in November. He came over with a few boxes of his own. As I was starting to bring items down from the third floor, he told me that was his Alabama stuff on the bed. Both he and my nephew are Alabama graduates.
After he moves, I will be further along on getting the cabin fixed back up for a guest house. Then I hope some of my blogging friends will visit and stay at the cabin.
The Kitty Justice is I may get to relax a bit after Thursday. My cat fur will be headed to the dreaded grocery store to gather in goodies for the upcoming visit.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I had left the Silver Bullet at the repair shop to get some new brakes put on and had just returned home via Puppy's wheels, when I was delighted by not one but at least a half dozen blue birds taking turns bathing in that tiny bird bath that sits on top of the black table. One would just stand in the water and then he would fluff up and spray water in abandonment while the others watched from the railing.
I stood about ten minutes, just as still as I could so I would not scare them off. Any little movement and they are off. They are much more skittish than the tit mouse, chickadees, wrens, red birds or finches. I think the Blue birds have the same attitudes as peckerwoods which means any little movement will send them up in flight.
This morning, I only had one bloom on the morning glory and will be pulling it up very soon and saving the seeds.
Last evening, Prince and I put most of the plants in the shop room under lights and near the window which will be their cold weather home. I still have 4 big heavy ones to go in the basement but I wanted to cut them back so they will not take up so much room.
I got some soap to spray the seventeen left which will come into the main house for the cold weather. It got down to 46 last evening and it felt great.
Today, I shut off the control environment and opened up the windows. Boy the house was cool. Mimi had to get a sweater, so I shut up everything in the main part of the house but still have the windows opened in a couple of the back bedrooms.
Before long, Prince and I will be cutting firewood. Well, I just operate the log splitter's lever. Prince does all the heavy work.
This summer was like a blip on the radar screen of life. Where did it go? I am on that fast train to sixty.
The kitty justice is I am so very happy that I do not have over a hundred and fifty houseplants anymore.