Friday, October 17, 2008

Check out the horse jumps the new neighbor has put on what we use to call the backside of the property.
We sold this acreage to Gary Chapman. He now owns his house and the five acres around it and sold the rest to a Mr. Johnson.

Prince and I had gone to check out the old road along the woods near the property line and he took these pictures.

When we came down the hill we saw the hay men hard at work.

I asked Prince if he would take some of the racked fields. Looks like a brown ocean wave.

Watch out the hay tide is coming in.
The hay men have finished and Prince will cut as much of the remaining fields as the weather permits. He loves his tractor therapy.
When we took these photos the weather was hot but two weeks have gone by and it now feels more like fall. This morning it was 48 degrees and on Thursday we had another good rain.
When MD made her first visit outside in the dark, the moon was out and Hoot was making his nightly noise. Hoo Hoo Hoo HOOOOOO. I love to hear the owls call back and forth to each other.
The raining of hickory nuts and walnuts have begun in earnest. I veer out of the walnut paths as they are like missiles coming down from up high. Also, you have to be very careful not to step on one of those round missiles or you will fall down the hill. LOL I have made a few trips before so I am double careful now.
The hickory nuts along the driveway are larger than the ones on the tree right outside the front door. I guess that is a lucky thing. I guess the nut crop is very plentiful as we have not had the usual squirrel crumbs along the driveway as in days gone by. Maggie has put the fear of the dog in the fuzzy tail critters. Now since I have made that statement, just watch a whole herd of those fuzzy rats will arrive to turn their noses up at me.
When it rained on Thursday I would stand outside and listen to the rain dripping off the leaves and revel in the sound. When I was a child we had a tin roof and it was always so nice to go to sleep listening to the sounds of the rain fallen on the roof. We did not have downspouts so I would stand on the front porch and hold my hands out and catch a handful of rainwater to drink.
We had a big water tank out back to catch the rainwater and I remember how much softer the water seemed to make your hair after it was washed than when it was washed in spring water. Maybe that is only a figment of my imagination but that is how I felt.
The week has gone by faster than I anticipated and for some unknown reason it seems as if I did not accomplish much this week. I finished all the task that I had on my list but for some reason it feels as if the work was a foggy memory. I did take some time out and read. At one point in my life reading was all the entertainment I had and after I adjusted to school(I did not wish to go)I loved to read and read and read. As a young working woman fresh from the country, I would stay up all night long reading and have coffee and cereal and off to work I would go. I have even been known to read all night for two nights and then the third I would get home from work look at the book with longing and then head to bed. At that point in my life, I would have loved to been a professional student. But alas, a poor girl had to eat. So I went to college at night and worked in an insurance company by day.
The first couple of jobs I had with the insurance company were pure boorish hell. I thought my mind had died and been sentenced to a repetitive madness. I had worked so hard in high school to be on the honor roll and I was doing filing and typing numbers after numbers. Finally, it worked into at least a thinking job and I enjoyed the finding the problems in the puzzle even if it was just numbers. Yes, I was in the Account Job from the nether lands. What boredom. No wonder I would sit up all night to read.
Reading lets your imagination travel at ones own pace. Not like television or movies which had people looking not anything like the book nor was the scenery correct. I like to put my imagination to full spin when reading. Also, I enjoy the quiet of a book as music is always playing in the background of the others. I think if young people today had more quiet reading and less bombarment of noise, they would be much better off.
The kitty justice is that books today are not like the ones I would stay up all night turning those pages with a loving hand. I would tell myself just one more page and hundreds later it would be dawn.


Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di.Nice photo's the dryed Hay does look like brown waves.. Had a grin to myself here. Maggie has put the fear of the dog in the fuzzy tail critters. hehehehe, hope the critters stay away '' take graet care Have a great weekend,,

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and you too. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

What a great story and piece of your life you told. I too love to read. I used to stay up all hours reading--specially after my little ones went to bed. It was the only time I had to myself and I enjoyed that time.
The fields and meadows look very nice. So what is the new neighbor doing with the jumps? I don't see any horses. Do you have horses? MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to hear you liked to read too. We just discovered the jumps and have no idea what he is doing. Gary told Prince that bought the land for his horses, so I guess he has a fenced in area near the pond, which you cannot see from the low gap where we were standing. Peace

Mary said...

Lady Di,

This is a wonderful post. I could smell the fragrance of the freshly mown hay and being a farm girl it was pleasant. I also love the fragrance of newly mown grass.

Ah, the sound of rain on a tin roof. Wonderful! I can hear it now, as I did in my childhood. Today I still love the sound of rain on the roof. The only difference is ours isn't tin. Not many children today would enjoy the sound or even notice it. They are too into video games and tv.

Enjoyed the post and am playing catch up, as usual. One day I have to come visit you and you will have to kick me out because I won't want to leave. LOL


Mary said...

PS. Forgot to mention I also love to read. A good book is like candy to me.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. The haymen did all the work in one afternoon for that field so it is now in one of their barns. I figured you like to read from all your post and it sounds like you are passing it own to the boys. Peace