Thursday, October 02, 2008

I had left the Silver Bullet at the repair shop to get some new brakes put on and had just returned home via Puppy's wheels, when I was delighted by not one but at least a half dozen blue birds taking turns bathing in that tiny bird bath that sits on top of the black table. One would just stand in the water and then he would fluff up and spray water in abandonment while the others watched from the railing.
I stood about ten minutes, just as still as I could so I would not scare them off. Any little movement and they are off. They are much more skittish than the tit mouse, chickadees, wrens, red birds or finches. I think the Blue birds have the same attitudes as peckerwoods which means any little movement will send them up in flight.
This morning, I only had one bloom on the morning glory and will be pulling it up very soon and saving the seeds.
Last evening, Prince and I put most of the plants in the shop room under lights and near the window which will be their cold weather home. I still have 4 big heavy ones to go in the basement but I wanted to cut them back so they will not take up so much room.
I got some soap to spray the seventeen left which will come into the main house for the cold weather. It got down to 46 last evening and it felt great.
Today, I shut off the control environment and opened up the windows. Boy the house was cool. Mimi had to get a sweater, so I shut up everything in the main part of the house but still have the windows opened in a couple of the back bedrooms.
Before long, Prince and I will be cutting firewood. Well, I just operate the log splitter's lever. Prince does all the heavy work.
This summer was like a blip on the radar screen of life. Where did it go? I am on that fast train to sixty.
The kitty justice is I am so very happy that I do not have over a hundred and fifty houseplants anymore.


Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di.Your Morning Glory bloom is lovely, Its hard to believe your plants are going into hibernation and ours are all comming into bloom.. Take care keep warm Our temp got to 30c =78f very pleasant day yesterday about the same expected today..

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I remember helping cut firewood. It's a hard job, but the rewards are great. I love the fragrance of burning wood from my neighbor's fireplace. It brings back memories of the farm.

I brought my plants in today. I've left them out until now, but it has been very chilly overnight. I had moved them all to the table on the porch where they were more protected.

It's been in the mid 40s here and overnight as low as 40 overnight. It is a foreboding of the winter to come and I'm not very interested. LOL

Thanks for the tip about writing the history of the dish and putting it inside for Brandon. I never thought of that. I appreciate it. I'd hate the story to be lost. I believe Dad gave it to Mom for her birthday, but will ask her.


Marcel said...

I agree the summer went too quick.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Lady Di Tn said...

Spring is in the air for you and Fall for us. You will have to post photo of your lovely flowers. Peace

It was 54 when I got up this morning as MD wanted to vist the outdoors. We are thinking about a fireplace insert for the fireplace in the living room. Or at least I am. Glad to help as I hate for history to be lost. Peace

YEP!!!! Too fast but alas, I can handle to cold better than the hot in my old age. heehee. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ How lovely to have and see the bluebirds in the bird bath.
It is a big job for you and Prince moving all your plants indoors, and after winter moving them all back.
Thanks for your comments and Congrats on
the G-G-Mother bit. I hadn't thought of Third Try and 3 GGDs, but that is the thing. Not likely to have any more for a while. Take good care, my friend, Love and Peace. Merle.

Lilli & Nevada said...

OH i love the morning glories, never really thought about putting them in pots, but a great idea.
The weather here is changing fast, it is very cold, even got snow in the mountains.Not ready for winter thats for sure

Lady Di Tn said...

Snow??? Wow, it is getting cold there. Peace