Thursday, October 23, 2008

I think I have posted a similiar photo but I had to put it up again. You can see the arm and hand of God waving to us.
Can you believe it is Thursday and there is only one more in October? Whoowee, times a flying faster than a duck on a june bug.
Most of the blogs I read are having the authors get sick with the flu. So, I am headed out today to secure a flu shot for myself and my little MIL. Don't need that nasty stuff invading my space or head.
It is suppose to rain later today or rather tonight and then all day tomorrow. Puppy's High School that he attended plays Marshall County on Friday at Marshall County. I think when he played that was one of the wettest games we went to and it appears it will be the same on Friday night for the parents of the football team and fans. I remember there were puddles bigger than cars on and off the field. I also, remember I had on my wet hunting rain gear and I was dry but not pretty. Some of the pretties got WET. Better to be practical than fashionable. LOL
The community center where early voting was taking place has a very close parking area, therefore when I went to vote yesterday, I parked at our Red Caboose Park, named because of a real red caboose, anyway, it took me longer to walk to and from the silver bullet than to vote. Now I can just sit back and watch as I have done my part. Have you done yours?
Well I am off to accomplish some much needed tasks.
The kitty justice is the more fur I put forth the less fur I achieve.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

What a beautiful photo. It is breathtaking. You see such lovely things from your hill and thank you for sharing them.

It has been cold here. On Tuesday it was windy, COLD and rainy. Yesterday was sunny and chilly. Today is overcast and chilly. It is to warm up over the weekend, but with rain. LOL We are getting our fair share of fall weather.

Snow was predicted Tuesday night. I'm glad the weatherman was wrong, but they did get a dusting further north. It is too early and I fear Old Man Winter is trying to push Miss Autumn out the door.

I enjoyed the post below as well. Sorry I'm behind again. I miss visiting with you on a daily basis, but things should get back to normal soon.

Have a great day, my friend.

SweetAnnee said...

It is LOVELY..I waved back..and SMILES so big
God is EVERYWHERE and He made all this beauty for US!!!

Stay dry, old man winter is trying to come
but the days and nights are still pleasant here
except the heat is ON!!

Didn't Mary write a lovely tribute to a friend?? I am lucky to have her as a friend..
much love..
the kitty justice here is
the more hair I vacuum, the more kitty and dog shed


Chris said...

Di, what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL photo.

A couple of things:
First. . .When and where is the Fall Festival?

Second. . .We voted last Thurs. at BCC, too. Same deal . . .took us longer to park than to get in and vote. When we left, the line was out the door. I'm very happy to see people voting so early. We've set records! Now that you've voted, though, aren't you ready to have this mess over??

Third. . . .You and I should have coffee some day. . . .From what I can tell from your photos/comments, etc, we live very close to each other. Thoughts?

Marcel said...

I’m into practical too, and could care less if I’m making a fashion statement. Raingear has been my normally outerwear as of late. This morning I checked the weather data and we have had over 14 ½ inches of rain this month already. In fact it was raining so hard today that I quit work outside and did inside stuff.

I wish we could vote early. But we only have the one day on the 4th unless one votes absentee. I’ll get to the poles right as they open on the 4th and would assume that I will have a very short wait, so I guess it is no big deal.

I can tell you that I will be glad when we this round of endless political campaigning is over and we know who our next President will be. I just hope things go smooth and clean and we do not have a repeat of elections past.


Lady Di Tn said...

It was 47 on the hill this morning and raining so all I could see was a fog filled day. The white barn is fairly visible but Belleve is in a cloud. LOL After the rain we are suppose to cool down and might even make it into the thirties next week. I will be building fires from the wood Prince has cut. Peace

He is Everywhere and I am so THANKFUL we live in a country where we are free to worship. Yes Mary did write a wonderful tribute and we are both lucky to have you as a friend to inspire us. Thank you. Peace

I was reading the Westview and thought with your writing and photo ability that any of the ones listed you would find a wonderful story there.

Yes, I will be so glad for this election to be over and on with the show. I surely hope that the powers that be will not start campaign until at least a year before the next election. I think all this hoopla of the elections takes to much precidents over what is really going on in the government.

I live on top of the hill and you live at the bottom of the hill. Many things you post are visual to me. Take the red barn you photo, I look down upon it from across the road. When you took that photo if you looked left and up you would see the house. I would love to have coffee someday with you. Contact me through email Peace

Wow that is alot of rain in a month. It is raining here today and we badly need it as our pond is very low again. Sure glad we do not have cattle anymore to worry about. I had to laugh up my sleeve as the Pretties were getting wet at the ball game. LOL

I feel relieved to have the voting process done with. I am so very tired of the campaigning. They all repeat and repeat their little slogans and statements over and over with no substance to their voice.

If some states do not resolve so items case in point Ohio who cannot verify 200,000 voters and the lady in charge states it is a clerical error then I think we are in for another hoopla if the election is close. What is so sad the courts have upheld her iediotic statement. I think the court was wrong, she is stupid and needs to be replace and those unverified voters should have to be verified before they can vote. Seems simple to me, but I am only a silly kitty. Peace

Day4plus said...

Gorgeous shot. I can see a kitty face--do you. see--2 eyes and a kitty nose and whiskers. I do I do!! MB

Lilli & Nevada said...

Great photo shot i love it.
OOOOh flue shot nope not for me.I guess i will take my chances as i do every yr. Having the motel i do worry about it, but if someone comes with the sniffles my handy can of Lysol comes out, and i then spray everything in the room they stayed in from top to bottom. and close the door and then go back and clean. I also leave antibacteria little sheets in there room. Been pretty lucky so far.
No Princess does not wear silly dresses for Halloween or otherwise. Her birthday is Sat she will be 2 yrs old, must make a cake for her, last yr it was a pie. LOL Have a good weekend

Lady Di Tn said...

Love your imagination. Peace

Thanks and the reason I asked I saw a little dog like Princess with a hat the other day. Be sure to pat her head for me and wish her a Happy Burpday? Peace