Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miss Kitty is so aloof. She owns the Hoomins next door.

Miss Kitty's Hoomin said she likes to sleep on the front porch near this Scarecrow. I tried many times to find her sleeping but alas she always heard me coming and got up to ask when I was gonna give her some food. When I took this photo and the next I thought of Mary at Marys Writing Nook.
This good looking guy smiles at you when you drive up to Miss Kitty's house. Her hoomin really decorates for each Holiday. I use to when Puppy was small but now that he is a young adult, I just let Halloween go by unnoticed on this side of the hill.

Miss Kitty's hoomins had two of these cute jack o lantern on their front porch.
Whenever, I take care of Miss Kitty for them, I get to wander their yard and take pictures. Of course, they would not mind me coming over any time. But when I am taking care of Miss Kitty I spend my extra time during the mornings taking pictures.
It is as if Miss Kitty knows when they are away that I am her surrogate Mom for the time. She lets me pet her and she watches for me to come to feed her meals to her. One day, I had just rounded the corner of our house, when I heard her tags jiggling as she came running up the hill behind me. She does not mind roaming the hill during the day, but ready for her food and bed when I show up in the evening.
When you go into their home, it is as if you have stepped into a magazine. Well their house was featured in Southern Living Magazine not once but twice. When they return, Miss Kitty once again becomes her aloof self.
The Kitty Justice is I wish all a Happy Halloweenie with all treats and no tricks.
Did anyone read what the boys in Ohio use to do? If not go to Abe Lincolns blog BrookvilleDailyPhoto.


Marcel said...

Miss Kitty looks the part for this time of year.

Over trhe years we had many cats we named Miss Kitty. Your photo makes me think of them.

Have fun!

Lady Di Tn said...

I think that is a cool name for a girl kitty. Mimi names all of her cats Sam. At least you never forget how to call them. Will your little spooks go Trick or Treat?

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Thank you for taking the photos of the scarecrows. I love them, as you well know. They bring back memories of days on the farm when the resident scarecrows watched over the corn field. I was always happy to help Grandma dress the scarecrow when he needed a change of clothes.

Lovely Halloween display that Miss Kitties hoomans have.

Happy Halloween to you.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I am glad you enjoyed them. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i love Miss Kitty, and the decorations are beautiful. Hope you had lots of Trick or Treaters well maybe not a good thing means lots of candy to buy