Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is my youngest nephew on Prince's side of the family with his Dad, Prince's brother. Both Prince and I have older sisters and younger brothers. Our little brothers are the same age and only two months apart. Getting back to the story. My BIL is a true Vanderbilt fan. Whether they are winning or losing he will be cheering them on.
I went to the University of TN at Nashville Campus so I bleed orange, taking a pun from Albert's shirt.
All three of the Wilson brothers went to Vanderbilt and Uncle Owen taught there. I picked up one of his diaries and have been reading about Vandy in Sept. 2, 1884.So I have been feeding my historical interest instead of surfing the blogs. Lot of things have changed since he went to the University. I am still trying to decipher all the words but with a Doctor handwriting to read, I am sure I will run across a few that cannot be correctly identified. That is when I will ask Mimi to help. Oh, she also graduated from Vanderbilt and is quick to say it cost a little over three hundred dollars a semester or quarter whatever they had in the forties. Now you cannot even buy your books for that price.
With all the Vanderbilt people in the family I am a orange and white duck out of the water. So far all the Mimi's grandchildren have gone to a different school and only two have gone to the same school, University of Alabama.
The Kitty Justice is Puppy changed his mind about the University of Alabama at the last minute. Whew, that would have been hard for any mother who is a UT fan for their only child to head to ALABAMA.


Marcel said...

I'm glad Puppy changed his mind and I'm glad you explained the shirt, because I would have nver figured it out.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to help with your sports education 101. Peace