Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This morning from the hill the sky was so very colorful. I just had to go outside and snap a few photos.
We got the news last evening that Ever's Mama was not feeling good so they had to cancel their trip. We wish her a speedy recovery. Maybe we can all get together soon and see the little boo. Until then we are thankful for any photos we get through the Internet. Not like pony express or snail mail which our forefathers relied on.
Today is the big day for the presidential debate at Belmont College in Nashville. I hope they show you some really nice spots and vista of our city on all the channels which will be here to cover the event.
Now I cannot remember the last time it rained, but we have just had a shower and the porch is wet. The weathermen had stated we might get a shower but every time here lately, the hill has gotten not a drop when they make that statement. Therefore, I had already watered the plants and put out fresh water for the birds.
Even with the state of the economy, we Americans are so very lucky and everyone should vote but first we need to educate ourselves about the issues. This should not be a popularity contest nor a PARTY CONTEST.
The Kitty Justice if you vote on a whim, then may all your fur fall on the floor, your paws become declawed and you are fixed to not know what sex you use to be.


Marcel said...

I agree with you 100% about voting. In fact Connie and I were the first ones in line this morning for our local elections. I was glad to see by shortly after 7:00 am that there was already signs of a good turnout.

Lilli & Nevada said...

So sorry about not being able to see the wee one....
Soon hopefully.
Beautiful colors in the sky.

Lady Di Tn said...

Yeah for y'all. Our last election we showed a poor turnout. Peace

Thanks and maybe soon. If not we always have the photos from the net. Peace