Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well it is a new day and I plan to put my foot into it with this post.
Webster states as the first definition as A choosing; selection for the word Choice.
We all make choices daily. Good or bad they are the choice you make. I have made some of both and if you are honest you have too. But to blame a choice you made on something other than oneself, then I have a HUGE PROBLEM WITH THAT.
Some folks make excuses for their choices. Some blame others for their choices. Now those of you, look in the mirror and see the problem.
Let just blame the government for the problem. Once again, who elected them, look in the mirror. To make the statement that
"It is the Republicans who have created the mess of the last eight years", is an incorrect statement. I do believe the Democrats were helping to make the laws. Did the Clinton Administration not encourage Fannie Mae and others to give loans to those who could not afford them?
We , yes you in the Mirror, who made the choices of who you put in government are the blame.
Everyone likes to blame the President. Good grief people he is ONLY ONE MAN and could not have done all he did without all the other elected officials.
The kitty justice is after you pull the lever and they become President don't say "Yes, I voted for him but wish I hadn't."
Be informed not a follower.


Changes in the wind said...

Well said Kitty Justice!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Changes. Peace

Marcel said...

I agree too. However, I think a lot of what goes on within our country and the world is directed and ran by big business. It is the old story of the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor and in our case the middle class. Of course the politicians help make it easy for big business by removing needed regulations, and laws. Again, we can take some of the blame ourselves for letting government and big business stick it to us. Frankly I have to agree with whoever said the TV was the opiate of the masses. Most of us are too darn busy watching the boob tube to take a critical look at the garbage that it is spewing out at us. We don’t question the news and believe what both big business and the government tell us to believe.

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Yes, we have all made many, many choices - - some good and some bad. But we should take the
responsibility for our decisions and not blame anyone else for them.
Thank you for the comments and glad you liked the story of Kevin and the jokes. The gout has gone for the time being, but I guess it will be back at some stage
Take great care, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

I think you are correct. Too many rely on the TV as the holy grail. Big business has never been for the middle class. Hey, I think the middle class can now get minority status. Peace

Yes we all make choices and it is the Blame something or someone for my choice attitude that gags me. It is so much easier for them to blame someone or thing rather than take the responsiblity of their actions. I carry this little monkey that I have dub Rifiki from The Lion King to remind me "It is in the past, forget about it or learn from it". History is just a series of Choices. Peace