Thursday, December 18, 2008

Since Christmas is only a week away, I will refrain from putting the tinsel on the tree this year. It looks rather bare without it from my view.
Notice the fog. It has been like this for days. I am beginning to think we are a part of London. Our neighbor told me she had seen Martha Stewart decorate her outside pots this way, so if MS can do it so can Kitty Justice. Oops I need to fill the bird feeders.

A little more left over Christmas tree to decorate another pot.

I ran out of left over Christmas tree but with five big Holly trees, I thought I would trim some of the branches for this pot. I could not leave it undecorated. With bird feeders hanging above each pot, the little birds like to rest in the branches.
As Father Wilson would say "we took a side journey the last day and half." Mimi had a bump on her gum above her bridge so we took a quick trip to our regular dentist for him to check on it. He thought we should see a specialist to check to see if she needed a root canal. Yikes.
Yesterday we headed to one of the busiest areas of Nashville this time of year (Green Hills). After about 45 minutes of me waiting out front, I was called back to help Mimi make a decision. He had had a cancellation and could do the root canal today or we could schedule it for a later day. I looked at Mimi and she looked at me and we nodded in agreement. "Lets do it today. " I was told it would be an hour so I could go wonder the shops if I wanted . The choice to sit in the waiting room with no visible good magazines to read or television to watch or wonder the shops.
Guess which one, I chose?
I sniffed and touched everything in the body works shop. Read the labels of all kinds of herbs and oils and then headed across the street to Whole Foods. I had been there only one other time. I circled all the aisles at least twice reading and looking and also the food bars. Since it was getting close to the dinner hour and I sure would not want to cook, I started doing some serious looking at the food. After I had found what I wanted and the hour was almost up, I ordered crab cakes and Greek meat balls. Prince is a red meat kind of guy. Then I boxed up some ed mane rice and some grilled asparagus. I got a container of New England Clam Chowder for the Mimi. Also, I got Mimi some French Truffles.
I headed to the silver bullet and put the dinner in the cooler I always keep in the trunk and up the stairs to retrieve Mimi. I sat down and down the hall came Dr. Sparrow. He poked his head out and said he found another canal and it was infected so it would be about another ten minutes. He was glad to have found it as he was just about finished when he poked around one more time. He said it would be about ten minutes. I knew at the time how doctors tell time, so after 3o minutes I went back to get Mimi and they showed us the films and then the bad news. The bridge had popped off and he had temporally put it back on but we need to call Dr. M the first thing in the morning.
We dropped off the prescription for the antibiotics and Prince stopped and picked them up on the way home. When he arrived I heated up our wonderful meal and had a big glass of water. It was soooooo very nice and the food was delicious.
Today we called and sure enough Dr. M wanted to see us at ten and we were there until noon. I finished my 2009 calendar that I carry with me , noting birthdays, anniversaries, special events and telephone numbers and addresses. Dr.M came out and said he did not like the way the bridge looked and he had to put in some new posts. He apologized for the time but Mimi has pretty teeth and he wanted it to look nice, so he was ordering a new bridge to replace the old one and he would not charge for the new one as he stood behind all of his work. Now that is what I call a Dentist with ethics. Too bad others do not follow his lead.
We made Mimi and appointed and it was the first one to be put in the 2009 calendar. Ah, now I am tired. Nothing like sitting around in a dentist office to wear a body out. My back does not bother me if I keep changing positions but if I sit, stand or lay too long, I am in for some pain.
The Kitty Justice is we averted a crisis during the holidays.


Femin Susan said...

Congratulations....Your posting is very interesting...Keep posting.. Welcome to my blog...
Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

Lady Di Tn said...

Welcome to Kitty Justice and Thank you.
I will come over later to see y'all.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Your tree and the pots all look wonderful. That gave me an idea. I am going to save the boughs that we cut off our tree and make a place for the birds to rest on the branches. That will give them a respite from the cold also, as they can huddle inside.

I'm sorry that Mimi had to go through the root canal and that the bridge came loose. Thank goodness it was spotted and avoided trouble over the holidays.

I read your previous post and some things just do bring back memories. The butterscotch candies remind me of Grandma. She always had a few around the house and would offer them to us. This made me think of the chicklets she kept in her apron pocket. Memories are triggered by certain things, such as a fragrance, a taste or a song. I'm glad your memories are happy ones.

Take care and Merry Christmas to you, Prince, Mimi and Puppy. May abundant blessings come your way in 2009.


Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful christmas decorations.. glad you made it in to the dentist.. Thanks for the name are now entered for a chance at the free photo.. Hunter is a great name.. Stay warm and enjoy your family....

Lilli & Nevada said...

Beautiful tree I love tinsel but have not used it for a few yrs.
Merry Christmas to you and your family

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Poor Mimi to have to go through all that so close to Christmas. But glad it is done and she can enjoy the holiday meals etc
Your tree looks fine and the other decorations are nice.
Thanks for your comments and I am glad you liked the story. Have a wonderful Christmas, dear friend, Much love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you like the decorated planters and I expect pictures of yours also. Mimi has not felt very strong since those days at the dentist. Maybe when her daughter gets here tomorrow she will perk up. Thanks and the same to you Merry Christmas and Peace

Thanks. We had a weird day yesterday concerning the weather it reached the 1889 high of 74 degrees and then tomorrow the high will be 37 going into the teens at night. As I said before the Red Tail Hawk is my favorite bird of prey. Merry Christmas and Peace

Thanks and the same to you. Mother always put tinsel on the tree and I do it as a rememberance of her. Peace and Merry Christmas

I am so glad we got the chance to get the tooth fixed before all the company arrived and the visiting began. Merry Christmas to you and Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...