Saturday, January 10, 2009

I like the above photo best but the next one shows someone on the swinging bridge. Only eight people at a time are allowed.

Ralph on the bridge where the person in the previous photo was located.

The big falls. In this weeks newspaper a photo of it frozen was shown trying to get folks to come to the TN. State Parks in winter.

This photo and the next were views from the walking path over to the falls.It was a foggy day.

I got to know Ralph and his wife Camille back in the good ole Nortel days. He and Prince worked together and we became close friends.
When they heard of my Solo Art Show and reception, they intended to surprise me but as fate would have it that did not happen. Camille had to stay home to take care of her mother who is having a hard time regulating her blood sugar so Ralph came by himself. Thus he did not wish to be in town two days before we got together.
Ralph lives near Ann Arbor, MI. He loves to say "You go to Hell and turn right." When we went for a Big Blue football game, those were the first words he said to me when we called to tell him we were near. I made him repeat it and he started laughing. I was unaware that a town was named Hell. Joke was on me.
Anyway, back to this time and place. Ralph got into town on Friday before the show. He came out to the hill and I was too tired to cook so I sent Prince and him to the famous Loveless Cafe. Ralph said the next time he and Camille came they would have to go eat there. We went down by the fire and watch one of the many bowl games to appear on the tube. After a while, they all begin to run together for me.
Saturday, Prince, Gil and Ralph went to see Tommy and take him some little gifts to share. After their visit with Tommy they went to the park and did some hiking along the trails. It was beautiful even with all the fog.
Sunday came and I was in a nervous dither as this was the day. Ralph came along with countless other friends and family. A sneak peek can be had at One of my oldest friends, Judy's husband, Herb took these photos. Just click on Kitty Justice link and the photos will appear.
The Kitty Justice is that Ralph gets the prize for coming the farthest to be at my reception and show.


Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful pictures of the Falls and SwingBridge and even Ralph--BUT--your show! How marvelous. Such beautiful color and beautiful work. WOWEE!!! You are super!~! MB

Lilli & Nevada said...

Wow these are great, when we went to Tenn i wish we had more time to visit the area. But my mind was set at the Grand Ole Oprey and never thought it would take so long to drive that far. But bad weather hampered our driving time. One day i want to come back

Lady Di Tn said...

Prince took those photos of the falls. Thanks for the compliment, you are very kind. Peace

When you come back be sure to plan a two week stay at least and then you may get a bigger picture of TN than just the Opry. Peace be with you.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I love your photos of the falls and the first one is also my favorite. However, they are all beautiful.

How wonderful that Ralph came all the way from Ann Arbor to see your art show. Your paintings are awesome.

I love your Kamona(sp) It is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing, my friend. I must go and read the previous posts that I've missed.


Lady Di Tn said...

It was a truly nice of Ralph to come to the show. The kimono was one of my friends(Carol) whose Mother was Japanese. Thanks for the kind words concerning my paintings. Peace