Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It started freezing rain early and was already things white.
The holly tree out front wrapped in a coat of ice made a slimming effect in the fog.

The pin oak out front never looses it's leaves until new ones appear but for some reason it was not as droopy as the holly.

The back porch was a night mare of ice so I opened the kitchen door and took photos of the ice hanging from one of the feeders. Note the all the birds took off when I opened the door.

I did manage to capture one of the feeder and the blur is one frighten by the green furry blob in the doorway.

Ah Ha I finally thought of going down on the bottom porch and was protected from the freezing rain and I could safely walk upon it.

It was so foggy you could not see the white barn. Note those dots in the middle are a flock of turkeys. This is the male flock as the female flock is much larger.

Ice on the Turks Cap bush.

Forgot to take in the candle holder but the dragonfly makes a neat design.

This birdhouse is located at the end of the porch on the right side.

In the middle of the bottom porch is my large wind chimes and with the wind we have had, they have played some magical tunes. The icy vine is my purple clematis.

At the left end of the bottom porch a poor bush is touching the ground and you can barely see the garden fence. The tree in the background to the right is a Pear Tree. I turned to my right and took the following photo. Check out the icicle hanging from the top porch.

The netting that guards my produce looks like a sheet of plastic.
The Kitty Justice is by mid day it had melted and it was only a pretty memory.
Today so far we only have a dusting of snow.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

Your photos are beautiful. Though ice can be deadly, it also paints the world in a beautiful crystal gown. I love seeing it...just don't want to be out in it.

We have had snow for approximately 21 hours. We have about 4 inches but overnight we are to get freezing rain. I'm hoping that we don't, as hubby is out all night in whatever weather comes along. I worry about him when it ices.

Take care and thanks so much for sharing your beautiful world. Love the turkeys.


Stacey Huston said...

That is beautiful..looks treacherous though if you had to drive in it.. thanks for sharing
Stay warm

Lady Di Tn said...

We were very fortunate and were on the tail end of the freezing ice storm. Our KY neighbors were not so lucky. Glad you enjoyed the southern ice. Peace

Prince said the roads were not bad in the valley but it did not look that way on the hill. So we stayed in. I like any excuse to stay home. I am one of those homebodies that you hear about. Glad you like the photos. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Ice storms can be so damaging to trees etc. Be careful. MB