Monday, January 12, 2009

These are what I found by my place mat this morning.
So far this is my stash and cards

Linda gave me a whole basket full of Avon products.

Cannot wait to wear those pins on my hats. Check out the three tiny teapots.

A couple of small treasures from Mimi.

Mimi also gave me the English tea set and Prince gave me the assortment of tea and a neat insulated glass mug to put the hot tea in but it will keep my paws cool.

Prince also gave me the large trevis glass with a snarling Smokey on it. Now I can drink lots of water with fewer refills.

The Kitty statue are from Prince and Puppy. The one on the left shows my love of shoes and the other one shows how I like to relax to talk on the phone.
The last of the fifties are fleeing,
I am happy at the command center I can tinkle,
and my hair is still on my head and my teeth twinkle.
I am upright and sassy to boot,
And my achievements I feel free to toot.
To be happy with my age and not a shy flower
Makes me a Kitty with a minimum power.
It has been an enjoyable day
even at 50 plus 9 I became today.
The Kitty Justice is next year I will be ready for all those SENIOR DISCOUNTS.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Burpday blessings, Youngster!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I didn't realize today was your birthday. Happy Birthday, my friend and many more. Now you and I are exactly the same age and yes, the 50s are fleeting and near an end. That senior's discount is just icing on the cake next year for both of us.

I love all your gifts and those cat statues are exquisite. A basket of Avon goodies is superb. You did great.;-)


Brandy said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to come by and say hello i know it has been a really long time its just been crazy!

Lady Di Tn said...


Thanks. Prince always remembers it as One dozen. LOL I got lots of nice things so I must be a fairly good ole gal. heehee
I have 3 of those statues now and if you care to check them out they are called Alley Cats.Peace

Thank you and I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

Wishing you a VERY happy birthday!! Love the statue:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Thank you.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Happy Birthday to you It certainly looks like you had a great day with some fantastic presents

Stacey Huston said...

HAPPY B DAY... My grandmother always used to are only as old as you feel...So some days I am 80 others I am only 2.... hope you had a wonderful and memorable day.. thanks for sharing

Small City Scenes said...

Happy Birthday to you---lallalala!!
You scored big time on the goodies. Love the teapot. MB

Jeanette said...

Gday Lady Di,,
Happy birthday . your have scored some lovely presents for your birthday''...

Morton Bay bugs are a small Lobster found in Morton bay Queensland and are probably only available in Australia..

This is a web site I googled..

hope this answers your querey.. love Jen

Gwyn said...

Happy Belated Burpday from Juneau, Alaska!
Awe the 29th Anniversary of your
30th birthday.;)
We call the senior discount the "Old Farts Card.":)