Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Brother and Sis.
Kitty with her big Sis.

Kitty with her little brother. I was trying to tickle him but he advised he was only ticklish on his feet now. When he was little I would tickle him until he hollered "Uncle". Did any of y'all do the same thing to your little brothers or sisters?
Sis is four years older than me and Little Brother is six years younger. But both their hair are darker. I was much younger looking when I could dye my hair red but alas, time did not catch up with me but health issue have. We try to meet for sibling gatherings a few times a year.
We do not get together as often since our parents are gone. Little Brother keeps their graves looking pretty with seasonal flower arrangements.
Since my parents are gone, I try to stay out of Smith County. Reason, a guy I dated a very long, long time ago would almost be considered a stalker. He would chase my parents down on the streets to try and get them to give him an update on me. He even gave my parents inappropriate gifts to be given to me. Since he was a councilman in their county they were afraid to offend him and just took the items and did away with them. He came to my Mothers funeral and burned a hole through me with his stare. When my Dad died, he tried to take my hand and I stuck them behind my back and glared at him. Then he sent me a large packet with a huge letter stating what he had done for my family and what he had accomplished. It made me VERY SICK to my stomach. I gave the packet to my little brother as I did not wish to have it in my home. Just in case the stalker does something stupid in the future.
Why I ever dated him boils down to the fact that I wanted to go to the Junior -Senior prom in my Senior year of High School. The young man I had dated for over two years decided that he no longer wanted to date , because he said we wanted different things in life. He thought, I wanted to marry and he wanted to go to school. I had no desire to marry but he wanted to end it before he started to college.Fact ( he married several years before I even considered marrying. I had seen the turmoil married life had taken on my parents and others. When I was asked the question are you gonna get married? My reply was always there are worse things than living alone.) Going back to the story, the old boyfriend felt bad that he was not gonna take me to the prom, so he and a few of his friends decided to literally push the stalker out in the hall to ask me to the prom. I knew what those boys had done and it made me mad and embarrassed that they thought they had to provide me with a date.
I in turn took my anger out on the stalker when I should have just hit the old boyfriend in the nose with my fist.
Thus the kitty justice is when I go back to Smith County, I have to keep looking over my shoulder.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The dark red is Mimi and the pink is mine. Swarovski crystal flowers on a mirror to reflect their beauty. These were Valentine gifts from Prince.
Mt. Rainer is finished. Thanks Mary Beth for letting me paint your majestic view. This is a large canvas 24x36 and the best part I already have a frame.

I started working on another Geisha and my fellow artists want to know "What do you do with all of them?" Most are occupying an empty bedroom. Puppy's Calendar Girls are wrapped up to protect them. I will sell prints and blank cards of them. For any reader of my blog, you can buy one print at $10.00 off the list price. Sorry but the cards will remain $3.00 each. Just go to and tell me which ones you would like. The girls can be seen at my website
Do not hesitate to give the website to friends and family.

The kitty justice is I sure did pick the worse economical times to start selling my artwork.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another sunrise from my darling Prince. He does a wonderful job with his photo taking.

For our Anniversary, Prince had given me three massages from Massage Envy on Highway 100. One year Puppy had given me one from the same place and I really enjoyed it so Prince thought this might help with my back. I use my upper back to spare my lower back so it aches every now and then. I was too busy to go get one in December or January and I got a telephone call telling me they would expire on March 1st. So I have been going for a one hour massage each week. I was not gonna let them expire. I have one more massage left and will get it done next week.
At art class, I started on another Geisha but I still have not finished Mt Rainer. I have Mt Rainer in the library so I can study what I need to do next. At this point I am not happy with the right foreground. I will figure it out eventually.
Puppy came home to do his laundry and he fixed up his bike to ride around and get more exercise. He was talking about coming on the weekend and going to the Natchez Trace to ride. That is a wonderful place for bike rider and motorcycle riders because no commercial trucks are allowed.
Our weather is still up and down. Wednesday it was 71 degrees and the wind was blowing fiercely. Maggie and I had just gotten back from going down to the mailbox to get the mail when I heard this large crash on the hillside. It was a giant beech tree which had fallen down the hill toward the pond. The noise was very loud so I thought it was closer.
This morning it was 17 degrees when I got up which is a far cry from Wednesdays however the wind is not blowing. Yippee. I am not fond of the wind blowing hard because of all these tall trees we have in the yard.
We have been having a herd of six doe coming daily to the corn pile and two flocks of turkeys, one with about 8 males and jakes and another of about twenty hens. As I looked out the window as I headed back to get more laundry to wash, I notice a coyote going down to the white barn. He would go twenty feet and then double back ten. On the second double back he headed down into the woods. Then I spied a large coyote along the fence line of the yard. He was getting closer and closer to the house. Needless to say I went and got my 357 and as soon as I opened the door he sensed my presents. I made not a sound as the Cherokee came rolling to the surface. I steadied the gun on the railing and he had begun to run. POW, he ran harder and only damage I did was put a nice ring into my ears. Yes the ear muffs were with the gun but I was in a hurry and did not grab them. I forgot that I keep hollow points in the gun and the kick startled me. Well, if nothing else maybe I scared him off. Mz. Kitty loves to go and hunt field mice where that big guy was and I called her owners to not let her out today. Sam will not be going out either.
Instead of spending time writing post I have been reading them instead plus, when I went to the doctor he encouraged me to continue the exercise and walking plus add weight lifting. He said a study had shown that diabetics can control their blood sugar if they are weight lifters. Therefore I have rolled out the weights and I have added them to walking and the exercise ball. Now I must ask, have any of you fell off an exercise ball? You would think it is so close to the floor that it would not hurt. Not true if the floor is tile. I rolled right off today and landed on my left hip. I felt like I had fallen at least ten flights of stairs. No kidding. It really makes you feel stupid to fall off the ball.
The kitty justice is to try and get an exercise routine so I can control the ole SUGGRR better.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today I will share the front of my Valentine Card that Prince gave me and some of the art work of a few of the Artist that were in the Art Event at David Lipscomb Campus School.
"Commerce" a 24x36 oil on canvas by Pete Sullivan. I loved his technique. You can see more at

"A Symphony of Red Trees" by Leatha Frost. This painting was not on display but other red trees were. She was a petite woman and she told Knoxie and I that this was the painting that was chosen for her being the featured artist at another show.

This was the business card given out by Peaches daughter Shannon Haas. Her texture in her paintings are wonderfully shown off by the colors she chooses to paint.

This was a very large painting on display by David Arms. I thought all the info was on the back of the postcard I picked up but alas not. I loved the lace on the table cloth. To see more of his paintings check out

"A Peaceful Studio" Acrylic 48"X36" by Penny Arnold aka "Peaches" in past post. This was not on display but the ones my friend did have on display were gorgeous. Prince kept looking at one of her Angels. She is most noted for her "clown" paintings.
The art event had forty-two artist on display. I wish I had taken my camera but did not so I have two others which I wish to exclaims as some of my favorites. Kathy Chester's husband worked with Prince at one time and Kathy is an accomplished painter and teacher. Her "Lady in Winter" was absolutely the one I would have brought home if the coins were available.(Still putting Puppy through college) I did not see any cards and I have no idea if she has a website but will have Prince find out and let you know.
The most unique and cheerful also did not have any postcard as give mes but his style was delightful. His name was David Nichols and he had pencil Chefs on gallery canvases. I also liked the two roosters with blue tail feathers he had done. All of his would be great in modern day kitchens to make one smile.
The kitty justice would be to remember my camera at all times.

Friday, February 13, 2009

In the kitchen.
In the front hall.

Another in the front hall. Yesterday, after work, Prince went to check on the farm house and the old Mays House. He spied all these little yellow dots behind the farm house and went to investigate. He picked enough for us to have three buckets.
When he came home, he went over to check on Brenda and I assumed he was taking photos of the beautiful sunset. So, I let Maggie out and she went charging over to greet him. Then she spied Mz. Kitty and tried to introduce herself but Mz. Kitty was having nothing to do with Maggie. Sam Cat always runs from Maggie and Mz. Kitty stood her ground. Up on her back feet with claws showing Maggie could not understand why she was so fussy.
On the way back to the house, Prince said he had me a present. When he tells me this, you never know what the gift will be. He keeps KJ guessing with his interesting presents. He opened the truck door and started picking them up off the floor board and handed me a big handful. I immediately stuck them to my nose and inhaled the heavenly fragrances. After he had picked up all the stray blooms from the floor and I was so excited, I ran into the house to give Mimi a whiff. Just those few warm days had made these beautiful flowers come up and color our world.
The kitty justice is Prince is a keeper. What other guy after a day of work would stop to pick flowers to surprise his wife.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet Rascal the newest addition of my friend, Linda's house hold. Linda said she had picked out a couple of names but neither one fit her. When the little gal open her eyes and began to explore her new home, Linda said the name Rascal appeared to fit the little girl best.
Rascal does not know it but she has landed in the perfect home to be spoiled beyond words. When Linda would come to visit she would love on Maggie and threaten to take her home with her.
After her last dog when to the great dog biscuit in the sky, she wanted to wait for awhile to get a new pup. That is what I had said when our big boy died but I did not wait as long as she has. Actually, I think it was only a matter of weeks for me and I have been so thankful for my girl, Maggie, ever since. Maggie is the smartest dog I have ever had the privilege to have as a companion.
Thanks for all the prayers for Cat. She made it through the surgery and will start the task of walking around tomorrow.
Today weather was ominous. We still have wind gust up to 40 miles an hour. It blew lots of small limbs up to five feet down around the yard and one big giant beech tree limb down near the well house. All across Tennessee there are trees down and power lost but as of this time, no one has died.
This morning before I headed out, I noticed the bird bath was empty and I had just gotten back into the house, when a blue bird came for a drink. I know they are the prettiest birds we have around. Then this afternoon, three doe came out of the woods heading to the corn pile for free dinner. I watched as the first doe began to eat and the second one ran the first one off the corn, then came number three and she ran both one and two off the corn.
The kitty justice is the wildlife give us hope and joy even on an ominous day.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Prince took the above photos while down on the farm. He said they were photos of our waterfall. This will be a rambling post like the water flowing down our waterfall.
First of all, Thursday morning it was nine degrees on the hill and did not get past freezing. Then yesterday it was seventy three degrees. Now this is quite a bit of difference. This morning it was fifty two and that is the normal high for this time of year, not the morning low. I have plants sticking their heads out of the ground thinking it is their time. Unfortunately, when it turns cold again and it will, they will be nipped.
We have begun to get the yearly doctor visits over and so far everything has turn out very good and we have gotta a reprieve for a year.
I did get back to art class and worked on the 24 x 36 painting of Mt Rainer which Mary Beth was so kind to let me paint from her photo. If all goes well I will get it done this week and will post a photo.
With my solo show being over , I have been fighting the fading of my glory days. It was so nice to have my paintings hanging for a whole month where people could enjoy the girls. They are now wrapped loving in bubble wrap and sheets until their spectacular colors can shine for someone again.
I have been toying with the idea of putting a shopping cart on my web page but the idea slips in and out in the complex visions of my mind. Maybe I should have a sale on the web page like so many others do. With the economy in the dumps, art work is the last thing anyone will purchase. A fact I and others must face.
I guess I will just keep painting in hopes that someday someone will want to hang some of my work. ENOUGH OF MY PITY PARTY!!!!!!
With the warm days, Maggie and I have enjoyed playing outside with her toys.She still does not like to give the toy to you after she has fetched it. If I try the two balls routine, she does better but I want her to give it to me on first command. Any suggestions.
One of the nice warm days, I pulled weeds from my day lilies which are planted along the drive near the mailbox. It is a task which you must place your footing carefully otherwise you will go tumbling down the hill all the way to the pond. It is a long way and you would hit a few trees on the way down. Both Prince and I have had at least one good tumble down that hill.
On the way back from the mailbox, I had to take a detour down the old farm road and I found a red heart shaped rock blinking up at me. Now it resides on my desk by the computer.
I have been spring cleaning out closets and taken a trunk load of items to the This N That Thrift Shop which sales donated items and then uses the profits to fund the St. Luke's Community Center, children program. Lots of little children are taken care of with those nickel and dime items.
Sunday one of the local Goodwill shops had a deposit stolen from one of the employees. I realize times are hard, but to steal from an organization that does so much good for the community. I do not think I will live long enough to understand how someone could do that.
I also potted some plants I had rooted and re potted some that were too crowded. I will probably try to plant my favorite herb seeds so when spring does get here for real, I will have some good size plants.
The Kitty Justice is today I shall play like Robert Frost and have miles to go before I sleep.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Front Cover.

The Back Cover.

Vanderbilt with a fence around the campus to keep out the livestock.

Photo of the Author, Jan Duke

Not connected with the book , just how I arranged the flowers in the vase my friend Linda gave to me. I have them sitting not in the front hall but between the library and living room.
On January 16Th, I receive an email from Liz Chenery, Marketing Associate with Turner Publishing asking if I would consider reviewing a new book.
First of all, I do not have much time to read anymore due to all my obligations but she hooked me with one word, Historic and the next word, Photos sealed my decision. Liz advised I would get the copy of a 10x10 book to review.
Now I will disclaim from the beginning that I do not know Liz nor did I know the author, Jan Duke. I always like history but when I was a junior in high school many moons ago, my teacher, Mr. Morris (known affectionly as Moose) gave me a true love of history.
When I took the book out of its package, my first thought was this is a rather thick book but handsomely covered. I took the book downstairs to read in solitude and when I opened it up and began to read, I did not put it down until I had read from cover to cover. I was even rushed to make dinner that evening but was all excited as I wanted my MIL, Mimi to read it and look at the photos.
The "Historic Photos of Nashville" had so many photos that I had never seen before and it took you from pre-civil war era to modern times. The last ariel photo of was taken in 1968. That was when I graduated from high school and came to the big city.
Mimi said she recalled several of the places that the photos were taken and her first response was that the photo of Kirkland Hall reminded her of taking the exam to attend Vanderbilt. In her day, it only took less than $300.00 to attend. Mimi continued with a story about a certain lady who would not let the female students were socks. They had to wear hose. Later this was changed and the girls were allowed to wear socks.
I told Mimi I liked the photo of Vanderbilt with the fence around it to keep livestock from going on the campus. She then told me the story of Uncle Albert and Cuden Will running away from school and got as far as the fence. One of them had matches in his pockets and when they got near the rock columns ( still standing today)one of them brushed against the columns and the matches struck . At this point they decided that running away was not a good idea and they turned around and went back.
There are photos of the University of Nashville. Phillip Lindsley, is in our Mayflower Lineage in the 9TH generation, he turned down several offers to come to Nashville to become the President of the University of Nashville. Mimi is in the 13TH generation. Phillip was the father of John Berrien Lindsley and Adrian Van Sindern Lindsley. Mimi comes from the Adrian Van Sindern line. The reason for this family background information is to point out that John's middle name was spelled incorrectly in the book. Instead of Barrien it is Berrien. If by chance you start looking up John's historical data, you will find he was President Andrew Jackson's physician when Jackson was shot plus John B. was a very talented man who accomplishments benefit today's Nashville.
If there are any other errors in the book, I cannot find them and that mere spelling should not hold anyone back from purchasing the book. The photos and captions give you a feeling of time travel into the past. The historical readings that I enjoy will become more alive with the photos that are in the book. I think this book would be a gran visual aide in teaching the history of Nashville and should become required reading of anyone who wants to graduate from high school. Students or just everyday people who are reading about historical Nashville would benefit enormously from this visual aide. Thus, making these statements you know I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
The Kitty Justice is that "Historic Photos of Nashville" should be read by those who like history but especially by those who do not like history.