Friday, February 20, 2009

Another sunrise from my darling Prince. He does a wonderful job with his photo taking.

For our Anniversary, Prince had given me three massages from Massage Envy on Highway 100. One year Puppy had given me one from the same place and I really enjoyed it so Prince thought this might help with my back. I use my upper back to spare my lower back so it aches every now and then. I was too busy to go get one in December or January and I got a telephone call telling me they would expire on March 1st. So I have been going for a one hour massage each week. I was not gonna let them expire. I have one more massage left and will get it done next week.
At art class, I started on another Geisha but I still have not finished Mt Rainer. I have Mt Rainer in the library so I can study what I need to do next. At this point I am not happy with the right foreground. I will figure it out eventually.
Puppy came home to do his laundry and he fixed up his bike to ride around and get more exercise. He was talking about coming on the weekend and going to the Natchez Trace to ride. That is a wonderful place for bike rider and motorcycle riders because no commercial trucks are allowed.
Our weather is still up and down. Wednesday it was 71 degrees and the wind was blowing fiercely. Maggie and I had just gotten back from going down to the mailbox to get the mail when I heard this large crash on the hillside. It was a giant beech tree which had fallen down the hill toward the pond. The noise was very loud so I thought it was closer.
This morning it was 17 degrees when I got up which is a far cry from Wednesdays however the wind is not blowing. Yippee. I am not fond of the wind blowing hard because of all these tall trees we have in the yard.
We have been having a herd of six doe coming daily to the corn pile and two flocks of turkeys, one with about 8 males and jakes and another of about twenty hens. As I looked out the window as I headed back to get more laundry to wash, I notice a coyote going down to the white barn. He would go twenty feet and then double back ten. On the second double back he headed down into the woods. Then I spied a large coyote along the fence line of the yard. He was getting closer and closer to the house. Needless to say I went and got my 357 and as soon as I opened the door he sensed my presents. I made not a sound as the Cherokee came rolling to the surface. I steadied the gun on the railing and he had begun to run. POW, he ran harder and only damage I did was put a nice ring into my ears. Yes the ear muffs were with the gun but I was in a hurry and did not grab them. I forgot that I keep hollow points in the gun and the kick startled me. Well, if nothing else maybe I scared him off. Mz. Kitty loves to go and hunt field mice where that big guy was and I called her owners to not let her out today. Sam will not be going out either.
Instead of spending time writing post I have been reading them instead plus, when I went to the doctor he encouraged me to continue the exercise and walking plus add weight lifting. He said a study had shown that diabetics can control their blood sugar if they are weight lifters. Therefore I have rolled out the weights and I have added them to walking and the exercise ball. Now I must ask, have any of you fell off an exercise ball? You would think it is so close to the floor that it would not hurt. Not true if the floor is tile. I rolled right off today and landed on my left hip. I felt like I had fallen at least ten flights of stairs. No kidding. It really makes you feel stupid to fall off the ball.
The kitty justice is to try and get an exercise routine so I can control the ole SUGGRR better.


Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~Lovely sunrise photo from Prince. Do the massages help at all? What a lot of livestock around you, the deer and the turkeys and even the coyotes. Those exercise
balls look treacherous to me and I wouldn't try one as I couldn't get up if I came off. Can't you use it on carpet or a rug to help a bit.
Glad you liked that long joke as it took a while to type it, what an arrogant man he was.
I didn't know that Bill Engvall had a comedy routine about "that's
when the fight started" He is a very funny man. The barbecue joke at the end was from my joke book.
Take great care, esp with that gun
Love, Merle. Peace to you too.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Prince got a fabulous shot tell him he did good.
That is funny about the ball, i have never tried one before, i think i would do the same.

Lady Di Tn said...

Massages do help and the therapist works on my limbs as you know how diabetics can effect them. No carpet in the house, just a few rugs here and there. I am an old country girl with respect and use of firearms so I will be careful. Have a great week. Peace

Thanks I will tell Prince. I will get back on that ball today and will not be so casual about its ability to flip me off. Peace