Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Brother and Sis.
Kitty with her big Sis.

Kitty with her little brother. I was trying to tickle him but he advised he was only ticklish on his feet now. When he was little I would tickle him until he hollered "Uncle". Did any of y'all do the same thing to your little brothers or sisters?
Sis is four years older than me and Little Brother is six years younger. But both their hair are darker. I was much younger looking when I could dye my hair red but alas, time did not catch up with me but health issue have. We try to meet for sibling gatherings a few times a year.
We do not get together as often since our parents are gone. Little Brother keeps their graves looking pretty with seasonal flower arrangements.
Since my parents are gone, I try to stay out of Smith County. Reason, a guy I dated a very long, long time ago would almost be considered a stalker. He would chase my parents down on the streets to try and get them to give him an update on me. He even gave my parents inappropriate gifts to be given to me. Since he was a councilman in their county they were afraid to offend him and just took the items and did away with them. He came to my Mothers funeral and burned a hole through me with his stare. When my Dad died, he tried to take my hand and I stuck them behind my back and glared at him. Then he sent me a large packet with a huge letter stating what he had done for my family and what he had accomplished. It made me VERY SICK to my stomach. I gave the packet to my little brother as I did not wish to have it in my home. Just in case the stalker does something stupid in the future.
Why I ever dated him boils down to the fact that I wanted to go to the Junior -Senior prom in my Senior year of High School. The young man I had dated for over two years decided that he no longer wanted to date , because he said we wanted different things in life. He thought, I wanted to marry and he wanted to go to school. I had no desire to marry but he wanted to end it before he started to college.Fact ( he married several years before I even considered marrying. I had seen the turmoil married life had taken on my parents and others. When I was asked the question are you gonna get married? My reply was always there are worse things than living alone.) Going back to the story, the old boyfriend felt bad that he was not gonna take me to the prom, so he and a few of his friends decided to literally push the stalker out in the hall to ask me to the prom. I knew what those boys had done and it made me mad and embarrassed that they thought they had to provide me with a date.
I in turn took my anger out on the stalker when I should have just hit the old boyfriend in the nose with my fist.
Thus the kitty justice is when I go back to Smith County, I have to keep looking over my shoulder.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Great photos, and your so lucky that you have a brother. Me be an only child. )-:

Anonymous said...

Tickle me anywhere but in the belly button and I am OK. If you tickle me there I might pee on you. My mom said I did on her when i was a baby.

Abraham Lincoln said, "Hello," all the way from Brookville, Ohio in the U.S.A. And his wife of 53 years said hello too.

Pat and Abe Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Small City Scenes said...

How nice to visit with your siblings. I have a brother and sister too.
That staker thing, how weird. I'd stay away too.

Love my mountain pic. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

My brother and I fought quite a bit when we were young but then came adulthood and we were thick as thieves. My sister married too young and we did not have as much time together before she got married to get away from Dad. Did not work, divorce. She remarried and has one child, a daughter. I have one child, a son and my brother has one of each by two different wives. Peace

Pat and Abe
So good to see y'all. I am not ticklesh at all but little brother was. I cannot wait to find him in bare feet and I plan to attack as he has given me his spot. Hope all is well in Brookville. I stop over and read but do not leave a comment as mine would get lost in Abe's fan club. Peace

It is so nice to have just a sibling gathering. Our better halves are generous to let us have the time together without feeling left out.

1968 was the year I graduated.I agree it is stone weird.

I am glad you liked the painting since you know exactly how the orginal view looks.

Jeanette said...

Gday Lady Di. Nice family Photo's
Please dont tickle me anywhere..

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Nice to see your sister, brother and you. The stalker story is scary and I would stay away from County also. Thanks for your comments and I am so glad you enjoy the jokes, Take care, Love, Merle.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I could have sworn that I'd commented here, but guess not. I love the photos and did read it, but probably I was interrupted.

Thanks so much for sharing.