Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet Rascal the newest addition of my friend, Linda's house hold. Linda said she had picked out a couple of names but neither one fit her. When the little gal open her eyes and began to explore her new home, Linda said the name Rascal appeared to fit the little girl best.
Rascal does not know it but she has landed in the perfect home to be spoiled beyond words. When Linda would come to visit she would love on Maggie and threaten to take her home with her.
After her last dog when to the great dog biscuit in the sky, she wanted to wait for awhile to get a new pup. That is what I had said when our big boy died but I did not wait as long as she has. Actually, I think it was only a matter of weeks for me and I have been so thankful for my girl, Maggie, ever since. Maggie is the smartest dog I have ever had the privilege to have as a companion.
Thanks for all the prayers for Cat. She made it through the surgery and will start the task of walking around tomorrow.
Today weather was ominous. We still have wind gust up to 40 miles an hour. It blew lots of small limbs up to five feet down around the yard and one big giant beech tree limb down near the well house. All across Tennessee there are trees down and power lost but as of this time, no one has died.
This morning before I headed out, I noticed the bird bath was empty and I had just gotten back into the house, when a blue bird came for a drink. I know they are the prettiest birds we have around. Then this afternoon, three doe came out of the woods heading to the corn pile for free dinner. I watched as the first doe began to eat and the second one ran the first one off the corn, then came number three and she ran both one and two off the corn.
The kitty justice is the wildlife give us hope and joy even on an ominous day.


Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ I am glad your friend has a new dog and Rascall is a good name. Thank you so very much for your messages and concern about the terrible fires we are having in Victoria. We have had much cooler days this week, but the worry and upset, haven't really enjoyed them.
There has been over a thousand homes destroyed and almost 200 deaths. They expect both numbers to increase as some places haven't been searched yet. Those fire fighters have tried so hard. It is all very upsetting. Take care m friend, and thanks again. Love, Merle.

Changes in the wind said...

You are so right...animals...unlike people, act the way they were created.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to hear you have had some cooler weather, maybe it will help the firemen also to have cooler weather to work in. Linda just loves animals and Rascal has a grand home. Peace

How true your words. Peace

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I would give anything to live in your world, where creatures abound.

Linda's Rascal is beautiful. That name would have fit our Dakota as well. He gets into mischief, but is getting much better. He has asked several times over the last few days to be let outside. He scratches at the door. He is coming along nicely.

I know Linda will get much enjoyment with Rascal as a companion. Meeko was the best dog I've ever had for a companion. We miss him but Dakota has already found a place in our hearts.