Monday, February 09, 2009

Prince took the above photos while down on the farm. He said they were photos of our waterfall. This will be a rambling post like the water flowing down our waterfall.
First of all, Thursday morning it was nine degrees on the hill and did not get past freezing. Then yesterday it was seventy three degrees. Now this is quite a bit of difference. This morning it was fifty two and that is the normal high for this time of year, not the morning low. I have plants sticking their heads out of the ground thinking it is their time. Unfortunately, when it turns cold again and it will, they will be nipped.
We have begun to get the yearly doctor visits over and so far everything has turn out very good and we have gotta a reprieve for a year.
I did get back to art class and worked on the 24 x 36 painting of Mt Rainer which Mary Beth was so kind to let me paint from her photo. If all goes well I will get it done this week and will post a photo.
With my solo show being over , I have been fighting the fading of my glory days. It was so nice to have my paintings hanging for a whole month where people could enjoy the girls. They are now wrapped loving in bubble wrap and sheets until their spectacular colors can shine for someone again.
I have been toying with the idea of putting a shopping cart on my web page but the idea slips in and out in the complex visions of my mind. Maybe I should have a sale on the web page like so many others do. With the economy in the dumps, art work is the last thing anyone will purchase. A fact I and others must face.
I guess I will just keep painting in hopes that someday someone will want to hang some of my work. ENOUGH OF MY PITY PARTY!!!!!!
With the warm days, Maggie and I have enjoyed playing outside with her toys.She still does not like to give the toy to you after she has fetched it. If I try the two balls routine, she does better but I want her to give it to me on first command. Any suggestions.
One of the nice warm days, I pulled weeds from my day lilies which are planted along the drive near the mailbox. It is a task which you must place your footing carefully otherwise you will go tumbling down the hill all the way to the pond. It is a long way and you would hit a few trees on the way down. Both Prince and I have had at least one good tumble down that hill.
On the way back from the mailbox, I had to take a detour down the old farm road and I found a red heart shaped rock blinking up at me. Now it resides on my desk by the computer.
I have been spring cleaning out closets and taken a trunk load of items to the This N That Thrift Shop which sales donated items and then uses the profits to fund the St. Luke's Community Center, children program. Lots of little children are taken care of with those nickel and dime items.
Sunday one of the local Goodwill shops had a deposit stolen from one of the employees. I realize times are hard, but to steal from an organization that does so much good for the community. I do not think I will live long enough to understand how someone could do that.
I also potted some plants I had rooted and re potted some that were too crowded. I will probably try to plant my favorite herb seeds so when spring does get here for real, I will have some good size plants.
The Kitty Justice is today I shall play like Robert Frost and have miles to go before I sleep.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

I've been wondering if you were okay. I am glad to hear that all of the doctor's appointments went well. That is great news.

Don't be discouraged. Your art work is beautiful. Do you paint portraits?

I love all the photos of the farm. Prince did a great job.

About Molly. Have you tried trading the ball for a treat? Be sure to give her lots of praise when she gives you the ball. She will eventually give you the ball just to get the praise and a few ear scratches. ;-)

Wishing you a week of abundant nature's joys, my friend.


Hootin' Anni said...

Oh the weather sounds so strange. To have it warm up so much in a few days' time!!!

And the theft...that is going to happen a lot for a while until the economy gets straightened out I fear. But you think, what with so many jobless, it's amazing that this thing hasn't happened more. It's a sad, sad situation for so many these days.

Thanks for the birthday wishes [and sweet poem!] you left for me in my comments!!!

Jeanette said...

Gday lady Di, Pleased your Medical appointments went well,
Its strange to hear of your strange weather when were having the pics prince took of the stream running through your property... many Hugs...

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the tip. Maggie would rather play tug of war than give you the item. She is getting better. If she knows I have treats she will come back drop the ball like a hot potato and sit really pretty for the treat. She is smart enough to know when I have treats and when I do not have them.
Thanks also for the encouragement. I have found if I get busy, I can shake the blue birds but if I sit and write etc, they appear like a freight train. Peace

Hootin Anni
The weather was ominous today. I think you are correct about theft. I hope your birthday was a very happy one. Peace

The doctor appt was for Mimi but I did go today for bloodwork. Hope the A1C comes down. I feel the same way about Prince's photos and I will tell him.
I have been watching the world news and the fires there are awful. Peace