Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saturday morning, Prince and I went the long way to TSC to buy bird feed and corn for the wildlife. We took a small trip down the Natchez Trace to see if the Red bud trees were out and here is what we saw.
The kitty justice if you look closely at the sky, you can see the ominous clouds starting to roll into our area.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The severe storms came through dumping first rain then HAIL on Saturday afternoon.
Prince was standing on the upper porch under the eve watching the storm, when the hail began in earnest.

Here he is looking down the northwest end of the porch.

Another view.

Here he is looking the other way. Note how vague the white barn appears.

The sun was trying to shine and a rainbow appears over the Jackson's Hill

The sun is now out with ominous clouds heading east.

More ominous clouds looking north.

Prince took this photo from the upper porch looking down at the ground.

The hail filled up my flower pots.

More ominous clouds looking east.

The sky is beginning to clear but the rainbow still appears. The rainbow stayed for a long time.

The sun on the ground and the dark clouds lends this an unusual image.

Prince and I walked out front near the end of Brenda and Steve driveway and watched the sun go down. Check out all the beautiful colors.
The temperature had dropped thirty or more degrees and I had to go back in because I did not have a jacket on and only flip flops on my feet. I had dressed early in the morning and not for a drastic weather change.
The hail storm lasted a whole fifteen minutes and the front windows were being hit so hard that I was amazed they did not crack. Mimi's room has windows on the west side with a five foot over hang . She said they never got wet however, the wind was blowing so hard those windows got wet Saturday. She will be ninety next month and has lived out here a long long time and she told us she never remember it hailing so long.
I was always under the impression that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.
The kitty justice is Mother Nature put a curve in that saying.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Looking east and walking north, I saw a beautiful Tulip Magnolia. Several past Springs these beautiful trees would bud out and then we would have a cold spell and the beautiful flowers would turn black and drop off. Thankfully this did not happen this year.

A closer look.

Again and.......

My favorite close up. Those are Kitty colors if I ever saw any. This may be my next header.

To the west , my left is the pond. Check out the willow whipping in the wind.

Another willow in the distance.

To my right is a row of viburnum. A more Heaven scent I have not smell. Now Jack Daniels in Lynchburg also has rows of this wonderful bush. The first one I ever saw was the huge one to the right corner of the back porch on the hill.

A close up of the pink flowers. They look like tiny wedding bouquets for the wee people.

Now I must make a choice go left or right.

I let the young girl take the left path and I went on the right path. LOL Might be my only time to take the Right path.

You can see the Art Center across the street.

A closer look of the bushes and trees on my left.

Still on the left looking up. Ah, these green orbs will soon be snow white.

The Cherry trees outside the front of the Art Center.

I have finished my walk and will return to add a little more paint to the new Geisha girl I am painting. Gosh, I just feel so good when I am painting them. This one does not have a name yet and usually I have them named before I start. Maybe I am starting a new trend.
The Kitty Justice is the walk is over and y'all need to go back to work too.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Here are the two love birds I encountered near the pond. Twitterpated.

Handsome goose with a nice reflection in the pond.

Every time I would get ready to take his photo he would head to toward the middle. This is as close as I could get.

There are lots of geese on the pond for folks to enjoy.

I am now looking at the south end of the pond.

A closer view of the monument and cherry tree.

Before I got to the south end on the west side of the pond is our famous Parthenon. It is the only building from the Centennial Exhibit in the eighteen hundreds. Nashville is known as the Athens of the South.

Here is a full view of the Parthenon. If you come to Nashville, it is a must visit. If you come and do not visit and go inside to see how beautiful it is, then I am sorry you have missed a big part of Nashville.

I am headed back to the Center and looking east toward downtown. You can see the famous batman building (formally known as the AT & T tower) in the distance.

This is my first flowering tree to see on the east side of the park heading back north to the center.

A close up view of the flower on the tree.
The kitty justice is I hope you are not tried of the walk as I will finish the walk tomorrow.