Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Chandelier in the Presidents Room at the Centennial Club.
The portrait of an unknown lady over the mantle along with vases to decorate.

A room on the left as you go down the hallway to the Presidents room.

Across from the above room in the hallway to the Presidents room. Oops a reflection of kitty.

One of the mirror in the entrance. They have two of these one on either side of the room with a bench underneath for you to await your party or your ride to and from. I have always been fascinated with the fact that when you sit on either bench you get several views of oneself.

Since I am the official chauffeur of Mz. Mimi, they have voted me in as a member of her Garden Club.
Being a member in much nicer than just taking her to and from the meetings. I always had to find something to entertain myself with while the meeting was going on but be back in time to pick Mimi up from the meeting.
We had a very nice program given by E. D. Thompson. He is a native Nashvillian and he spoke about the books he had written of the early days of Nashville.
I took my camera with the purpose of taking photos of the ladies so I would have a face to match up with a name. Not all the ladies were there so I will take the camera again the next time they meet.
Nuf of the Garden Club but let me tell y'all about our weather of late. First on Thursday it was unseasonably warm. Friday we had a rain storm with WIND AND LIGHTIN. One big burst of lighting around 5 AM, took out the Internet and two televisions at our house. It also blew a circuit breaker for the downstairs. Therefore, all weekend we , mainly Prince, has been Mr. Fixit. First we located the circuit breaker and switched it back on and that was done by yours truly but then things still did not work.
Prince took the back off both televisions and the small one had a circuit board and it was destroyed. Thus, a replacement had to be made for it. We got one of those nice little flat screens and the picture is amazing. HD is great. Then Prince took off the back of the big screen TV downstairs and luckily, it was on two power surge boxes and therefore only a fuse had to be replaced. I felt we were so lucky , that a $3.00 fuse could fix the problem.
Next to find out what had happen to the Internet. The router had taken the hit. We had to find a similar router so off we went. We went to two places before we could find one.
I think Prince should get a round of applause for all his time spent fixing the problem created by Mother nature.
The kitty justice is how out of touch you feel when the Internet and televisions are not working.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

Being without power is definitely no fun. I could live without the TV, but the Internet is an absolute must. When the neighbor knocked out our phone and Internet with the snowblower, I didn't know what to do with myself. I spend a lot of time online writing and researching.

I loved the photos of you and your siblings in the previous post. I can't imagine having someone stalk you like that. I would be reporting it to the police. I received obscene phone calls when I was 14 and that frightened the daylights out of me.

Take care. Enjoyed your photos and hope you enjoy attending the garden club with Mimi.


Lilli & Nevada said...

I love that chandelier i want it, So sorry you were without that would suck.

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ How awful to be without TV and the Internet and I am glad all are fixed now. Well done Prince. The photos are wonderful, a
lovely place to visit. I hope you
enjoy the Garden Club as a member
with Mimi. Thank you for your get well wishes and I am slowly getting better, have to take more care not to
overdo in future. Glad you enjoyed
the Tree story. Take care, Love and Peace to you. Merle.

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful chandelier. And thanks for the tour.
A round of applause for Prince and you to for just enduring. LOL MB

Jeanette said...

Gday lady Di..
Love the Chanderlier. Enjoyed all the photo's from the Centennial club..
Ohhh No not the television and internet together.. Glad Prince was able to locate and fix the problem,, I would have to call in a repairman.. then go pay someone a visit ... Warm hugs ... Jen

Lady Di Tn said...

We had power just no tv or internet. After I flipped the circuit breaker back on the lights were fine just the little toys we enjoy were out.

Thanks for the nice comments on my siblings. My little brother looks more like my Pa Christian everyday. Sis is a dead ringer for Mother. I look like my Dad with hair. LOL


There are two of those chandeliers, one in each room at the end of the building. Peace

It is funny how much you miss those items until they no longer work. I was so glad you are better, keep on the mend. Peace

We would all be in a pickle if Prince did not wear his Mr. Fixit hat. Glad you enjoyed the tour. I plan to take my camera again next month so I may post some more photos. I got to help plan the menu as I was put as one of the hostess for April. Peace

One of the ladies has a history book on the club she plans to lend me so maybe the next time I write about the club I can give a little history.Peace