Monday, March 23, 2009

Last week I rolled my lemon and orange trees outside, and here is Mr. Squirrel checking them out. He was going around the saucer and looked as if he was licking the top of the saucer. Wonder what it taste like?
These two trees have been sitting in the Library window all winter awaiting a warm day to be rolled out to spend their days in real sunshine. Today it will be 73 degrees. I ordered them from a seed company and got three trees but alas the lime did not make it. They were mere twigs when I got them and I thought surely they were a joke but I stuck them in big pots of dirt and watched for years and yet no fruit has ever appeared.
The kitty justice is I need some advise how to force the little buggers to provide some fruit. If not to use at least for show.


Anonymous said...

There is always plastic. However, you might read about them because most trees do not do very well in containers and indoors makes it worse. I suspect they will eventually bloom and bear fruit but it might take a while.

Lady Di Tn said...

Plastic lol y'all are funny in Ohio today. Maybe I should put them in the basement and not in the main house during winter. We are too far north for them to survive the TN. winters. I may try that this fall when I bring them inside. Peace

Lilli & Nevada said...

He sure is a cuttie.

Small City Scenes said...

Actually citrus does quite well indoors just watch out for bugs. Lemon and Lime trees don't need as much warmth as Orange trees do. they look very healthy and I don't recall if you said how old they are but it could just take some time. We sold them all the time at the nursery and people said they had good luck with them. Indoors in the winter and outside during warm weather and put them in the tub and give the whole plant a nice shower. When watering give them just enough never let then stand in water. Hope that helps. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Only when they stay out of my plants. Last year I had one pot of flowers that this one squirrel thought was his own digs. Peace

Thanks. They are about ten years old now. As I said they were very small twigs when I got them. All of about four or five inches high. They have been realitivly slow grower. Any tips on Fertilizer. I have been using time release Ostmocote. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

I believe the trees need lots of nitrogen. Use a high nitrogen formula and apply one third in winter, one third in June and one third in August. Spread fertilizer under and beyond branch spread. Water in deeply.
I hope this helps.
I do like Osmocote but maybe noenough nitrogen. MB

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Beautiful lemon trees. They do well indoors, but make sure to keep them evenly moist, never wet or dry.

You might try working a bit of epsom salts into the soil, as citrus of any kind like acidic soil. This works for my cousin who is very prolific at growing lemons, limes and oranges indoors.

Hope this helps.