Saturday, March 28, 2009

Looking east and walking north, I saw a beautiful Tulip Magnolia. Several past Springs these beautiful trees would bud out and then we would have a cold spell and the beautiful flowers would turn black and drop off. Thankfully this did not happen this year.

A closer look.

Again and.......

My favorite close up. Those are Kitty colors if I ever saw any. This may be my next header.

To the west , my left is the pond. Check out the willow whipping in the wind.

Another willow in the distance.

To my right is a row of viburnum. A more Heaven scent I have not smell. Now Jack Daniels in Lynchburg also has rows of this wonderful bush. The first one I ever saw was the huge one to the right corner of the back porch on the hill.

A close up of the pink flowers. They look like tiny wedding bouquets for the wee people.

Now I must make a choice go left or right.

I let the young girl take the left path and I went on the right path. LOL Might be my only time to take the Right path.

You can see the Art Center across the street.

A closer look of the bushes and trees on my left.

Still on the left looking up. Ah, these green orbs will soon be snow white.

The Cherry trees outside the front of the Art Center.

I have finished my walk and will return to add a little more paint to the new Geisha girl I am painting. Gosh, I just feel so good when I am painting them. This one does not have a name yet and usually I have them named before I start. Maybe I am starting a new trend.
The Kitty Justice is the walk is over and y'all need to go back to work too.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i love those tulip Magnolias, they are beautiful.
Thanks so much for that beautiful walk as i really needed that.

Jeanette said...

Gday Lady Di,Thanks for letting me tag along on the lovely walk through the park, I made a few stops along the path to gaze at the beautiful trees in bloom.
I just love the port wine Magnolia. I had one in Melbourne near my bedroom window, it was huge to big to move..and had no room here to even get one...

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you enjoyed the walk. Taking care of Mamas and babies wear y'all out sometimes and you need a brief momomet to stroll along with us. Peace

So glad to see y'all. I sure hope you have photos of that beautiful and this is my gentle hint to show us. Peace