Monday, March 30, 2009

The severe storms came through dumping first rain then HAIL on Saturday afternoon.
Prince was standing on the upper porch under the eve watching the storm, when the hail began in earnest.

Here he is looking down the northwest end of the porch.

Another view.

Here he is looking the other way. Note how vague the white barn appears.

The sun was trying to shine and a rainbow appears over the Jackson's Hill

The sun is now out with ominous clouds heading east.

More ominous clouds looking north.

Prince took this photo from the upper porch looking down at the ground.

The hail filled up my flower pots.

More ominous clouds looking east.

The sky is beginning to clear but the rainbow still appears. The rainbow stayed for a long time.

The sun on the ground and the dark clouds lends this an unusual image.

Prince and I walked out front near the end of Brenda and Steve driveway and watched the sun go down. Check out all the beautiful colors.
The temperature had dropped thirty or more degrees and I had to go back in because I did not have a jacket on and only flip flops on my feet. I had dressed early in the morning and not for a drastic weather change.
The hail storm lasted a whole fifteen minutes and the front windows were being hit so hard that I was amazed they did not crack. Mimi's room has windows on the west side with a five foot over hang . She said they never got wet however, the wind was blowing so hard those windows got wet Saturday. She will be ninety next month and has lived out here a long long time and she told us she never remember it hailing so long.
I was always under the impression that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.
The kitty justice is Mother Nature put a curve in that saying.


Anonymous said...

I am always stunned when hail doesn't break our three skylights. They have been in there since 1981 and I didn't think they would last this long.

Your photos of this even are really stunning to see. I can imagine what the sound was like. I also know that when this happens that the hail is like bullets and zips right through tender new leaves and it doesn't seem to mind knocking over flowers and small animals. I just always felt sorry for the cows in the fields and the horses there too. It must be like living in hell, with the constant torment of being battered by hail stones.

Wow. What an impressive Monday post.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I enjoyed your tour in the posts below. I didn't realize it had been so long since I stopped by for a visit. I've always wanted to come to Nashville and now I want to come in Spring. Your photos are awesome.

That was quite a storm. I'm sure that Mimi has seen some severe weather in her day and if she's never known it to hail so long, it was a nasty storm. I hope there wasn't too much damage done.

April is our month for thunderstorms. Last year we had more than usual. It's going to be a wet week here, but so far they aren't calling for extreme weather. I do know that in the early 90s, we passed through a nasty storm in Tennessee while on our way to Florida. It was at night and we were at the top of one of those big hills. The visibility was almost nil.

I enjoyed catching up with you. Have a great week. I'm looking forward to seeing your latest creation when she is finished.


Lady Di Tn said...

I will tell Prince you liked his photos.
It put a hole in the top of our rain gauge and all my little plants suffered with the four inch hosta leaves look like green swiss cheese.
Hail or Hell either way is BAD. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Amazing and even outstanding!! LOL
Great pics. that hail is just jumping all over the place. Love the rainbow and then the end sunset. Mother Nature was saying--"oops". MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you enjoyed the park walk. It was a rather nasty one but we have had worse. But the hail was the big surprise and the length of time it continued. Peace

Yes the hail was like popping popcorn without a lid. Peace