Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mz Fire, one of the Art Venture ladies is very talented. She not only paints but writes poetry. Several times each year, she will hand out some of her poetry to each lady at the luncheon. The following is what she gave each of us last week.


A smile is like an echo spreading across the hills of time and space....

Coming back, back, back in response to encouragement of an unspoken code.

It skips high and low and twinkles thru the trees and over mountains in low tides of loneliness and hurt.

It spreads seeds of hope and gathers friendships, raining drops in on thoughts as the day is dreary...

I choose to thin of things bright and cheery.

Meaningful memories as I drive along crowded lanes.

From tender eys it emit's a glimmer of joy, glee or gentle solace to melt the glower of envy and pride of uncertainty.

Smile and take the first step as fashioner if life.


Smile a lot- It rubs off and will create a burnished glow. That's where the Halo comes from.

12-1-97 On Wings of The Wind

in The National Library of Poetry

Library of Congress

It always brings a highlight to the luncheon when Mz Fire hands out little written notes of joy.

The Kitty Justice is now she has put a smile on your face too.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prince with Puppy. He was only a few days old.
Mimi carring Puppy around the house.

Puppy on a "tackter". He loved to play on the tractors.

Puppy's first car. He is dress up for Church.

Puppy dress up to go to his friends, Reshersal and dinner afterwards.

Another with shades. Happy Birthday, Puppy.
The kitty justice is the only labor today will be making a dinner with love.

Friday, June 26, 2009

These pictures are above the front door and I am standing under the stairs which leads up to our party area.
When you walk through the door and look to your left you are greeted by this display.

This is a light fixture below the stairs and above a single table. If you noticed you could see part of it in the first photo.

Upstairs at the end of the table we were greeted with Shirley and Cat dancing to the music. They are the hostess of this months luncheon and the restaurant and theme was Mexican. The restaurant was Roserio in Edgehill Area of Nashville.
I sat across the table from Peaches (the last lady on the right in black). The party favor were green plastic margarita glasses filled with red hot jelly beans and a pepper stirrer on top.

Mz Hen going around greeting everyone. OOPS only Knoxie's head and Lady Purple's shoulder are showing.

The outside of the Edgehill area with a rather unusual fountain. The restaurant is behind me .

Lu Lu had made some of these rings with beads and wire and had brought them to show Bunny. However, we were early and she showed Knoxie and I and I put the ring on my finger and she said it looked so good she would just have to give it to me. How lucky can a Kitty get. The ring is most unusual and I felt very uplifted during the whole affair. I displayed and showed it to all the other girls when they arrived.

The single photo I took of Lu Lu at Roserio she had her eyes shut so I am posting this one of her. She is the lady with the green jacket.
When I tried the ring on, not in my wildest notion did I think Lu Lu would be so generous. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
The day was filled with laughter and wonderful company. These talented ladies are a joy to be around. I know that some personalities can wear on y'all but good grief once a month and only a few hours we can handle the pain. It is not like you have to take them home with you.
As I was saying, the only blip on the day was when I was getting Cat's presents out of the trunk of my car and I shut my trunk with keyes inside. I had picked up my camera and had my hands full and was distracted by Knoxie and Cat's conversation so I forgot to pick up my keyes. YIKES AND IT WAS HOT!!!!!!
Like a damsel in distress I called my white knight, Prince and he stated "I will be right there." He came charging up not on a horse but a black chevy pick up, jumped out and unlocked the car.
The Kitty Justice is that everyone should have a white knight as wonderful as mine.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the bottom of this faded old photo was written "Burfield 1889-Chapel Hill Stage Coach." Mimi advised that Burfield was the home of Aunt Byrd out on Nolensville pike but it was so far out that the family did not stay there long. She said she thinks there is a photo of the home around here. Yikes I gotta look for it.
On the back of this old photo was written "June 17, 1892-Gandercleugh." The little boy on the first step holding a stick is Richard Douglas and the lady on the other end of the step is unidentified. On the second step going left to right , the lady is Aunt Byrd (Byrd Douglas Richards) the man and lady beside her are unidentified. I think it is Richard's parents but then again the man looks a lot like the young photos of Thomas Black Wilson Jr. The man in the dark suit is Albert Harris Wilson, next to him is his brother Owen Harris Wilson and another unidentified lady playing the banjo. On the top row the lady looks like photos I have seen of Lucy Cragwall Wilson and I know the gentleman is Captain Thomas Black Wilson Sr. (He was a Confederate Captain) the lady on the left is Annie Burney who later married Mr. Ward.

I found these as I was moving furniture and I noticed how faded and the poor condition they were in so I immediately, scanned them and worked with the photo program to make them as clear and concise as I could.
How many photos do you have of groups and not any of the people in them are identified?
The Kitty Justice is Mimi is still around to verify who I think they are and also advise me of some I did not know.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I put my reader by the basket so you can get a perspective.

Just like a silly katz I will blame it on the dog. The Kitty Justice is my bad.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Since Mimi cannot get out to see the tomato patch, I planted her a patio tomato and put it outside the kitchen window so she can watch it's progress.
I am still waiting for a home grown tomato to slice up and make a tomato sandwich so I can put some of this basil on the sandwich.

This is down by the bottom porch and I wanted to show off how the Japanese Iris made it look like a sea of purple.
This is my clematis which usually climbs all the way up to the top porch but this year it took a right turn and clumped up on the fence post of the tomato patch. I have 3 post and I hang bird netting over these post and it keeps the varmints (white tail deer) from getting the tomato before I do.

These are my thorn less blackberries. I like picking these. The berries are the size of the end of your thumb. Make some yummy jam and cobblers later.

This is one of the two pear trees on the far side of the garden. I try to put a few in the freezer if I can get them before the raccoons and deer devoured them.

Raspberries just about to be ripe. I took this photo last week and Prince went out last evening and picked half a quart. Mimi had them on her bowl of cut up cantaloupe and I just washed and ate them plain to savor the wonderful taste.
Here is a view of a small area of the raspberries. I bought six little plants from Starks Seed Catalog and they have almost taken over the little garden. I let them have one half and if they encroach on my half to plant other things, I dig them up and give the plants away or I just toss them over the fence. My naive plan for these berries were to have two rows with three large plants in each row. Boy was I the silly one. These critter take over. I have cut a path down the middle and by the next year it is covered again. They have crept out over the fence and that is where I usually pick them. Standing in the yard around the fence. Once I put on my carharts with a wide bream hat, I crawled over and jumped in the middle . There is a three foot high rock wall on the upper side of the garden . I picked my pail full of red treasures and then I wondered how on earth I was gonna get out of the berry patch. I really felt like I was in the middle of tar baby. Finally I knew no one was home but me and I could not stay in the patch all day so I was like a goat, I put my head down and pushed my way out and up to the wall. I climbed up the rock wall and crawled out , Now these berries are not thorn less. They have thorns shaped like fish hooks and if they snag you, well you will have a devil of a time digging the thorn out later. When Prince gets home before dark we might go pick some more berries, but I will stand in the yard outside the garden to avoid those nasty hooks.
The kitty justice is if you have ever picked any berries, you know why they are so high in the grocery stores.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ming was the runt of the litter. She was my first encounter with a pure breed Chow Chow.
Chu Bear was Ming's first and puppy. He was the only one in the litter. The biggest litter she ever had was four pups. Here Chu is watching his favorite television show.

Chu and Ming on the steps of the trailer that Mom and Dad were renting from
Mrs. Marks(Al Gore Sr. sister).That is another story but today we are talking
chow chows.
They are the oldest breed of dogs and were used by the Monks to guard the Monastery. I have always been a dog person but these were the most unusual ones I had ever encountered. The time line was back in the seventies. Yep, I had long, long hair and wire rim glasses.
When I first saw Ming as a puppy she would run round and round the coffee table , into the bedroom and back around the table. She was a very good natured girl and I was surprise to learn that the breed had a not so nice reputation.
I found out that Chow Chows are really cats in a dogs body. It is said they are the only breed with a black tongue and their ancestors were lions and bears. That in itself made them more fascinating.
When Chu was small he had a bad attitude. He did not wish anyone to touch him. The first vet I took him to advised "If his attitude does not change, you will need to find another vet." I started working with him and he became a true teddy bear. I would laugh at people when they saw him coming down the sidewalk and move off the sidewalk so he could have it to himself. He would have just licked them to death but they did not know that.
When Chu was 2 months old, I would find water all over the kitchen floor where his water bowl sat and it was a heavy bowl and he could not turn it over. As I sat silently watching television one evening, I saw first hand the reason for all the water. Chu had both his front paws in the bowl and he was splashing the water out on the floor. I started to laugh and he looked around with this cute expression and then continued to empty the bowl with his antics.
As Chu got older he would lay on the couch and watch television. His favorite show was Pappy Boweyton(misspelled) and he loved the airplanes flying around on the screen.
Ming was rather a lady like dog and never really did the cute antics of her puppies. Her death is why I feed a little food twice a day and never let them out to run after they have eaten.After a big meal, She was chasing a squirrel and her stomach flipped. The vet said even if it happen to his dogs, he would have been unable to save them.
Due to a Chow Chows body, heavy with short legs they do not jump on you as other dogs tend to do. I loved that attribute . I would let the dogs out by themselves in the early morning hours and a neighbor called and said my dogs were turning over her trash. I knew that could not be as they did not jump but she was convinced they were the culprits. So I started walking them on a leash before the sun came up. I had a fenced in back yard to my little house but they enjoyed walking around the neighborhood. One very cold morning, I awoke to the weatherman's saying it was down below zero. I jumped up and went running to the backyard and there was Chu with frost on the top of him. I knew then that he was not loosing any body heat.
Our first order to the day, would be for me to let them inside and they would lay and roll around on the carpet at my feet while I drank a cup of coffee. My morning solitude with my best friends.
Oh, I forgot the story about when Mary Helen and I lived in a duplex in Antioch, everyone around us were being broken into by thieves. Even the unit in our building, but not us the Chows saved the day as thieves are afraid of the big fuzzies.
Chows are a lot of maintenance due to their coats but if you ever wish to have a big cat in a dogs body, get one to hang around the house.
I was so loving to these dogs that the vet made a statement later, that he wished all the dogs he treated were as nice as my chows.
The kitty justice is that with love and tenderness you can change a dog with a bad reputation into pussy cats.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This photo was on the front of the Local and Business section of our Fridays paper.When a person travels West End you can tell there is a large hole in the lot but fortunately you cannot see the water as shown here.
After Uncle Owen and Aunt Byrd were married in March 1894, this was their home at 1620 West End. Maybe the hole should be filled in and the house rebuilt. It sure would look a lot nicer than it does now.

Aunt Byrd and Uncle Owen. What would they think of the hole where their home once stood? The developer still plans to build the West End Summit project but will it reflect the charm of the old home place? I doubt it very seriously.
The Kitty Justice is sometimes THEN IS BETTER THAN NOW.

Friday, June 12, 2009

This is an Easter Lilly that Edward gave Mimi a few years back. I planted it outside
and each year it's snow white bloom stands out among all the green.
These are the Japanese Iris under Puppy's bedroom window. There were only a three foot round patch of them beside the log cabin when I moved to the hill. Now they are all around the log cabin, and in front and back of this house. When you go out on the porch you see a sea of purple blooms smiling up at you. These are the kind I planted at the lake. May they multiply there as they have here.

This beautiful Lilly also graces the same area as the Japanese Iris above. For a long time I could not get anything to occupy that space and then I added purple Iris, the Japanese Iris and lilies with a spot of lambs ear and that combination took hold and I may have to transplant this coming fall.

This is the bloom on the Lambs Ear. The bumble bees love it and there are about nine patches out front and each one has a dozen bees or more on them. Maggie does not care for them but I was planting some seeds in the upper part of my little garden and I hit their nest and a large swarm came buzzing out but did not bother to harm me for my intrusion. I know it is late to plant seed but I was determine to have some zinnias, parsley and some Holly Hawks and others. We shall see how they fare.
I have tried to put out more perennials than annuals because digging in the dirt is not as easy as it once was. I have four squash plants, three pots of basil, a moon flower, purple morning glories and a couple of pots of zinnia from seed. Also, two pots of parsley. I guess it is the old farm girl coming out but I just love to put seed in soil and watch it grow. I am not that attached to plants because they were someone Else's babies before I bought them. But seeds amaze me to see what will grow from such tiny objects.
I still love to receive seed catalogs and I can sit for hours buying and planting different items. I do believe they get Abe to photo their plants in those catalogs because they look fantastic. Some I have planted have appeared just like the photos but others were a big disappointment. Pa Christian and Mother could grow anything anywhere and I sure wish I had gotten more of that gene. After I try something more than once and I cannot get the results I wish, I never try that again. Case in point "Forget Me Knots" this is the second time I have tried to get those little seeds to make plants and nothing happens.
The flowers are beautiful things to gaze upon but fruits and vegetables that you have grown yourself are a little taste of Heaven. The Kitty Justice is I will soon get to taste a little Heaven.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is the coffee cup that Prince and Art got for being Squires.
I really like the statement on the back of the cup.

This shot glass was wrapped in the black tissue paper and it was inside the cup.

The front of the key ring that was inside the shot glass.

The back of the key ring.

Leaving the Visitor Center to go for some lunch at Miss Bobos and this was rather interesting way to display the barrel and flowers.

Heading down the steps I looked to the left and saw one of the many half barrel planters that grace the grounds.

This is the house right across the road from Miss Bobos.

Walk to the edge of the front porch on the left side looking up. Those folks in that home have a great view of Lynchburg. Don't ya just love the rolling green hills and the blue sky?

Above the front door of Miss Bobos. There were several people waiting for their group to be called.
These roses sat on a little table on the front porch with brochures and a book to sign.
Right side of the front yard.

Left side of the front yard.

Mr. Roger Breshears knew Art and he entertained us with stories about Mulberry Creek and Miss Bobos when it was a boarding house. The parlor where we sat had been his bedroom that he rented from her. He was one of the last boarder. (note: Mr. Roger's photo is on the wall at the visitor center)
This is the famous add when Miss Bobo had a significant "Burpday" that appeared in various national magazines. Her request to Art was that in the proper tradition, that for each card received a hand written note was to be mailed. The response was more than expected and two ladies worked for months on those hand written Thank You notes.

This photo was on the wall as you go outside on the back porch. It and the following were side by side and I thought of Mary as her postcard collection reminded me of these ladies.

A hostess sits with each group at Miss Bobos and give you a little history as the food is eaten. Our hostess was Jane and the only photo I took of her, she closed her eyes. We were upstairs and we took the elevator up as Char hips was hurting.
Before the food is served, starting on the left of the hostess, each person tells their name and where they were from. Our table had folks from Alabama, Colorado and Tennessee. Then a killer lunch is served by the Motlow College students who are there on scholarships. We had fried chicken, pork roast, corn, green beans, fried okra, fried apples favored with Jack Daniels, rice and cheese casserole and tiny muffins. Water and ice tea were our beverages. Next came chess pie and coffee.
Time to unbutton our pants and take a nap.
We did not visit the square and check out the shops . The Kitty Justice is we will have to go back. I'm ready how about Y'all?