Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Char, Burpday boy (age 65) and Art clowning around.The burpday boy is one of the tour guides and of course Char and Art knew him but I hope he will forgive me as I do not recall his name.
Art sitting in the parlor at Miss Bobo.

Char sitting on the front porch of the famous Miss Bobos.
Art is retired from Jack Daniels. Char told me they had been coming to Lynchburg for 58 years. It was nice to have such knowledgeable and fun people to take their day and make our time at Lynchburg a fun one. Prince had not been since Puppy was small but I and Mz Bubbles had gone two years ago. However, we only got the tour which in itself is grand but not the personal touch that Prince and I got with our friends as guides.
It was a beautiful day and I will post more photos in future post. It did get up to 94 degrees and some of the buildings were very warm. It is a walking tour and if you cannot go up and down steps, I would advise you to stay in the comfortable visitor center.
The Kitty Justice is we felt like honored guest because the folks who did not know Art had heard of him.

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Mary said...

Lady Di,

Great photos. I have been in TN many times but have never taken the tour. I've put it on my list to see the next time we come.

Glad you enjoyed your trip. Sorry I havent' been by. I've been a little under the weather.