Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mz Fire, one of the Art Venture ladies is very talented. She not only paints but writes poetry. Several times each year, she will hand out some of her poetry to each lady at the luncheon. The following is what she gave each of us last week.


A smile is like an echo spreading across the hills of time and space....

Coming back, back, back in response to encouragement of an unspoken code.

It skips high and low and twinkles thru the trees and over mountains in low tides of loneliness and hurt.

It spreads seeds of hope and gathers friendships, raining drops in on thoughts as the day is dreary...

I choose to thin of things bright and cheery.

Meaningful memories as I drive along crowded lanes.

From tender eys it emit's a glimmer of joy, glee or gentle solace to melt the glower of envy and pride of uncertainty.

Smile and take the first step as fashioner if life.


Smile a lot- It rubs off and will create a burnished glow. That's where the Halo comes from.

12-1-97 On Wings of The Wind

in The National Library of Poetry

Library of Congress

It always brings a highlight to the luncheon when Mz Fire hands out little written notes of joy.

The Kitty Justice is now she has put a smile on your face too.


Small City Scenes said...

Seeds of hope--I like that. So I will smile--as I always do. Remember 'smile at a grouchy person-it will make them wonder what you are up to'. heehee.

I have been having trouble accessing certain blogs lately--yours is one of them. so I am sorry i haven't been here--but today I did it. My server I am sure. MB

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Sounds like Mz Fire is a very talented lady. I enjoyed her poem. Yes, a smile can light up someone's life.

Thank you for sharing.


Lady Di Tn said...

I like the idea of smiling at a grouchy person. I also like to compliment them on dress, hair or anything which generally really surprises them.
Some folks have said they have had such problems and even I have had trouble trying to leave comments. I guess on some blogs I have become a ghost as I am unable to comment. Peace

Being a writer I am glad you enjoyed the poem. Mz Fire always handing us little tidbits of her talent. Peace