Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the bottom of this faded old photo was written "Burfield 1889-Chapel Hill Stage Coach." Mimi advised that Burfield was the home of Aunt Byrd out on Nolensville pike but it was so far out that the family did not stay there long. She said she thinks there is a photo of the home around here. Yikes I gotta look for it.
On the back of this old photo was written "June 17, 1892-Gandercleugh." The little boy on the first step holding a stick is Richard Douglas and the lady on the other end of the step is unidentified. On the second step going left to right , the lady is Aunt Byrd (Byrd Douglas Richards) the man and lady beside her are unidentified. I think it is Richard's parents but then again the man looks a lot like the young photos of Thomas Black Wilson Jr. The man in the dark suit is Albert Harris Wilson, next to him is his brother Owen Harris Wilson and another unidentified lady playing the banjo. On the top row the lady looks like photos I have seen of Lucy Cragwall Wilson and I know the gentleman is Captain Thomas Black Wilson Sr. (He was a Confederate Captain) the lady on the left is Annie Burney who later married Mr. Ward.

I found these as I was moving furniture and I noticed how faded and the poor condition they were in so I immediately, scanned them and worked with the photo program to make them as clear and concise as I could.
How many photos do you have of groups and not any of the people in them are identified?
The Kitty Justice is Mimi is still around to verify who I think they are and also advise me of some I did not know.


Jeanette said...

Gday Lady Di, You have done a great job restoring these old photo's.You may eventually find someone that can shed a light on the people in the photo's..
Ohhh Yummy if I was close by would have loved to share the raspberries with you..

Small City Scenes said...

I do love old photos and it is wonderful to be able to know who they are. I have a wonderful family picture that I got at a antique store and put in a frame and I think it looks grand. I have no idea who the people are. I wonder why people don't keep these pictures in the family.

I have some pictures of my grandparents. I have their wedding pictures and some pics of my grandfather when he was a Seattle fireman driving the horses. Pretty neat. MB

LHG said...

Great pics aunt Dianne! I need to print these for the book and maybe even a couple of frames. I hope the weather is good for ya'll - it is hot here. I don't think the a/c has cut off since Saturday!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. I would gladly share the berries if you were near. I put up 6 carton in the freezer last night and still had enough for us to eat with our cereal and share with a friend. Peace

I love old photo and any thing historical about families so I would have treasured that family photo you found in the antique store. I would love for you to share those old photos on your blog. Peace

I sent all who I made the book for these photos and asked if you knew who they were and where Gandercleugh was hoping you would check out your books out of curiousity. Love

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Such lovely old photos. They are full of history and I enjoy seeing them.

I don't have any photos at this time that have unidentified people in them. Mom has hundreds of photos and I really should get copies. She is probably the only one left who can identify all of the people.

Stay cool, my friend. A heat wave has come our way and the humidity is high.


Lady Di Tn said...

You need to get your Mom to identify people you do not know because as with Mimi when they are gone the information will be lost. I hear you about the HUMIDITY. Peace