Saturday, June 06, 2009

Prince going down the rock steps to JD office.
Please enlarge the plague to read . This office is on the National Register.
On the porch was a bench that you can rest. I was always the last one in line therefore I had clear views to photo.

This photo is on the left wall as you enter the office. Art said he knew each of the gentlemen in the photo. In the next photos you can see that not much has changed in this first room.

This is another photo in the same room.

The old stove is still in the same spot but a more colorful coffee pot adores the top.

On the right wall of the first room is a safe. One morning Jack was unable to open the safe, in a fit of temper he kicked the safe. Well, that was his undoing. He was a diabetic and he hurt his toe when he kicked the safe and gangrene set in. His leg was amputated but it did not save his life.
This is the desk that sits in the far right corner of the first room you enter.

The second room has rows of old musical instruments and a nice place to have a game of checker.

Through the doorway to the third room which is the size of both the other two rooms, you can see this desk.

This is a close up of the stamp. This stamp is huge.

In the middle of the third room are three barrels with large glass bottles with the three different grains.

The last two photos on the wall as you left is the first taster. Everyone called him Uncle.

Then you see the Willey eyes of Jack as you leave his office.
As stated before this was the last building I got to take photos inside but I can tell yawl what happens inside them when I show yawl the outside. I would say the Kitty Justice is not to have a hissy fit and kick a safe.


Small City Scenes said...

No, no, don't kick the safe!!! Neat pictures though. Love the old desk. Does everything smell whiskery? (Like whiskey not whiskers). It is a great tour you are taking us on. Interesting too. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you like the photos. Which desk did you like best the one in the first room or the third room? No, not everything smells like Jack. Glad you are liking the tour. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Those desk could be twins. Except for the little drawers being in a differnt place and different items on the desk. Also, the chairs are different. So I guess it does not matter which desk you like. Peace

Anonymous said...

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