Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prince with Puppy. He was only a few days old.
Mimi carring Puppy around the house.

Puppy on a "tackter". He loved to play on the tractors.

Puppy's first car. He is dress up for Church.

Puppy dress up to go to his friends, Reshersal and dinner afterwards.

Another with shades. Happy Birthday, Puppy.
The kitty justice is the only labor today will be making a dinner with love.


Anonymous said...

What a handsome dude he is too.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Happy Birthday Puppy! X

Jeanette said...

Gday Lady di.A beautiful loved baby grown into a Handsome Man. Happy Birthday Puppy..

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ A very happy birthday
to Puppy. I hope he had a great day. Loved the photos. How quickly ourchildren grow from babies to little kids th grown men and women.
Glad you got a few laughs from my posts. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Tangerine Kitty said...

I hope he had a wonderful birthday!! It's sad when they grow up fast....

( I wanted to let you know that I have more of the flipflop key fobs up on the website. )

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Y'all for the good wishes. We had a small family get together and Puppy had another wonderful day.
Ah, yes they do grow fast.

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Thanks for coming by, and enjoying the few jokes. Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.