Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Since Mimi cannot get out to see the tomato patch, I planted her a patio tomato and put it outside the kitchen window so she can watch it's progress.
I am still waiting for a home grown tomato to slice up and make a tomato sandwich so I can put some of this basil on the sandwich.

This is down by the bottom porch and I wanted to show off how the Japanese Iris made it look like a sea of purple.
This is my clematis which usually climbs all the way up to the top porch but this year it took a right turn and clumped up on the fence post of the tomato patch. I have 3 post and I hang bird netting over these post and it keeps the varmints (white tail deer) from getting the tomato before I do.

These are my thorn less blackberries. I like picking these. The berries are the size of the end of your thumb. Make some yummy jam and cobblers later.

This is one of the two pear trees on the far side of the garden. I try to put a few in the freezer if I can get them before the raccoons and deer devoured them.

Raspberries just about to be ripe. I took this photo last week and Prince went out last evening and picked half a quart. Mimi had them on her bowl of cut up cantaloupe and I just washed and ate them plain to savor the wonderful taste.
Here is a view of a small area of the raspberries. I bought six little plants from Starks Seed Catalog and they have almost taken over the little garden. I let them have one half and if they encroach on my half to plant other things, I dig them up and give the plants away or I just toss them over the fence. My naive plan for these berries were to have two rows with three large plants in each row. Boy was I the silly one. These critter take over. I have cut a path down the middle and by the next year it is covered again. They have crept out over the fence and that is where I usually pick them. Standing in the yard around the fence. Once I put on my carharts with a wide bream hat, I crawled over and jumped in the middle . There is a three foot high rock wall on the upper side of the garden . I picked my pail full of red treasures and then I wondered how on earth I was gonna get out of the berry patch. I really felt like I was in the middle of tar baby. Finally I knew no one was home but me and I could not stay in the patch all day so I was like a goat, I put my head down and pushed my way out and up to the wall. I climbed up the rock wall and crawled out , Now these berries are not thorn less. They have thorns shaped like fish hooks and if they snag you, well you will have a devil of a time digging the thorn out later. When Prince gets home before dark we might go pick some more berries, but I will stand in the yard outside the garden to avoid those nasty hooks.
The kitty justice is if you have ever picked any berries, you know why they are so high in the grocery stores.


Maria said...

Wonderful garden! And mouth watering tomatos and berries! I'll come help pick them :)

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I enjoyed seeing the photos of your garden and reading about what you've been up to. I've picked many raspberries, blackberries and thimbleberries in my day, but not for many years. They always taste so good. Be careful of those thorns. They are vicious.

Glad you planted a tomato for Mimi to watch grow. My tomatoes have flowers and I'm anticipating a toasted tomato sandwich.

Have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

I started out with two thornless blackberry bushes and the rabbits or something got the berries before I did. And then I moved both of them and now where the were before, I have about a dozen plants coming up from their roots, I guess. If they are thornless too, like the mother plants then I will be able, finally, to get some blackberries to eat. They already got my currants before they got ripe.

Small City Scenes said...

Lovely pictures. and yummy too. What kind of raspberries are those? They look different. My tomatoes are full of flowers but they are not moving along very fast. Am I impatient? YES!! MB

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Fantastic Post !! Appreciate the way images are captured..Great one and you garden is terrific Too..Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

Lady Di Tn said...

Better hurry as the pickin time is here. Peace

Being a farm gal like meself, I would have been surprised if you had not picked any berries. The bottom tomato on the back side of Mimi's plant is turning pink. Peace

I do hope you get some blackberries but be quick as the birds got all of my cherries this year.Peace

LOL I think we are all watching for that FIRST TOMATO. I bought those raspberries years ago so all I can remember is that they were red and come from Starks Catalog. Peace

Glad you enjoyed my little garden. Peace