Friday, June 26, 2009

These pictures are above the front door and I am standing under the stairs which leads up to our party area.
When you walk through the door and look to your left you are greeted by this display.

This is a light fixture below the stairs and above a single table. If you noticed you could see part of it in the first photo.

Upstairs at the end of the table we were greeted with Shirley and Cat dancing to the music. They are the hostess of this months luncheon and the restaurant and theme was Mexican. The restaurant was Roserio in Edgehill Area of Nashville.
I sat across the table from Peaches (the last lady on the right in black). The party favor were green plastic margarita glasses filled with red hot jelly beans and a pepper stirrer on top.

Mz Hen going around greeting everyone. OOPS only Knoxie's head and Lady Purple's shoulder are showing.

The outside of the Edgehill area with a rather unusual fountain. The restaurant is behind me .

Lu Lu had made some of these rings with beads and wire and had brought them to show Bunny. However, we were early and she showed Knoxie and I and I put the ring on my finger and she said it looked so good she would just have to give it to me. How lucky can a Kitty get. The ring is most unusual and I felt very uplifted during the whole affair. I displayed and showed it to all the other girls when they arrived.

The single photo I took of Lu Lu at Roserio she had her eyes shut so I am posting this one of her. She is the lady with the green jacket.
When I tried the ring on, not in my wildest notion did I think Lu Lu would be so generous. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
The day was filled with laughter and wonderful company. These talented ladies are a joy to be around. I know that some personalities can wear on y'all but good grief once a month and only a few hours we can handle the pain. It is not like you have to take them home with you.
As I was saying, the only blip on the day was when I was getting Cat's presents out of the trunk of my car and I shut my trunk with keyes inside. I had picked up my camera and had my hands full and was distracted by Knoxie and Cat's conversation so I forgot to pick up my keyes. YIKES AND IT WAS HOT!!!!!!
Like a damsel in distress I called my white knight, Prince and he stated "I will be right there." He came charging up not on a horse but a black chevy pick up, jumped out and unlocked the car.
The Kitty Justice is that everyone should have a white knight as wonderful as mine.

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