Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is the coffee cup that Prince and Art got for being Squires.
I really like the statement on the back of the cup.

This shot glass was wrapped in the black tissue paper and it was inside the cup.

The front of the key ring that was inside the shot glass.

The back of the key ring.

Leaving the Visitor Center to go for some lunch at Miss Bobos and this was rather interesting way to display the barrel and flowers.

Heading down the steps I looked to the left and saw one of the many half barrel planters that grace the grounds.

This is the house right across the road from Miss Bobos.

Walk to the edge of the front porch on the left side looking up. Those folks in that home have a great view of Lynchburg. Don't ya just love the rolling green hills and the blue sky?

Above the front door of Miss Bobos. There were several people waiting for their group to be called.
These roses sat on a little table on the front porch with brochures and a book to sign.
Right side of the front yard.

Left side of the front yard.

Mr. Roger Breshears knew Art and he entertained us with stories about Mulberry Creek and Miss Bobos when it was a boarding house. The parlor where we sat had been his bedroom that he rented from her. He was one of the last boarder. (note: Mr. Roger's photo is on the wall at the visitor center)
This is the famous add when Miss Bobo had a significant "Burpday" that appeared in various national magazines. Her request to Art was that in the proper tradition, that for each card received a hand written note was to be mailed. The response was more than expected and two ladies worked for months on those hand written Thank You notes.

This photo was on the wall as you go outside on the back porch. It and the following were side by side and I thought of Mary as her postcard collection reminded me of these ladies.

A hostess sits with each group at Miss Bobos and give you a little history as the food is eaten. Our hostess was Jane and the only photo I took of her, she closed her eyes. We were upstairs and we took the elevator up as Char hips was hurting.
Before the food is served, starting on the left of the hostess, each person tells their name and where they were from. Our table had folks from Alabama, Colorado and Tennessee. Then a killer lunch is served by the Motlow College students who are there on scholarships. We had fried chicken, pork roast, corn, green beans, fried okra, fried apples favored with Jack Daniels, rice and cheese casserole and tiny muffins. Water and ice tea were our beverages. Next came chess pie and coffee.
Time to unbutton our pants and take a nap.
We did not visit the square and check out the shops . The Kitty Justice is we will have to go back. I'm ready how about Y'all?


Mary said...

Lady Di,

I loved the tour. The guys were gifted with some amazing items that will make nice memories.

Miss Bobo was quite the woman. Her story if very interesting.

Love the pictures of the pretty ladies. They do look a lot like some in my postcard colletion.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for commenting on my recent posts.


LZ Blogger said...

Lady Di ~ Loved the half barrel pots! ~ jb///

Lady Di Tn said...

I am glad you enjoyed the tour. Any time I see ladies like those, you pop into my mind. I wish you a wonderful weekend also. Peace

Come to Lynchburg and on the square is a store that has lots of barrel items. Maybe the JD is what makes the flowers so PERKY. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Great series, LD--too bad about the LG TV---but the Lynchburg series was wonderful. Did you know that LG stands for Life's Good. Yeah right.

Those whiskey barrels are sold at the Nursery i used to work at and you could still smell the whiskey and burned wood. YummY!! LOL And maybe that is why the flowers are so perky. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I had to LOL as I could invision y'all standing round the barrels goin "Yummm".
Life Good for them not us the consumers.
I am happy you liked the JD series. There were no comments on Post 6 so I was worried folks had missed the real tour. Peace