Saturday, June 13, 2009

This photo was on the front of the Local and Business section of our Fridays paper.When a person travels West End you can tell there is a large hole in the lot but fortunately you cannot see the water as shown here.
After Uncle Owen and Aunt Byrd were married in March 1894, this was their home at 1620 West End. Maybe the hole should be filled in and the house rebuilt. It sure would look a lot nicer than it does now.

Aunt Byrd and Uncle Owen. What would they think of the hole where their home once stood? The developer still plans to build the West End Summit project but will it reflect the charm of the old home place? I doubt it very seriously.
The Kitty Justice is sometimes THEN IS BETTER THAN NOW.


Small City Scenes said...

What a big lovely house Aunt and Uncle had. That ugly hole would be so disappointing to them. I wonder how long that hole will be there. Sometimes we should leave well enough alone. MB

Unseen Rajasthan said...

This is So a beautiful Home..Really Loved it and wish to see it with my own eyes some day..

Anonymous said...

The problems with developments are they seldom take into account the environment unless forced to. I would think the home once there would look best.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I totally agree. Then is often better than now, but developers don't seem to care about the beautiful architecture they tear down to build unsightly eyesores.

Enjoyed the old photos. I highly recommend that the house is rebuilt in all of its former glory.


Lady Di Tn said...

I would have loved to be able to go inside and look around that house. Uncle Owen was the first peditrician in Nashville and those little children out front were probably patients. I think that hole is NASTY LOOKING. They need to finish it or fill it in. Peace

The house is no longer there so none of us will get to see it with our own eyes. Peace

You are absolutely correct. Developer think only in the bottom line. Peace

There have been so many old and still nice homes razed to build something bigger and better. Houses in our Belle Meade and other areas are bought then torn down and a huge monster house is built. No way can they be enviromently friendly. I always think how much engery will this Monster house use? Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ What a lovel old house your relatives had. A pity to hear it is no more these days.

Thanks for your comments. I am so glad you enjoyed all the jokes.
We sure do remember all those early things, and kids have no idea of the past. Take care, my friend,
Love. Merle.

Chris said...

Di, I would still like to have coffee if possible. We're gone next week. . . .Can we try for the week after that?