Wednesday, June 03, 2009

When we got to the visitor center, the sky was a beautiful blue against the lamppost on either side of the stairs up to the center.
Looking off the bridge after climbing the first set of stairs for the day. The creek is Mulberry Creek.

There is a rock wall with roses on the far side of the bank of the creek leading up to the center.

The Center is shaped like a a giant U and this is the left side .

Here is the middle of the Center.

The right side of the Center.

Another view of the Center. As we were walking up from the parking lot, Char mention she had been coming to Jack Daniels for 58 years. This was my third visit and Prince's second. The morning was young and the temperature not too hot and we were excited to get started. After they get a certain number of folks, the tour number is called and you enter into a small video room. It has a about three Church pews on either side that will hold three people comfortably but you can get four on a pew if the backsides are small. Then there is a walkway to the outside door and two more sets of pews behind the walkway. We sat on one of the pews behind the walkway right next to the door. Therefore we could be the first ones out. Here you get to see a video of the history before the tour gets started.
The video is very short and it WETS your appetite just like Jack wets your thirst.
The Kitty Justice is the tour is FREE. I am not being paid to say this, but I feel everyone needs to visit Lynchburg once in their life and take the tour . Jack Daniels is one of Tennessee's great treasures.


Maria said...

Ahh, Jack Daniels!

Jeanette said...

Gday Lady Di, Lynchburg sounds like its got a lot of history, Did you purchase any Jack Daniels.. Not my drink im afraid but my son likes the odd drop of Daniels.

I pleased your enjoying my trip more photo.s to post. You may certainly take any pics you would like at any time, love to see them when you paint them..
Next stop Mildura and the Murray river. have a great weekend..

Small City Scenes said...

Oh boy, we are going on a tour. Love it. I like that rock wall too. The center looks interesting and old. Is it? More! More! MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to see y'all like our brew.Peace

Thanks. Moore County is a dry county and you can only purchase commentive bottles or a barrel. The barrel is bottled and the bottles and barrel are shipped to their destinations for you to pick up. When you purchase a barrel, you get a brass plague placed on the wall at that blg and when after you purchase 7 barrels, you get a red 7 placed on your plague.
To finally answer your ? we did not. Cannot wait to see future photos of your trip. Peace

Yes the tour will continue for several post. Enjoy. The Center is fairly new because the first time I went the Center was in an old barrel blg. Peace