Friday, July 31, 2009

If you wish to get people worked up just mention GUNS, HEALTH CARE, KIDS AND EDUCATION and RACE.
I often wondered what is really going on behind the scene when these subjects come up and a never ending debate ensues. I think these are used as smoke screens to pass bills that otherwise would not get passed.
First of all lets take GUNS. In our state a new gun law was passed that licensed concealed gun owners could go into a bar and parks armed but then they gave counties and bar owners the choice of opting out. To me that law accomplished nothing but debates. Like giving a dog food but putting a fence around it.
Secondly how about Health care. It could be fixed by making those who make the rules live by the same rules. Same health care for everyone. When was the last time a doctor was given a chicken for payment? I did not have health care until I could pay for it myself . How come now it has to be free? I am still alive and kicking.
Thirdly, how about kids. If kids were taught manners and respect and that there is consequences for their actions plus they really do have to study to pass a test, then problems would be solved. Worked for me.
Education well that is up to you if you wish to learn or not because there is way more opportunities than when I was young. I paid and when to college at night and worked during the day. Poor but determined not out to play like some of today's youth.
Last but not least Race. Now I asked if a white professor was arrested by a black officer , would we be having all this whop la that is playing on all the news now.
I think NOT. Too often people are a COLOR FIRST instead of being just a human being. Just think when we die will our souls be the color we are now?
Now the KITTY JUSTICE OF THIS POST IS TO STATE, I AM A LIFE MEMBER OF THE NRA and I am proud of the fact. Also, I am a concerned Kat about society in nut shell.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Samuel, Little Brother and Big Sis.

Samuel, Little Brother and Kitty Justice.
Last week Puppy came and stayed with Mimi while we had a sibling day plus one. Samuel is Little Brother's youngest and has just turned 12. Yep, he is a big boy. Little Brother's wife's family are tall and I do believe Samuel will be one of those gentle giants.
I picked up Big Sis on the way to the restaurant , the Golden Coral, in Cookeville. Since Little Brother only lives about ten minutes away, we call him when we got into the city limits.
Little Brother's company where he is employed has been giving furloughs instead of laying folks off. He has been getting a week off each month for several months now. Anyway, it makes a perfect time for us siblings to get together.
If you have not been to a Golden Coral, then you must go to one someday. It is a buffet and they have a little of everything. Big Sis and I started with a salad and Samuel went straight to the pasta. While Little Brother went for the veggies and chicken tenders. One of these days he will turn into a chicken tender as that is usually what he gets when we go out to eat. The restaurant is very large with several seating areas and even though it was busy, we could sit and visit without them needing the booth where we dined.
Little Brother said Samuel was beginning to be interested in girls. Well that was all I needed to hear in order to give the youngun some pointer.
First, I told him not to marry the first girl he dated and be sure to date them at least four years, because they could pretend the first three but the fourth their true nature came out. However, if after four years and they did not change he would be safe to marry them. I gave him two good examples of girls I had known who pretended to be something they were not . He listened real
intensive. Never hurts to start giving advise to a young boy.
Secondly, he has long lashes and I told him a girl would love a butterfly kiss from him. I do not know how Little Brother thought I was gonna describe a butterfly kiss because he turn red. It was not my intention to embarrass anyone. I told Samuel in to give a butterfly kiss he would need to take off his glasses and lean over and flick his lashes on the girls cheek and it would tickle her. At that point I thought I had given enough advise, until his Dad got up and he asked his son if he wanted something as he was planning to get something else. Samuel answered in a NOPE.
That is when I got serious with him and told him if he did not remember anything else from today's visit he needed to remember the following.
I told him there would always be someone better looking, someone smarter and someone richer than he but if he practiced good manners he could go further than any of them. I told him to use yes sir, no sir, please, thank you and practice this at home with his parents so it would be second nature to him when he was out in public. Again, I gave him an example and then told him that good manners would trump looks, being smart or rich.
We ended our visit in the parking lot with hugs and kisses and then we headed back home.
After I had left Big Sis at her home and I was going back to the interstate on highway 109, a mail truck carrier for Nashville zip 37042 threw a rock up and it hit my wind shield with a bang. As I drove home I watched the crack get longer and longer.
The Kitty Justice is I need to find a different hwy until the construction on 109 gets completed. BTW the silver bullet has a new windshield.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Isn't this gorgeous markings on a pony. It also had one white stocking on the right rear leg. The pony was busy eating so I will have to go back and get a better photo someday.
William is the horse that Grace rides most of the time. She and her husband bought the acreage from Gary Chapman, which we sold to him.

This is one of the three larger horses and his name is Mac sometimes referred to as Macaroni.

This is the arena for the jumps. They have build two arenas for future use with for a pony's club.

Looking at the back of the farm and the fence and rock walls which they have added.

Heading down from the barns.

Large pond near the entrance of the farm.
The Kitty Justice is to have neighbors who are taking care of the land and making wonderful improvements.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

As I was waiting for Mimi to finish her breakfast, I grabbed the camera and headed for the doorway of the garage.

He is not a bird but he has to eat too.

Some purple finches are dining. When I would stick my head out most would fly away but the brave ones didn't mind my presents.

A Nuthatch with a treasured seed.

Several of these little fellows were having breakfast but they are sooooo fast it is hard to capture them. I got several shots of empty feeder.

More finches. The hook is to keep the raccoons out of this feeder at night. This morning I found it empty anyway and the green flat feed was vertical instead of horizontal.

Birds on a wire. At one time there were a dozen or more just waiting for an empty feeder.

The metal bell feeder, I have to take in at night. You can tell how Racky and friends have bent the top. It has 2 hooks on the top but those furry critter can unhook both of them.

This cardinal looks mad that he is getting wet. Or is he saying "Don't take my picture?"

I just love these little Downy Peckerwoods.

This tuffed titmouse seems to need the caption "Hanging On."

These little Chickadees were hard to capture but not quite as quick as the hummer.

This might not be the best shot but I thought it was cool to capture the movement in mid air.
The Kitty Justice is the subjects were wet but still beautiful.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

These are some of the last photos that Prince made before his camera LED screen went bye-bye. He has sent it off to the manufacturers to fix it. He was always taking photos of the morning sky as I happen to be busy in the kitchen.
We had rain last night and therefore the top photos look a lot like today except not as much fog. I think Maggie has the best idea. "Let's sleep in."
As for the weather around here, the last three mornings have felt like September. Yesterday it was 58 degrees breaking a 1877 record. The weather folks have promised more like July in the coming days. It sure was nice these last few days. I am not looking forward to the return of July weather because then it becomes "AIR YOU CAN WEAR."
Mimi is progressing slowly but on an up hill climb. Ah, we should all grow up with an attitude like Mimi's.
Today is the kind of day that I will gaze on Abe's sunflower to cheer me along. His new blog and Nick's have given me a problem as they will appear and then a block will appear that this website cannot be viewed. However, it is there until I close that nasty little box, then the whole screen disappears. When Puppy comes over, I plan to get him on the problem. Until then I may not get to visit those sites. My thoughts are "CAT FUZZIES." I have very little time as is to get on the computer and to encounter such nasty problems while reading my favorite blogs just causes me to mutter "Cat fuzzies and Cat hairs."
Back in the eighties, I was on a bowling team and we were playing a hard fought game when I made a bad roll and I uttered those same phrases. I was told by one of the guys, he needed to teach me how to cuss.
The Kitty Justice is I refuse to cuss as my Dad could make some sailors blush.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This was taken a couple of weeks ago but this morning was almost a mirror image. Lots of days there is fog in the valley and I can watch the sun come up and the display of different colors .
As I was snapping photos of the sun rise and fog, I felt eyes upon me and I looked down in the field there was a deer. I took a quick photo of the deer and then went back to taking more sun rise photos. Later when I was resizing the photos so they will not take up so much space, I noticed something interesting. Do you see it?
For all of those who have expressed their wishes for Mimi's recovery, I thank you. Each day we celebrate the little things that she can do. She has come a long way from the weak kitten she was when she came home from the hospital but she has more to accomplish. The physical therapy that she has three times a week has helped to make her stronger. So it is true if you keep moving, you can continue to move. I took her specimen to the doctors office and she is not out of the woods concerning the infection so she has been given another round of antibiotics. She needs to get over the urinary tract infection so when she sees the surgeon, we can go forth to making her quality of life better. The ball in her left hip is just about gone and you can hear her coming if she is walking down the hall with the help of her walker and support of either Prince or Puppy. I cannot walk with her because if she starts to fall, I cannot catch her. Remember with the rods and screws in my back I have a limit of fifteen pounds to lift and Mimi weighs just a wee bit more than fifteen pounds.
The kitty justice is the things we do daily like walking we take for guaranteed. Be thankful for each movement that your body can still accomplish.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aunt Bryd and Uncle Owen.
Front of 106 Clarendon in March 1960.

The front door in January 1963. Aunt Byrd brought a sprig of ivey from Scotland in her hat pin box. See how it goes over the door.

The front door now. The yellow lab was a well mannered girl.

Again the front showing more of the house.
This is the only true house that was in the family which is still standing. Waveland was dozed down to put a runway for the Nashville Airport. The Wilson farms house was thorn down and rebuild to duplicate the house. The owner thought the old house was making their son sick. You saw in a previous post the hole that now occupies the place that 1620 West End home stood.
But this house which is referred to as "Garallan" (see the plaque over the door) is still standing.
In 1921 Aunt Byrd and Uncle Owen were in Ayr and Aunt Byrd decided she wanted to see the Douglas homestead "Garallan", located about ten miles northeast of Ayr, near the village of "Old Crumnock". At that time, two old ladies , aunts of the owner lived there. In Uncle Owen's notes, he indicated that they were VERY "communicative" and proud of their family. He indicated that both he and Aunt Byrd enjoyed the trip and their visit with the ladies.
In 1930, Aunt Byrd and Uncle Owen decided to move to the country and were planning a new home. One night Aunt Byrd dreamed that they should copy the facade of Garallan, so off they went to Scotland. In Edinburgh they met the present owner, Jack Boswell, a decsecendent of Dr. Johnson's Boswell.
Jack's ancestral home was "Auchenlech" about two miles from Garallan. It was a very handsome "Adam" house according to Uncles notes. I have no idea what that means. Anyway Uncle Owen goes on to state that Auchenlech means "flat rock" and Garallan means "stony ground".
Both are located in Burns country and in spite of the names, the farms were flourishing. Jack seemed very prosperous, a W. S. (Writer to the Signet) a kind of lawyer differing from an ordinary one-K. C. (King's Counselor). The old ladies had passed away and renters occupied Garrallen.
On the stone lintel over the front door was carved "G. D.---M. H.1660" meaning that George Douglas in 1660 married Margaret Hume and built their home, Garrallan. Aunt Byrd took a photo of the facade and used it to plan their new home in Belle Meade at 106 Clarendon. She also took a stone from the front yard of Garrallan and it is now embedded in the plaster on the left wall of the portico.
The front door of 106 Clarendon is from the old Kerr residence in Murfreesboro-which was torn down about the time 106 was being built. The window in Uncle Owen's office was from their 1620 West End home along with stones to make the back porch and front walkway.
The couple who now own the home were very gracious and let us come over for a tour. It made my heart jump with joy to listen to Prince as he would tell stories and point out where certain things had been. When Aunt Byrd died Prince was a little over three months old and he spent most of his childhood at 106 while Mimi and her husband took care of Uncle Owen.
The kitty justice is that Uncle Owen and Aunt Byrd are smiling down on the new owners due to the care and love their home shows in every nook.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chase, my sister cat. Check out the matching black spots.

I have been noted that I have a camera and he starts to sneak around the room and out of site.

Slinging to the back of the room .

Peaking out from Sissy chair before he make an exit, stage right.
Here lately whenever, I visit Sis, Chase will come out and meander around. A few years ago, before he started staying with Sis during my niece flights(she works for Southwest) he would hide and only appear if he was trying to leave the room . Since I took his photos, I wonder if he will appear the next time I visit.
Sis and I had a fun time together and I think it was getting me ready for the week ahead. We went to a Chinese restaurant and had a nice meal, then we went and sniffed and touched most items in Big Lots. We also made fun of some items. They had pink flamingos there but wanted fifteen dollars for a pair. Little much for a gag gift. I like them because Mother always liked them. We had a wonderful visit and it is fun to have a sister.
The kitty justice if you do not have a sister, maybe yawl should adopt one.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

This photo shows my state of mind. What day of the week is this? Reason. Mimi has had a small visit to the hospital. She told us that the ambulance ride was the roughness ride she has ever taken in her ninety years.
Anyway, she is out and getting stronger daily but after multitude of test they cannot explain the reason for her episode. But she did get reinforcement that all is working well and good.
For the time being, I may not visit you and if I do I may not leave comments but I will get back whenever, time affords a few chosen words and visits.
The kitty justice is to try and remember to check back for updates from me paws.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Let freedom ring out today and always.
I got up early and sat outside and enjoyed my coffee with a slight breeze and a temperature of sixty-four degrees.

As I continued to enjoy the show of nature, it started to get cloudy in the western sky.
Maggie and I put out the hummingbird and sunflower feeder because now that we have a nightly visit of Mr. Raccoon, I have to take the feeders in every night.
I had coffee brewing as we did our regular routine of Maggie fetching the paper and I straighten up the kitchen from the night before.
As the coffee was on the last drops making, I sat about six feet from the feeders and the feathered friends did not care for me being that close so after I poured a cup, I sat further down the porch which lent me a view of the freshly mowed grass and the fields but still entertain from the feeders.
The entertainment began with purple finches, tuffed titmouse and a red bellied peckerwood and a tiny hummer. Then a black cap chickadee and a couple of cow birds made their presents know and a dove cooed from her high wire act as she waited for her turn at the feeder. I looked to the left at the green carpet and several blue birds were feasting. A brown thrasher and a cardinal also came to the carpet to see what the blue birds had found. Then a few crows called from their high retreat in the trees and a few robins caught a bug or two from the green carpet.
Mimi had let Sam Cat out of her room which is at the very far end of the porch and he was hiding behind the newly repotted lemon tree. She opened the kitchen door and stuck her snow white mane out and said "Don't let Maggie chase my cat." So I told her to let Maggie come inside with her and share her breakfast with Maggie. I began to spy from the corner of my eye, Sam sneaking down the inside of the porch and he never acknowledge my existence but headed to the stairs that go down to the bottom porch.I do not worry about the birds, because Sam plays at hunting and they are bent on survival. As soon as he disappeared down the stairs, I felt eyes upon me and as I slowly turned my head to the left, about six feet on the top rail of the porch was a young squirrel who had paused to see what the giant pink varmint was on the top porch. I stared him in the eyes and he slowly turned and scampered back down the rail to Mimi's room and hopped into the Holly tree. I was happy he had caught my eye as two turkeys (hens) came strolling across the yard heading to the backyard of the log cabin. They were not chatting so I would have missed them if the squirrel had not been staring at me. As I watch them meander along, I heard a deer snort behind the log house. After the turkeys disappeared behind another holly tree, my attention was drawn back to the green carpet and I saw below the apple tree a huge bunny and his antics were delightful. There was a bare spot below the tree and he was rolling over and over in the dust giving himself a bath without water. He would stretch and turn and flop and finally he jumped up and declared the bath complete and hopped along the fence and stopped to sample some delicious grass or weed. Ah, my coffee cup was empty but not my world. I arose from my comfortable chair and heard the two hens clucking disapproval. I went to the end of the porch and looked and there was Sam Cat stalking the turkeys. I laughed as it was a funny sight. The turkeys were staying about five feet ahead in only a little less strolling trot. I think they were insulted by this stalking fur ball. I came inside and told Mimi what her cat was doing and she was a little worried that he was so far from the house. I told her he would not know what to do with them if he caught one which was highly unlikely. As I type this post, Sam came slinking back to Mimi's room.
The kitty justice is that your FOURTH starts out as peaceful and pleasant as mine.
I will leave you with a quote from George Washington "O God, bless the people of this land!"

Friday, July 03, 2009

As I was buying groceries at Publix a few months ago, I looked up at the checker and said the first thing that popped in my head, "You sure would be interesting to draw." His head was a mass of blond curls that made his Paul Newman blue eyes just dance with a little hidden secret. I was speaking to the young man in the photo above. He asked if I was an artist as he was an artist too. He then told me of his artwork on display at his wife's salon. The Jagged Edge. At that point, I was still searching for a hair stylist who would be around for awhile. I do not like change especially if I find a hair stylist that does my hair the way I like it. My hair is curly on the sides and back and straight as a stick on top.
Getting back to the encounter, I made an appointment and began to go west to Fairview to have my hair cut. The next time I saw Robert was again in Publix and he did not have a customer in his line, so he jumped up and down and yelled "Pick me, pick me." I had to giggle as you never expect to have a checker do that. Again, we discussed his art while he zipped the produce over the scanner. I told him I had gone to his studio and had asked for Rose his wife( the last lady on the right in the photo) but her schedule did not allow for her to work me in when I called but the stylist I had gotten had done my hair just fine. The lady behind me said my hair looked great and I plugged his salon and then he took over the discussion as I was finished and he needed to wait on her. It was amazing he chattered away and never missed a beat at getting the grocery scanned.
I always leave my telephone number for the salon to call as I make the appointments weeks in advance. I got a call from Teresa and not the young girl who had been doing my hair. I was told that the young girl had moved and no longer worked with them. Drats, I was use to her now I would have to get use to someone else. So my next appointment was with Teresa, the lady second from the left in the photo. She did a wonderful job and I made my June appointment. When I arrived, Teresa was cutting a gentleman's hair and Robert was strutting around as he had finished cosmetology school. To help out he shampooed my hair and massaged my scalp. He was telling how he was the best in his class at pedicures. In the back of my mind I was thinking now that you are a diabetic a pedicure might not be a bad idea. So before I left, I booked an appointment with him. I have never had a pedicure but after yesterday, I will be having more. My feet are as smooth as a baby's bottom.
The last couple of days, I have been spending my mornings, repotting plants and weeding so to sit back and relax and let his effervescent personal entertain me was fantastic. I took my portfolio and showed them my artwork and he invited me to exhibit my work with his and another artist in the future.
If you are nearby, go visit WWW.JAGGEDEDGESTUDIOSALON.COM and tell them Kitty Justice sent you. You can see Robert's artwork at WWW.AGESWAY.COM if you care to see some awesome imagination at work. As he was chatting along yesterday, I found out he was a song writer and was excited about the session with his band that night. He said his dream was to hear his song on the radio someday. I have not heard his music but have read his poetry in the little books he hands out and they are called "Box of Words". You too can read his poetry at the Agesway site.
The Kitty Justice is I smiled at his enthusiasm and delight to work with his wife and his drive and excitement about his musical works. I wondered just how many other MEN would be that sincere and excited about working with their wives.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Uncle Edward brought in the burpday key lime pie.
Puppy declaring that "I am enjoying my new toy. Albert checking out the comments before he digs into his pie.

Mimi and Mary. Mary is the only Granddaughter and she is cute, quite and very smart.

Aunt Debbie refusing to have her photo made. Uncle Edward looking on.

Uncle Edward and family got Puppy a grill. Edward is a wonderful cook out doors, so he has offered to give Puppy lessons.
During the dinner, lots of the conversations were on colleges that Mary might attend and Albert was funny as he said he was gonna be a sports commentator, because all you had to do was "Read a teleprompter and look pretty." I burst out laughing and was told by his Mom not to encourage him then everyone started laughing.
The Kitty Justice will be when Puppy cooks for Mom.